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OUT NOW: SAP Signavio January 2023 release – Switch gears with new value accelerating-assets and more integration

We are thrilled to announce today the general availability of our SAP Signavio January 2023 release.    

The main highlight of the release is the launch of SAP Signavio Process Explorer. The solution which has reached general availability as of today, represents the gateway to access and explore a myriad of value accelerators that will help organizations switch gears in their transformational programs and slash time to accrue benefits. 

Also, along with the January 2023 release come novel capabilities that support more integration and new features across the whole SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite:  

  • SAP Signavio Process Insights   
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence   
  • SAP Signavio Process Manager  
  • SAP Signavio Journey Modeler  
  • SAP Signavio Process Governance 
  • Partnerships – LeanIX 

Your main benefits with this release are: 

  • Faster time to value 
  • No more searching around for inspiration and guidelines 
  • Collective knowledge from thousands of projects delivered all at your fingertips 
  • Faster time to analysis 
  • More integration and a seamless user experience across products 

Read here a summary of some of our highlights.  

SAP Signavio Process Explorer 

The SAP Signavio Process Explorer solution is your gateway to the myriad of content and value accelerators developed under the One Process Acceleration Layer practice. It represents your destination to learn, explore, and consult the collective knowledge of 25,000 SAP consultants and thousands of projects delivered by SAP and our partner ecosystem. Included there are business capability and solutions maps, business process models, industry-specific best practices, metrics, SAP best practice and product recommendations. 

SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides the following: 

The value accelerators you need to transform, all in one place: With SAP Signavio Process Explorer, you can avoid the complexity of accessing fragmented content frameworks and disconnected tools to find your answers. Instead, you can select the starting point and learning path that is most suitable to you and access a variety of value accelerators built around your needs.


Access Points and Learning Paths That Serve the Needs of Different Roles

SAP-specific and solution-independent value accelerators: Whether you currently have SAP products installed or third-party solutions in your landscape, you can benefit from SAP Signavio Process Explorer. A number of the supported value accelerators, such as process models, are solution independent. SAP Signavio Process Explorer builds the bridge from system-agnostic process models to the SAP ecosystem, mapping SAP solutions to the process. Also available is a collection of practices specifically dedicated to the SAP portfolio as well as industry-specific best practices for 13 verticals, with more to come.


Thousands of Process Models Provided from a Start of Eight End-to-End Processes


Connectivity of the business and technical perspectives: Value accelerators delivered by SAP Signavio Process Explorer don’t sit in silos. Process models on the business level are connected to the right metrics and technical capabilities helping you establish a “common language” within the organization and close the typical gap between IT and the business. By leveraging SAP Signavio Process Explorer you can better understand where opportunities for innovation sit and which solutions can help you bring these initiatives to life. 


Metrics and innovations mapped to process models for selected scenarios

Comprehensive support for your transformation: SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides value accelerators that serve you throughout your transformation, from strategy to operations. You can accelerate your time to insights with metrics and reduce your scoping and design times by using reference business architectures and preconfigured process models. Further, you can accelerate time to action and deployments by applying product best practices and innovation recommendations. After implementation, you can monitor your success and constantly fine-tune your strategy and operations in a never-ending pursuit of excellence. 

Collective knowledge of thousands of transformation projects: All of the assets and value accelerators of SAP Signavio Process Explorer are developed under the One Process Acceleration Layer. With this practice, we collect, generate, organize, and share the collective knowledge from SAP and our partner ecosystem. We constantly update and grow content, with the community providing you with the latest and greatest best practices and innovations. 

All these resources are at the push of a button, visit our SAP Signavio Process Explorer page and start exploring this content. All you need is an SAP registered user.

