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Characteristic structure removal for widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud

Prior to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) version 2022.21 (QRC 4) it was necessary to add a characteristic structure on the axis for the table and the chart widget to be able to display values on queries with a secondary structure. However, if there is a single selection filter set on the characteristic structure, we do not need to have it on the axis. This is because the member for the structure is already known, so this information is not needed in the widget. And without the characteristic structure on the axis the widgets have a much cleaner look.

With SAC version 2022.21 (QRC 4 2022) it is now possible to remove the characteristic structure from the axis when a single selection filter is applied. Your story needs to be in Optimized Design Experience (ODE) to be able to make use of the new behavior.


A structure in SAP BW groups either key figures or characteristic. These structures are the structural elements that define the layout for rows and columns of the query. There can only be a maximum of two structures per query.

Hence a characteristic structure is a grouping of characteristics. It is also often called a secondary structure.

For more information, please also have a look at the SAP Help document about structure dimensions (

Chart widget

A chart widget in SAC is always created empty. After a measure structure is added you will see an error rendered in the widget saying that a characteristic structure or a single selection filter on this structure must be added. If you add a filter on the characteristic structure without the structure being on the axis a single selection dialog will open. After selecting a filter, the widget will render.


Add single selection filter to chart

If a characteristic structure is on the axis with multiple or no filters set, and it is removed the widget will render an error message again. Now you can add the single selection filter by manually adding a filter on the structure. This will open a single selection dialog since the characteristic structure is not on the axis.

If a characteristic structure is hierarchical you will need to select a leaf node. If a node with children is selected, this will result in multiple filters since the node and all children are send to the backend.


Numeric Point Chart

There is no possibility to select a characteristic structure for numeric point charts. That is why you will now have to select a single filter for the structure in the filter dialog. This will enable you to display meaningful values in the chart for queries with two structures.


Add single selection filter to numeric point chart

Table widget

Once a table is created the default drilldown from the BW query is applied. Since the characteristic structure is not removable with the backend tools it is set by default. You can now remove the structure by clicking the (X) in the builder panel. This will automatically open a single selection dialog if there is not a single selection filter set on the structure yet.

If a single selection filter is applied and the structure is removed from the axis, it is not possible anymore to remove the filter. To remove the filter, you need to add the structure to the axis again.


Remove structure and add again to edit filters


Thanks a lot for reading my article. Please leave a comment if you already tried this new feature or if there are open questions.

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