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Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider

SAP Business ByDesign – What’s New 23.02

SAP Business ByDesign 23.02 is now ready!

SAP Business ByDesign 23.02 is now available and the SAP Business ByDesign What’s New blog gives you an overview about the most important new features of SAP Business ByDesign 23.02. These are the so called Focus Topics ().
For these Focus Topics, additional in-depth blogs and videos are available – just click the link next to the Focus Topic in the What’s New blog.

To get an overview about all new features of SAP Business ByDesign in 23.02 please go to the What’s New document.

You can also check out the What’s New Video to get a sneak-peek into the topics.


  • Extended Authorization Support for Party Determination API
    Partners are now enabled to read determined parties with both Technical and Business Users (Blog).
  • Workflow enablement for Price List
    Business User can now use SAP Business ByDesign Workflow Rules to create custom workflows for Price List Master Data (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Customer Relationship Management area, please click here.

Cross Topics & Mobile

  • Machine Learning Cockpit
    SAP Business ByDesign now offers built-in sample of Opportunity Success use-case, as well as detailed step-by-step instruction how to implementation five other predictive use cases (Blog).
  • New Business ByDesign Mobile Experience
    With this release the latest Fiori Horizon themes (Dark Mode) is also available for the SAP Business ByDesign mobile application.
  • New Home Design
    The New Home Design replaces the Home page and the Home Overview page of the Home work center into a new home page containing all the features of both of the views at one place.
  • Business Scenarion Explorer 2.0
    The Business Scenario Explorer is now available in a new and up-to-date format incl. stable links to help documentation (Help Page).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Cross Topics area, please click here.
For detailed information about What’s New in the Mobile area, please click here.


Generic Topics

  • Localization Tool Kit
    With the new release, several gaps have been closed by enabling further translation across various work centers and UI controls.
  • XSLT
    Customers can now use payment purpose field in their customer-specific XSL transformations for payment files.

Country specific Topics

  • Austria
    EU “SAF – OSS” (Austria) – Partner Enablement
    Partners/Customers can extend/adapt the resulting transactions identified by EU OSS Tax Audit Report and the format of audit file without reaching out to SAP (Blog).
    EU One-Stop-Shop Standard Audit File “SAF – OSS”
    Customer can now view the result of business constraints at  application log in case of errors and can track the mandatory business rule missing in the file (Video).
  • Netherlands
    Chain Liability (CL)
    It is now possible that, during payment run, the bank account to be used gets determined based on CL-relevance.
  • Israel
    IL SHAAM File Enhancement (Import and Export File)
    With this feature, the Israel tax authority will know whether an Israel supplier is bookkeeping certified and the duration of the certificate issued to the supplier (Video).
  • Japan
    Japan Summary Invoice: Gross Posting
    Customer are now able to create and post the tax difference for the Summary Invoices created from the Customer Invoices with Gross Pricing Procedure. (Video).
  • South Korea
    Trial Balance Report
    Customer can generate and show the Trial Balance result upon request and comply to the legal laws defined by South Korea tax authority (Video).
    Declining Balance Depreciation Method
    Customer can generate and show the fixed asset’s  declining balance depreciation based on NBV (net book value) and the planned useful life with a defined percentage on asset classes (Video).
    Inclusion of Other Charges in ETI/AETI
    Other Charge/Credit will now be considered as a document for the Electronic tax Invoice run. This will enable the customer to properly report their receivables/payables to the authorities (Video).
  • Spain
    New tax event to support 5 % tax rate for Point-of-Sale transactions
    The Point-of-Sale transactions for electricity supplies can now be created using this new tax event with 5 % tax rate (Video).

For detailed information about all country/region-specific features, please click here.

Solution Extensions

  • SNAP international: Vietnam Localization
    Vietnam Localization solution for SAP Business ByDesign includes the accounting principles and requests for official documents are requested in this country (Video).
  • all4cloud: Scan4Cloud: Production
    The app allows the production worker to access make-tasks created in SAP Business ByDesign on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laser scanner. Important data about consumptions, end product and needed time per production step can be captured digitally and synchronized seamlessly with SAP Business ByDesign in real-time (Video).

The Partner innovation roadmap information is regularly update in this blog.


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      Author's profile photo Abolfazl Avazeh
      Abolfazl Avazeh

      Dear Kristof Schneider,


      Would you please share more details regarding the following topics?

      1. Negative Balance in Journal Entry Error
      2. Trigger Re-valuation During Reversal of Manual JEV

      I searched but I couldn't find the details. We need to know how it worked before the upgrade and how it will behave after the upgrade.

      Especially, regarding number 1 "Negative Balance in Journal Entry Error", I think we had this function before the 2302 upgrade, am I right?

      If there is any link, blog, video, or other information would you please share it with us?



      Author's profile photo Sissi Ruthe
      Sissi Ruthe

      Dear Avazeh,

      thanks for your question.

      1. The Negative Balance in Journal Entry Error is a correction of an issue which we were notified by an incident. In rare cases when clearing an invoice with a payment a negative amount on the debit side of the journal entry for the clearing was possible. This should not be the case, if negative postings are not allowed in the set of books. This was corrected.
      2. The Trigger Re-valuation During Reversal of Manual JEV is related to a reversal of Manual Write-up/ Write-down for inventory. When this was posted to a past period and had inventory changes in follow-up periods no inventory revaluations for follow-up periods were triggered. This was corrected and now inventory revaluations are triggered for follow-up periods in such a case.

      I hope this clarifies your questions.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Pierre Braun
      Pierre Braun

      Dear Kristof Schneider,

      the New Home Design feature seemed to be a great idea, until we realized that it does not support the key user adaptation and therefore it deactivates the option to customized the layout (no more own company logo and company colors). First it seemed like a bug, but via an incident SAP support confirmed that this is really the case.

      Are you already planning on an improvement on the New Home Design or is the deactivation part of a general strategy to deactivate the use of own company logos and colors?


      Kind regards,