SAP Signavio Process Insights 

In the January 2023 release, SAP Signavio Process Insights delivers updates designed to give customers faster time to analysis, faster time to value and an improved user experience. Particularly, the following features have been introduced: 

  • Internal Benchmarking 
  • Guided analysis (Business /Reference Guides) 
  • Guided tour for Performance Indicators 
  • Access to personal data and role to view personal data 
  • Further ERP availability 
  • Summary Page 

One of the major highlights of the January 2023 release is Internal Benchmarking. Internal Benchmarking allows users to easily compare performance (visualized in the process flows) between different entities so that they can understand where they are doing well and where they need to improve.   

With this update, users will be able to (1) conduct a time-based comparison (compare different points in time and also gain insights into time distribution vs the process flow performance), (2) compare full process flows of two or more different entities, (3) compare multiple dimensions (e.g. see incomplete for billing and incomplete for delivery on the same chart), (4) compare the process flows per region vs per company code, (5) not only compare different entities but also understand which entity has the biggest impact.  

This update is designed to help customers accelerate best practice discovery, knowledge transfer, implementation and ultimately, faster time to value. 


Internal Benchmarking

Another major update in the January 2023 release for SAP Signavio Process Insights is Guided Analysis. Guided Analysis leads users through examples of what filters to apply and what context boxes to look at and why. They aim to help customers detect areas where they need to act, know which specific actions they need to take based on root cause analysis, as well as understand the business implications (e.g. cashflow/savings) of such actions.  

For a customer, each business challenge they face (e.g. dealing with late payments, reducing outstanding sales days, etc.) has an overwhelming amount of context and data to work with (e.g. 500,000 invoices in 6 weeks, 900+ company codes, etc.), meaning that it’s hard to know where to start and what to focus on. 

Guided Analysis brings greater analytical clarity to customers by helping them to focus on one area at a time, breaking down each area into smaller chunks, and making actionable recommendations based on root cause analysis. 

Currently, Process Insights offers great visualizations and metrics to understand how a customer is performing. It detects problems and diagnoses symptoms. However, it’s important to understand where such issues are coming from and know what to do based on the analysis. 

Guided Analysis now takes customers from just knowing what is wrong e.g. “there are too many late payments” to knowing what is causing the process performance issue, e.g. “these late payments are due to x # of bills being sent out late” and “payment runs are not scheduled in the correct way”. 


Guided Analysis

Following on from the release of Guided Tours for Process Flows in the September 2022 release, the January 2023 SAP Signavio Process Insights release introduces the Guided Tour for Performance Indicators.  

The tour provides users (especially those new to SAP Signavio Process Insights) with a step-by-step overview of the Performance Indicator screens to get visibility into their organization’s performance. 


Guided Tour for Performance Indicators

SAP Signavio Process Insights can now also store personal data in the form of user IDs such as customer ID, supplier ID, etc. This information is stored when it is relevant in Process Flows and standard Performance Indicators.   

In terms of accessing this personal data, fields that can potentially contain personal data are now only shown to users in detail lists or as filters if that user is authorized to access this information.  

Administrators must explicitly authorize users to be able to see this personal data, which includes customer and supplier IDs, when required.  


User IDs

Starting with the January 2023 release, we are expanding the ERP specification to widen availability of SAP Signavio Process Insights the SAP ERP installed base.    

SAP Signavio Process Insights will now also be available to customers on SAP ERP specification NW7.40 SP9 – SP19, and those on NW7.50 SP01 – SP03.   

This update will enable more customers than ever before to access the analytical capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Insights. 

The Summary Page dashboard helps customers to quickly get started with their analysis by providing a concise overview of metrics that are relevant for their selected system. The start-up overview summarizes relevant numbers for an analysis with respect to Process Flows, PPI’s, Correction Recommendation and Innovation Recommendations. 

The dashboard indicates which processes customers should prioritize for analysis and which immediate actions they can take based on recommendations that are already available. 


Summary Page


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence provides several enhancements and product updates with the January 2023 release.  

