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Author's profile photo Dimitrios KostakisKostas

Inline Time series column chart on SAC


In this blog post, we will show how we recently handled a request regarding implementing Inline Time Series column on SAC. Since SAC supports only In-Cell Chart, we took advantage of R functionality and through the usage of SparkLines we managed to provide a solution.

Use case

In order to keep the scenario as simple as possible, the below Data model will be used. For each of our four products ,we have the “Quantity” and the “Price” sold, by date. A derived column was needed in order to calculate the “Total Sales”, which is the result of multiplying the “Quantity” sold with the “Price”.


Then, by using the In-Cell Chart option on the desired column, we were able to show the value of this column (“Total Sales”) on a graph format. But, when we want to go to the next step, to summarize all this information in one graph per column, it was not possible.But, by using R functionality and Sparklines it was. So instead of having a table widget on our story , we now use an R one.

Following this link , How to Add Sparklines to a Table Using the Formattable R Package speed up our process.

R widget


In a summary, this simple solution highlights the power of SAC, by using its basic tools, to be able to create whatever you want. Moreover, the benefits of this solution should not only focus to the technical capabilities of SAC but also to the business ones. By this solution, business users have at once the same kind of information but only on the 1/5 of the initial size. This mean that for the same size on the Dashboard, now the users can have 5 times more summarized information (analyzing the issue from different angle) which can lead them  to a safer business decision without wasting time by navigating to different report pages.

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      Author's profile photo Farooq Azam
      Farooq Azam

      Thank you, Dimitris, for sharing very useful and practical information. Very good article!

      Author's profile photo Gururaj Joshi
      Gururaj Joshi

      Hello Dimitrios,

      This is Joshi and I am from Bangalore.

      Need your advise, can we create the table, where we can additionally insert a column and edit as well


      Ex -

      A        B          manual editable Column "C"

      1         2              1+2+3=6


      Can we do this in Story Template? Please help