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Boost Your Productivity as a Presales Expert: 10 Chat GPT Prompts to Help You Succeed

As a presales expert, your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is crucial to your success. This blog post will provide 10 Chat GPT prompts to help you sharpen your communication skills, boost productivity, and have an impactful presentation.

From writing emails that grab attention and make a lasting impact to providing talking points that help you summarize your message and navigate regional etiquettes, these prompts will help you take your presales skills to the next level.

Additionally, you will learn how to use copywriting techniques like the Pain-Agitate-Solution method to create compelling emails, detect unconscious bias in your communication, and tailor your demo script to a specific industry, region, or language.

You will also learn how to translate your message, content, or demo script to multiple languages and add a regional flavor which will help you personalize your presentation.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Prompt: “You are a presales expert. Write an email to [person] with some facts about how SuccessFactors has over 3000 EC Customers with a thematic tie-in to Christmas.”


Better reach out content with proven copywriting techniques (Whats PAS copywriting?)

Prompt: “Using Pain-Agitate-Solution method write an email to [person] with why SAP SuccessFactors Suite helps you redefine employee experience making people feel connected, empowered, and supported at every step in their employee journey.”

Summarization or expansion or providing talking points by adding business data

Prompt: Write 10 talking points for the following “With SAP SuccessFactors you can continuously listen and take action on feedback. You can help your employees shape their careers with the right tools so they can take ownership and responsibility for their future. You can help people at every level align with company goals, collaborate, and feel a sense of belonging. Our solutions provide learning and development opportunities that are personalized to an individual’s growth and career plans. We help you celebrate people when, where and how they want.”

Customize your demo script for an industry, region or language by providing your business relevant script or talk track

Prompt: Re-Write this script in spanish changing Bruce’s name to Maya

Detect unconcious bias (What is unconcious bias?)

Prompt: “Detect any unconcious bias in the following communication- I learned out of the two candidates suggested by you, one candidate came highly recommended but was older than the other candidate. I am worried the demanding schedule of the law firm might be hard on a more senior candidate, so I am thinking only to interview the younger candidate. What are your thoughts?”

Cultural awareness and better preparation for your presentations

Prompt: Provide 5 cultural etiquettes to observe during a meeting while working with people in [region]

Translate your message, content or demo-script to mutliple-languages and add a regional flavor-

(English)Write an email talking about the perennial HR challenges around hiring, motiving and guiding employees with a thematic tie-in to the World Cup finals OR (Spanish)Escriba un correo electrónico hablando sobre los desafíos perennes de recursos humanos relacionados con la contratación, la motivación y la orientación de los empleados con un vínculo temático con las finales de la Copa del Mundo.


Get powerful openings for your presentations and demos (What is a limbic opening?)

Prompt: Provide 10 limbic openings for an HR audience to start an HR SaaS presentation about talent management, learning and payroll.


Get industry and customer specific knowledge to prepare for your session

Google + ChatGPT

Prompt : HR challenges facing the retail industry in 2023



Demo data generator – Create realistic demo data for your region and language

Prompt: Code an excel macro to generate and employee table with the following columns and 10000 randomized entries

EmployeeId, Employee Name, Job Classification, Cost Center, Region, Job Location, Department, Average Tenure, Total YOE, Pay Grade, Total CTC, Compa-ratio. Impact-of-leaving, Cost-to-train/year, Performance Rating, Future Leader

Use the following rules for the columns

Job Location – a city in EMEA S region

EmployeeName – EMEA S regional names

EmployeeId – auto-generated

Job Classification – [Management, Support, Tech Support, Helpdesk]

Cost Center – [EMEA10_RDGEN, EMEA20_SALES, EMEA30RD]

Department [Mobile Tech Support]

Region – EMEA S

Total YOE – Between 3-25

Total CTC – Between $10,000 and $243,000

Cost-to-train/year – Between $1000 and $2400

Performance Rating – [Insufficient, Outstanding, Meets Expectation]

Future Leader – [Yes, No]

In conclusion, the prompts provided in this blog post will help you become a more effective and efficient presales expert.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your communication skills, better prepare for presentations, or generate realistic demo data, these prompts will help you reach out to customers, detect unconscious bias, and create powerful openings that grab your audience’s attention.

With these tools and techniques at your disposal, you will be well on becoming a successful presales expert.

Let me know your thoughts?


Download these prompts as a PDF.

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      Author's profile photo Chris McLellan
      Chris McLellan

      Love this. Can we just integrate this directly to our solution now please?


      Author's profile photo Siddhartha Bhattacharya
      Siddhartha Bhattacharya
      Blog Post Author

      As soon as these are known - Licensing modalities, privacy concerns, data ownership, legal & copyright implications, GDPR...

      Author's profile photo Franklin Fievet
      Franklin Fievet

      This is an interesting article.  I enjoy some of the examples, but the others feel like they're Marketing oriented and not truly representative of the day-to-day of a PreSales professional.

      There is also a heavy feeling of much of this returned content being overly Salesy, which is a killer for PreSales.  The job is to be authentic, trustworthy, personable and provide the technical win.  While these examples will certainly help towards the last point, the final example is an awesome one, I believe many of the others may hurt more than they help?

      Author's profile photo Siddhartha Bhattacharya
      Siddhartha Bhattacharya
      Blog Post Author

      I think effective communication is being authentic, and straightforward without overwhelming the person with unnecessary technical jargon.

      This is a tool that can provide an outline that presales experts can begin with, to craft their own message, whether it's a script, email, presentation, or talk track.  The output is dependent on what input you provide, hence the need for a good prompt engineering technique.

      Thank you.