We are further expanding the connectivity options and overall improving the process data management capabilities, and we are releasing even more accelerators to speed up your time to insight and time to value, providing you with more options to analyze data and share insights. Enhancements include: 

  • Connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC)  
  • Manual data upload 
  • Process data management UX improvements   
  • Accelerators for SAP Ariba strategic sourcing, Plan-to-Fulfill for SAP S4/HANA and SAP ECC, Project-to-Cash for SAP S4/HANA and Public Cloud, Invoice-to-Cash for SAP Public Cloud, and Request-to-Service for SAP Service Cloud 
  • Consistent metric collection look and highlights 
  • Widget additions and final deprecation of relate widget 
  • Dashboard enhancements 
  • Revised insights management page 
  • Automated insights enhancements 
  • Attribute navigator with SIGNAL editor

Process data management: 

One of the most important highlights of this release is the new connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC).  

With this connection, we further expand your connectivity options for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: you can now select between our ready-to-use standard connectors, or the flexibility of connecting to SAP Data Intelligence or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. 

When it comes to integrating, orchestrating and refining diverse data sources, SAP Data Intelligence Cloud has an impressive reach. From now on you can also apply process mining to your enterprise data warehouse with the new connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and leverage the solution’s enterprise features for data connectivity, data integration, data wrangling and data modeling. 


New connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Process mining isn’t just for complex projects involving enterprise IT. It can actually be leveraged also for self-service analysis, or quick prototypes, by just feeding data via files, rather than through live system connections. If this looks interesting to your scenarios, we have good news for you. You can now easily manually upload files (such as CSV files) to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence through our manual upload option thanks to a new dedicated environment to load, process and manage files to create and/or extend process mining event logs. 

Profit now from a quick data load from flat files without requiring a live data connection and manage files, map columns and the target table schema in a much simpler approach to import new data. 

This newer version of the manual upload feature provides greater flexibility, reliability and ease of use. The previous version of the manual upload feature will still be available under the name “legacy manual upload”, but we plan to phase it out and fully replace it with the newer version during the year. 


Manual Data Upload

Overall, we also improved the navigation and user experience of our process data management capabilities. 


When it comes to starting new process mining initiatives, we are committed to helping you reduce the time you need to connect to new systems and start an analysis with our SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators.  

For the first time, we are releasing a new accelerator for SAP Ariba, which covers sourcing as part of the Strategic Sourcing process. Stay tuned, as we are planning to release new SAP Ariba accelerators very soon.We also released further accelerators for Plan-to-Fulfill with SAP S4/HANA and SAP ECC, for Project-to-Cash with SAP S4/HANA and Public Cloud, for Invoice-to-Cash with SAP Public Cloud, and for Request-to-service for SAP Service Cloud. 

With this, we follow our strategy to continuously provide you with new content to help you reduce your time to insight and time to value with our solution.Please refer here to the full documentation about our accelerators. 

Process analysis and mining:   

As you may be aware of, our solution process analysts a set of configurable metrics, that easily allow you to measure and monitor your data. One of the highlights in this release that will also allow you to start your process investigations much faster is the new capability to have metrics ready to use, without the need to go through configurations for each source system anymore. 

We have also improved the overall user experience with different metric library and collection enhancements. You can now profit from better searching and sorting of metrics, or save metrics directly from widgets.  


Save metrics directly from widgets

As for our visualizations, we added several widget improvements, such as supporting the addition of regression lines in scatterplot widgets, median/quartiles in histograms, a better date/time formatting support on tables, among others.  


Adding regression lines to scatterplot widgets

As announced in previous releases, with the January 2023 release we finally discontinue the variable importance – relate widget. Existing variable importance – relate widgets are now removed from all investigations.  We are now heavily investing on the further development of the powerful automated insights, released last year, which provide a higher value and better results in determining relations between variables and allows you to flexibly select attributes or metrics you are interested in.   

The dashboards were one of the major updates for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence last release. They provide process analysts and subject matter experts with a much easier way to analyze, visualize, interact and monitor insights in the solution.We have now included dashboard enhancements, such as the possibility to import dashboards, copy widgets from dashboard to dashboard, or dashboard to investigation, among other improvements. 

