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Anatomy of a Function Module: POPUP_TO_CONFIRM – Part 2


As explored in the previous chapter, we have a powerful function module that we can use for different scenarios. Now that we have discovered it, let’s build a campfire and tell some stories.

In this chapter:

Story 1: Changing the Popup Icon

I know this is a bedtime story for 0-3 age but let’s refresh our memories. We can change the popup icon displayed on the left. To do this, we simply specify an icon name starting with ICON_MESSAGE_ in the POPUP_TYPE parameter.

📄 ABAP code:

DATA answer.

  DATA(popup_type) = SWITCH icon-name( sy-index
                       WHEN 1 THEN 'ICON_MESSAGE_INFORMATION'
                       WHEN 2 THEN 'ICON_MESSAGE_WARNING'
                       WHEN 3 THEN 'ICON_MESSAGE_ERROR'
                       WHEN 4 THEN 'ICON_MESSAGE_QUESTION'
                       WHEN 5 THEN 'ICON_MESSAGE_CRITICAL' ).

      text_question = popup_type
      popup_type    = popup_type
      answer        = answer
      OTHERS        = 2.

When we run the above code, the popup will be displayed a total of 5 times, each time with a different icon.

🖥️ Output:

The appearance of different icons in the popup window

💡 Most used icons:


You can find all icons starting with ICON_MESSAGE_ by displaying the ICON table or by running the SHOWICON program.

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Story 2: Customizing the Icons and Quick Info of Buttons

It is also possible to customize the icons of the first two buttons. I just wanted to include this here because sometimes it may be necessary to highlight a button with a striking icon.

📄 ABAP code:

DATA answer.

    text_question         = 'What is Lorem ipsum?'
    text_button_1         = 'I know'
    icon_button_1         = 'ICON_OKAY'
    text_button_2         = 'No idea'
    icon_button_2         = 'ICON_DUMMY'
    popup_type            = 'ICON_MESSAGE_QUESTION'
    iv_quickinfo_button_1 = 'But I won''t say'
    iv_quickinfo_button_2 = 'Please tell me'
    answer                = answer
    OTHERS                = 2.

🖥️ Output:

Quick info appears when you hover the mouse over the first two buttons

⚠️ Since the texts are set from text elements, we are unable to change the icon and texts of the last two buttons ‘Info’ and ‘Cancel’ (‘Info’ appears when a document object is used).

button_3 = 'Info'(201).
button_4 = 'Abbrechen'(200).

However, these texts will be displayed in the login language.


In this blog post, you have learned how to customize the appearance of the POPUP_TO_CONFIRM function by changing the left icon and the icons of the first two buttons. You’ve also learned to display a hint when users hover the mouse over these buttons.

These may be very simple details, but they are actually important for user-friendly development.

Next Step?

I know these stories are not for senior developers but may be helpful for beginners. But don’t miss the next part. We’ll dive quite deeper. I call it “Operation 48/57”.

Upcoming stories:

  • Story 3: Splitting Text into 48-Char Sentences and Starting on New Lines
  • Story 4: Splitting Text into 57-Char Sentences and Starting on New Lines

See you in the next chapter.

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