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Author's profile photo Jayan Mohanta

Post Non PO Invoice using- MIRO

In my first blog post, I would like to introduce myself: I’m Jayan Mohanta,  I have been working with SAP, in Product like FI and VIM since 2017. I always worked with the Invoice Verification and Accounts payable process.

Over the last years, after a lots of customer interactions, and handling different scenarios, I developed extensive expertise in the S/4HANA Procurement Invoice Verification area – known simple as MM-IV (MM is for Materials Management and IV is for Invoice Verification).

For this post, I would like to share something that I have seen as very common in the IV area: Of posting Non PO invoice in MIRO transaction.

The topic get covered:

  1. Problem Area
  2. Pre configuration
  3. Steps in MIRO

1. Problem Area:

When we try to post a Non PO invoice we generally used the transaction code FB60 to post non po invoices but there are some customer specific requirements to post Non PO invoice using MIRO. When we are trying to post a invoice without any purchase order it is required to entered data in the G/L Accounts tab without entering data in PO reference.


2. Pre configuration:

To post such invoice we needs to complete some configuration in the LIV process so that system allow to post invoice against the G/L Accounts and Material and Assets. For the configuration we needs to select the path as bellow:

SPRO > Material Management > Logistic Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Activate Direct Posting to G/L & Material accounts & Assets

Need to tick the specific setting for which we wants to activate direct posting without PO references:

Direct posting against Contracts:

If we wants to activate direct posting against the Contracts we can activate using bellow path

SPRO > Material Management > Logistic Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Activate Direct Posting to contacts

Direct posting against the alternative G/L Accounts:

When creating invoices in Logistics Invoice Verification, you can enable the user to choose an alternative reconciliation accounts. In this activity specify the company codes for which this option is available in invoice entry.

Here we needs to enter the company code for which we wants to activate the functionality. Path as bellow:

SPRO > Material Management > Logistic Invoice Verification > Incoming Invoice > Activate Direct Posting alternative G/L accounts


3. MIRO Steps:

While posting invoice using MIRO we will entered all the required details as invoice date, posting date, reference, amount, tax code and currency in the basic data tab.

In the details tab its required to entered the invoicing party because as its a NPO invoice we don’t have the automated way to derive the vendor/ invoicing party. Also we needs to select the Document type. The document type classifies the accounting document. It is stored in the document header. Attributes that control the entry of the document, or which are themselves noted in the document, are defined for each document type. In particular, the number range assigned to the associated documents is defined on the basis of the document type.

We needs to select ‘Man Inv Outsd wo PO’ this is the specific document type designed for posting Non PO invoices. In the list SAP has been provided multiple document type we can select the suitable one according to the scenario which we deal with.

After entering all these details we needs to fill the line item data for this we needs to go to the G/L accounts tab. In this tab we will entered the suitable G/L  accounts, amount, cost elements, Tax code.

Now we are ready for the stimulation the accounting document so that we can check if the accounting entry are correct or not. If the accounting entry is okay we are good to post the document by selecting the post/save option. After posting the header data will get updated in RBKP and the line item data will get updated in RBCO table. Your invoice will be posted and related document number will be generated.


Please provide comments and feedback which will encourage me to bring such kind of material

Thanks for your time! Happy learning!


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      Author's profile photo Dominik Tylczynski
      Dominik Tylczynski

      Nice post. I'd appreciate if you explained why one would want to post a non-PO invoice with MIRO instead of FB60. That is the piece of information that I am missing in your article.

      Author's profile photo Taki Eddine OULD SAID
      Taki Eddine OULD SAID

      Thank you for sharing. I have a simple question: I can't find "Activate direct posting agains contracts" in my system, i'm currently using SAP S/4 HANA 2021 on premise, could it be that it is no longer available in newest versions of SAP S/4 Hana?

      Author's profile photo Priti Mehta
      Priti Mehta

      Hi Jayan, Thank you for your post.

      I have a situation where such Invoice is created without PO reference number. Data are populated in GL Account Tab.

      But when BAPI "BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETDETAIL" - is used, It doesn't return any line item data in ITEM Details. I do think, if SAP is suggesting to use MIRO to create non-po invoices as well;

      mentioned BAPI code needs to be corrected to read line item data in such scenario.

      Author's profile photo Israel Ramos
      Israel Ramos

      Hi Jayan Mohanta


      Could you provide details on the type of document you used? I'm convinced it's not a standard for everyone, as I didn't find it on my system. Could you provide these details? Another point, I need to issue an invoice to Miro without PO, is this possible?


      Thank you