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Partner Delivery Groups: How Knowledge Sharing Breeds Better Decision-Making and Innovation

As new innovations, cloud capabilities, and service models continue to expand the technological landscape, questions are sure to arise for even the most experienced SAP partners – and impactful decisions that must be made for their businesses. Knowing where to turn to find the right information and guidance can be difficult – which led SAP to devise a solution: partner delivery groups.


What Are Partner Delivery Groups?

Hosted on SAP Community, partner delivery groups give partners a private platform to exchange information, share content, ask technical questions to SAP implementation experts and interact with SAP subject matter experts. These groups enable partners from all around the globe to interact and participate in discussions to help solve technical challenges. They provide a forum for SAP partner consultants and developers to ask questions, read and write relevant blog posts, share knowledge and access additional resources — all in one space.


Knowledge Sharing: All the Pieces to the Puzzle

IDC reports that Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge — indicating the importance of working together. Through collaboration, problems are solved more quickly, and teams can see the bigger picture more clearly to make better decisions.

Properly managed knowledge sharing systems can prove a huge benefit to enterprises, delivering business growth, streamlining operations and increasing profit margins. In this way, collaboration acts as a driver for innovation and amplifies its impact – when the right information has the right stage to meet the right audience.

By joining partner delivery groups and taking an active role in knowledge sharing, partners can both benefit from receiving and helping others discover the puzzle pieces they didn’t even realize were missing from their business strategy.

Carol Kinsey Goman, President of Kinsey Consulting Services, put it this way: “Knowledge management is change management, and, if you don’t understand people’s perspective, all the strategy and technology in the world means very little.”


Fresh Perspectives Help Increase Productivity

Companies with well-rounded work cultures have a distinct competitive advantage over those who don’t. Many individual perspectives make for more ways to approach a challenge — and ultimately — more ways to achieve a goal. It’s often the company with the most flexible problem-solving abilities who has the best potential to sustain success.

And – with the added benefit of interacting directly with SAP subject matter experts who can address your hardest hitting technical questions – partner delivery groups can pose an excellent resource for SAP partners, especially for those that come from smaller practices that don’t have as much access to technical support. In this way, partner delivery groups can help fill the gap, empowering partners to take action and make more informed decisions.


Get Connected Today

SAP partners looking to get connected can choose a partner delivery group for the following five areas:

Join today to start collaborating and engaging with your peers and SAP experts. The answers to your most burning questions are just around the corner.

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      Author's profile photo vivek singh
      vivek singh

      Great concept. But I don't get any response of my question's on SAP Community anymore. It used to be a lot more active years ago. To me, it appears that SAP in not investing in the Community to keep it alive. I understand that the whole point of having a Community is that it's self sufficient. But that works only for open-source platforms. I think SAP should invest in the Community to have some dedicated experts answering to questions, at least some of them. Just providing a platform is not enough (there are so many out there anyways). It's too optimistic to expect that the partners will keep the SAP Community active.

      Author's profile photo Phil Roylance
      Phil Roylance

      Hi Vivek. I work in the team that manage our Partner Delivery Groups. As we are driving these groups over the coming months you will continue to see increased activity from SAP and our partners. These groups are vitally important to SAP as we want to have a dedicated area for partners to come and ask technical questions, review support knowledge bases and have a place to interact with SAP experts. We do work with our SAP consultants to make sure we answer all the questions where possible and I encourage my teams to try and make sure we have some contact as quickly as possible. We do want these groups to be self-sufficient in the future but we will only get there with dedicated help from SAP to begin with and that is what we are currently focussing on.

      Please let me know over the coming months if you see more interaction and get more use out of our Partner Delivery Groups