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How to create working day and holiday calendar for non-localized countries

This blog explains how to create working day and holiday calendar for non-localized countries. The working day calendar identifies the working days and non-working days for an organization or organizational unit in a country or region.


  • You have authorization to maintain business configuration settings and to edit the org structure.
  • You have selected at least one working day calendar for an SAP country in the scoping question.


Following are the steps to create working day and holiday calendar for non-localized countries or regions.

Create holiday calendar

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center and choose the Implementation Projects view.
  2. Select your implementation project and click Open Activity List. Select the Fine-tuning phase, then select the Working Day Calendar activity from the activity list
    Figure%201%3A%20Working%20Day%20Calendar%20Activity%20in%20business%20configuration Figure 1: Working Day Calendar Activity in business configuration
  3. In the holiday Calendar screen, click Create a new holiday calendar under Main Actions.
    Figure 2: Main Actions in Working Day Calendar Activity
  4. In the New Holiday Calendar screen, select a country and click Next.
    Figure%203%3A%20Select%20Country/RegionFigure 3: Select Country/Region
  5. Enter the name of the new holiday calendar in the Holiday Calendar Name.
  6. Select a country from the Show List of Holidays for dropdown list. A list of predefined holidays for the selected country is displayed.
  7. In the List of Holidays table, you canSelect an existing holiday and add it to the Selected Holidays table using the right arrow.If none of the existing holidays meet your requirements, create a new holiday by clicking Add.
    Figure%204%3A%20Select%20existing%20holiday%20or%20add%20new%20holidayFigure 4: Select existing holiday or add new holiday
  8. Click Next to review details of the calendar.
  9. Click Finish to update the holiday calendar and click close.

Create working day calendar

  1. In the Working Day Calendar screen, click Create new working day calendars under Main Actions.
    Figure%205%3A%20Main%20Actions%20in%20Working%20Day%20Calendar%20ActivityFigure 5: Main Actions in Working Day Calendar Activity
  2. Select an existing country from the List of Countries/Regions table and add it to the Selected Countries/Regions list on the New Working Day Calendar screen and click Next
    Figure%206%3A%20Select%20Country/RegionFigure 6: Select Country/Region
  3. Select the previously created holiday calendar, this is used as the basis for the new working day calendar and click Next.
    Figure%207%3A%20Select%20the%20Holiday%20CalendarFigure 7: Select the Holiday Calendar
  4. Adjust the working day settings and rename the calendar.
    Figure%208%3A%20Set%20Working%20days%20in%20a%20weekFigure 8: Set Working days in a week
  5. Click Next to review details of the calendar.
  6. Click Finish to create the working day calendar and click close.

Assign the working day calendar to organizational structure

  1. In the Organizational Management work centre, choose Edit Org Structure under Common Tasks to assign the working day calendar to the organizational structure.
    Figure%209%3A%20Edit%20Org%20StructuresFigure 9: Edit Org Structures
  2. In the General tab, select your working day calendar from the list.
    Figure 10: Assign Working Day Calendar in selected Org Structure
  3. Save and activate the selected structure.


By following these steps, a user-defined working day calendar linked to an existing country can be assigned to a non-localized country.

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