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What being a Manager of a BTP Customer Success Team really entails

Have you ever come across a job title that left you wondering what it even means?

Well, the Manager of BTP Customer Success at SAP might sound like one of those fancy, corporate roles, but let me tell you, it’s an incredibly exciting and rewarding job that can make a real impact on people’s lives (you may be thinking: that’s even more corporate..)

Well, please let me explain why.

As the Manager of a Customer Success team, you’ll be responsible for helping customers navigate the process of getting onboarded with BTP (Business Technology Platform) by supporting your Team becoming the Team of trusted advisors companies are looking for.

But what exactly is BTP?

Think of it as a comprehensive, open, and extensible platform that enables customers to build, integrate, and extend their own business applications and processes using cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, machine learning and [Insert other fancy technologies’ names here]..

Got it. So what’s this role all about?

Your role is to make sure that your Team helps Customers to fully understand the value and potential of BTP services and guides them through the onboarding process. This includes providing guidance on how to setup, configure and use the platform, adopting SAP best practices, managing governance aspects, integrating it with existing systems, and leveraging its capabilities to improve business processes (and much more, to be honest).

Ok, I see, but you said at the beginning that this is an exciting and rewarding job, why’s that?

One of the most exciting aspects of this job is having the opportunity to work with customers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. For example, you could be working with a retail company supporting them in optimizing their supply chain by implementing real-time inventory tracking and automation, or with a manufacturing company implementing predictive maintenance solutions. The diversity of industries and backgrounds allows you and your team to learn about different business processes and challenges and to gain a deeper understanding of how BTP can be used to solve them.We could stay here talking about potential business scenarios involving BTP for hours..

Gotcha, why is this role so important and rewarding then?

Well, because you are on the forefront of digital transformation, supporting companies evolve and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world by helping them adopt cutting-edge technologies. As the world becomes increasingly digital and cloud-oriented, this role becomes even more important as customers look to leverage these new technologies to gain a competitive edge, and, of course, they need guidance to start with the right foot and make sure they realize the full value of the Platform.

This role is not only exciting but also incredibly rewarding, as you’re helping companies transform and evolve digitally, making an impact in people’s lives by improving their business processes and operations. You are surrounded by a team of experts, constantly learning and evolving as the technology advances. Dynamic and stimulating, to say the least.

Would you recommend this role to anyone?

If you’re someone who loves technology, enjoys problem-solving, who’s innovative, who really cares about people and their career growth and would like to make a real impact on people’s lives, then yes. The Manager of BTP Customer Success at SAP might just be a great match for you.

Would you like to learn more about BTP, Customer Success and the role of Manager of Customer Success? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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      Author's profile photo Wallace Henry
      Wallace Henry

      To me, the CSP role is a wonderful thing.... knowledgeable people with contacts working to help customers/partners get the most possible out of the SAP investment while guiding/facilitating through the commercial/consulting/ticket/backlog areas that all too often can present challenges.

      To tie to this post, it has to be an interesting role to be around and lead/manage those CSPs...