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Quality Inspection of Nested HUs with follow up task for Top & Sub HU level


  • To establish a flow how nested HU can be relevant for Quality inspection for Inbound receiving process considering a shipment is arriving in Pre-Packed form at Pallet level and at box level.
  • Figure out how Usage decision can be conducted at Top HU level and at Sub HU level.
  • Address the core issues of Warehouse task creation at Top HU level or Sub HU level or Product WT creation with Top & Sub HU.
  • Address why Top HU is getting deleted in Non POSC scenarios and explore all the possibilities of top HU retention in system.


In below example, a nested HU is depicted which is relevant for quality inspection. The main objective of the blog is to figure out different behaviours of Warehouse task creation with Direct Putaway and with complex putaway including Unload, Quality Inspection & Putaway.


Scenario I: Direct Putaway: Product WT with Sub HU after UD:

Nested HU is received in staging area, posted GR and relevant for quality activity.( Process 2 in flow).Product is packed into Top( Pallet level) and Sub( Box) level HU and posted GR at staging area.

Perform QI UD from Staging area( Only Embedded EWM allows Partial UD, EWM inspection from Staging area). UD is performed at top level HU ending with 469.

Once UD is completed & saved, partial UD set can be seen how it is fetched.


On completion of UD,  Product Warehouse task is created with Sub HU


The top HU ending with 469 is deleted once UD is performed. This process leaves business  with no option of having flexibility of HU WT at top HU.

In the final Bin, stock is updated at Sub HU level ending with 452.


Case II: Introduce a POSC with QIS step.( Process 1 as depicted in above diagram). HU wt with Top HU

For the below example, POSC has been set up as Unload+ QIS+Putaway. Once UD is performed for Top level HU having QIS step wired into it, it cancelled a previous Task and created Top HU WT.


The Top HU is retained in system as depicted below and allows Pallet level  ending with 438 & Box level ending with 445 inventory in warehouse stock.

Case III: Product WT with Top HU( Process 2 shown in diagram)

Change the Internal action as blank in follow up action. This will trigger only posting change when UD is completed. Then the product WTs can be created automatically after the HU is closed on the workcenter.


Fore this process, created a Unloading WT from Door to staging area and confirmed all relevant activity task required.


Before UD, a Product WT is created with Top HU with waiting status( Process number 2 in diagram)

Top HU ending with 476 and Sub HU ending with 483 is shown as below


Perform UD at top level HU.


Product WT is created with Top level HU as below( Process 2 diagram) with open status.


Inventory is updated at pallet level and box level as shown below.


It would be noteworthy to evaluate in business process whether the subHUs are required at all in this process. If complete stock is put into the topHU,  and requirement is to only  enter one usage decision for the complete stock then the follow up action will create one WT for this topHU. If necessary, the stock could also be repacked after the usage decision has been made.

This completes all the necessary permutation and combination of conducting QI for Nested HUs. Thanks for reading. Your feedback is highly valued.

All tests have been performed in S/4 HANA 2021 Embedded EWM and content is based purely on by research & insight.


3154679 – Complete HU (storage control) after completion of the quality inspection

3217735 – Follow-up putaway WT is not created for top HU



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      Excellent, informative, and nice blog!

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      Very nice and informative blog...!!!

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      Hello Shailesh,

      Excellently explained. Learned few new things.


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      Good efforts bro, keep it up !