Last year, we also announced the availability of automated insights, a unique offering that offers a set of ready-to-use advanced statistics, as well as insights management, which help reduce time to insight, simplify and streamline data-driven process analysis efforts in organizations. We have now made it easier for you to work with them. With our revised insights management page, you can now easily move around between different insights with a single click. 

Our latest insights enhancements make now insights more intuitive, contextual, relevant and flexible to use. You can now see automated insights immediately without having to open the side panel, as well as save time by filling out additional fields immediately during saving. And more importantly, you can now much easier control the insights you are mostly interested on by searching and selecting relevant attributes and metrics. You can also easily create insights out of a targeted area of a widget you select, as well as receive notifications when an insight you are monitoring is deleted. 


Much easier control of the insights shown with an easy selection of attributes and metrics

If you are a SIGNAL (SAP Signavio analytics language) user, you will now get faster time to insights with the new attribute navigator in the SIGNAL editor. You can now see potential case, event or custom attributes to include in your query editor to configure a widget on the panel on the right side of the configuration.  


Attribute navigator in SIGNAL

SAP Signavio Process Manager 

With the January 2023 release, we are proud to introduce Navigation Maps to all customers to benefit from. BPMN typically does not provide the level of abstraction required to create an overview of your process landscape.  

No matter how your organization structures your processes, with Navigation Maps you can present an overall view of all your processes in an engaging way, with links, and without any restrictions on graphical look and feel. 

By offering visually appealing entrance into the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub experience, it allows users to break away from the traditional structured approach of business process modelling. 

Navigation Maps enables companies to offer a brand compliant and visually appealing update of a traditional value chain diagram, helping business users quickly and easily find process content relevant to them, allowing users to visualize the user journey in a personalized and unique way, increasing buy-in and usage. 


Example of Navigation Map

Due to incidents uncovered during the beta program, the business process model connector for SAP Signavio Solutions, the new connector between SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager, has had its GA release date postponed until further notice. Both engineering and leadership are considering several different approaches in order to ensure a seamless customer experience for all users and the fastest possible release date.  

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler  

With the January 2023 release, SAP Signavio Journey Modeler brings to market the following two enhancements: 

  • Score breakdown and thresholds for the journey complexity score 
  • Journey model dimensions enabling quick insights into the elements of each journey model 

Journey complexity score breakdown and thresholds enable process and journey owners and modelers to benchmark models internally. By offering the ability for users to monitor if they align to acceptable complexity levels, journey modelers are encouraged to follow suggested standards.  

In addition, this adds the ability to keep process and journey complexity up to internal standards and evaluate priorities on what to improve first using: 

  • Auto-calculated thresholds based on benchmark data from SAP Signavio solutions 
  • A breakdown of the score and drivers of complexity

Learn more


Journey complexity score in SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Journey model dimensions enabling journey owners and modelers to get quick insights on which elements each journey model contains including populated and unpopulated cells. Journey owners can now benefit from  the automatically calculated score based on all elements of a journey model 

  • Showing the breakdown of the score and the drivers of the size 
  • Showing total cells and areas of no value 


Journey model dimensions in SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

SAP Signavio Process Governance 

With the new release, SAP Signavio Process Governance provides the ability to start approvals from SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.  

Particularly, it enables process owners to preview their process in its final state before sharing it with the organization, providing a more integrated experience:

  • Ability to trigger approval workflows from the preview mode in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 
  • Ability to check the approval case details and history by jumping to the approval case from the preview mode in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 
  • Visualization of the status of the approval in the preview mode in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 


Starting approval workflows from SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

Partnerships – LeanIX  

With the new January 2023 release comes the ability to map fields in SAP Signavio with LeanIX Enterprise Architecture in a simplified and self-explanatory way.  

If you want to find out more details about our latest product updates please take a look at our release notes. 

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