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Support Channels Related to S-users, P-Users, T-user or Cloud Users

SAP ID service manages customers S-User. Currently SAP ID service cases gets opened wrongly in BC-IAM-IDS and also gets transferred from other components in the BC-IAM-IDS component. Therefore, to address this scenario and help our customers to address them to the fast resolution, we have created the following blog to provide the correct steps to follow.


Any inquiries related to S-users, P-Users, T-user or cloud users. For example:

  • The customer has question/query/update request for their S-user and P-User for SAP ID Service (IDS) and there is a need to know the right area who supports these issues
  • Multi-factor authentication questions
  • Did not receive password reset email
  • Trouble resetting password
  • Disable/deactivate Two-Factor Authentication / TFA / 2FA / MFA for a user

Confirm your scenario:

  • Cloud Portal (
  • SAP ID Service (
  • Custom IAS tenant ( – except ycloud).


Note: SAP ID Service and custom IAS tenant are not the same.


  • SAP ID Service ( By default, the SAP BTP cockpit and console client are configured to use SAP ID Service as the platform identity provider. SAP ID Service, however, uses the SAP user base (providing, for example, your s- or p-user)
  • Custom IAS tenant ( – except ycloud): If you want to have subaccount members from your custom user base and use custom security configuration (such as two-factor user authentication, or corporate user store, for example), you can switch to a custom Identity Authentication tenant as a platform identity provider


Here is a list of SAP Cloud products, the related URL to access the product and the SAP Support component that covers it at:

Also, you may have heard about SAP Universal ID. SAP Universal ID provides easier access to SAP sites. With SAP Universal ID, you have one single SAP account for life. It gives you the ability to log in once and choose between your S/P-user IDs, enabling you to easily switch between users and manage your account profile. Review the documentation at:


Support channels are different for the SAP ID Service and the Identity Authentication Service.


  • If you are using the SAP ID Service, then the URL will be: User Support is done by the respective Service Provider.
    For SAP ID Service Error messages you must email directly the SAP IDS team at (18×7 CET).

    BC-IAM-IDS does not handle these issues anymore.

    Review the following KBA for a list with possible issues and detailed steps and information:


  • If you are using SAP Universal ID, the issues will be covered by SAP ID Service team (check previous point).
  • If you are using a custom IAS tenant, then you will have the following URLs:
    PROD: * / QA: *
    Issues are handled by component BC-IAM-IDS
  • If you are using Cloud Portal ( and want to report an issue about deactivation of the Two-Factor Authentication / TFA / 2FA / MFA for a user, then you need to report an incident on component CEC-HCS-CCAZ-CSO

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      Author's profile photo Abraham MD
      Abraham MD

      Hi Ali,

      Thank you for the excellent blog. I have one doubt. For the the component BC-CP-IS-OPS, what is meant by CPI service requests as mentioned in the note 3053848. How is it different than LOD-HCI-PI-OPS?

      Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) LOD-HCI-PI* LOD-HCI-PI-OPS https://<tenantID>-tmn.hci.<region>
      Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) LOD-HCI-PI* BC-CP-IS-OPS (same URL's as above) use BC-CP-IS-OPS for CPI Service Requests

      Also, when shall we use BC-CP-IS component? I have seen notes related to Integration Suite under this component as well. There is confusion between this and LOD-HCI.


      Author's profile photo Ali Chalhoub
      Ali Chalhoub
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Abraham. Regarding your questions.

      • LOD-HCI-PI-OPS is used for Cloud Operations, for example, restarting the tenant or requesting a new tenant
      • BC-CP-IS-OPS: Is used for service requests such as: Entitlements, General Tenants information, Corporate User Store, Cost related Queries. For more information and details about BC-CP-IS-OPS, please refer to this KBA: 3093563 - Operational Request around SAP Integration Suite

      I hope this answer your questions.


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Abraham MD
      Abraham MD

      Thank you it cleared my first question. Could you also clarify the point

      "Also, when shall we use BC-CP-IS component? I have seen notes related to Integration Suite under this component as well. There is confusion between this and LOD-HCI."?

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Ali Chalhoub
      Ali Chalhoub
      Blog Post Author

      These components are the parent components, BC-CP-IS and LOD-HCI. They cannot be selected by the customers. Therefore; the KBA that I provided to you in my previous response explains the usage of BC-CP-IS-OPS. I hope this helps answering your questions.

      Thank you