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Author's profile photo Mark Green

Build a custom data warehouse on SAP HANA

Think of data warehousing and SAP. What comes immediately to mind?

Yep, I thought so: SAP BW or perhaps SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, right?

For most customers, one of these ready-to-go solutions is the right approach. But did you know there is a third option?

Some customers just want to do their own thing and develop a custom data warehouse from scratch. They do this for many reasons. Perhaps they have very specific or complex requirements that cannot easily be met with the standard solutions. They might need to follow an industry-standard data model (healthcare etc.) or a specific data model such as data vault. Or they have a team of SQL developers who developed a custom solution on a legacy database and now they want to develop on SAP HANA. Or perhaps the customer is using BW or DWC and would like to extend the capabilities with some customizations. Whatever the reason, SAP provide the tools to enable the development of a custom data warehouse.

The foundation of this approach is SAP HANA. Using a combination of custom SQL code and SAP  provided ready-made objects such as calculation views, flowgraphs, native datastore objects developers can rapidly build a custom data warehouse.

So how do you develop skills in this topic?

A few years ago, we developed an instructor-lead course HDW410. We then added the course to SAP Learning Hub for those who preferred the self-study approach. This proved popular and we immediately saw a decline in demand for the instructor-lead course. So we removed the course from the classroom schedule and now it continue on SAP Learning Hub, with the option to provision a landscape so you can work through the exercises in your own fully-configured training system.

Very recently we added the course to SAP’s brand new digital learning platform
so it is available to everyone completely free-of-charge.

Here is the link to go directly to the course.

So get started today and add this skill to your portfolio.

Mark Green (SAP Instructor – UK)

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      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Mark,

      This blog and the learning journey seems to be focused on on-premise SAP HANA.  What about building a custom data warehouse on SAP HANA Cloud or taking a hybrid approach of SAP HANA Cloud combined with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

      If building a custom data warehouse from scratch, what would be the reason for choosing SAP HANA on-premise over SAP HANA Cloud?  I would have thought SAP HANA Cloud would have been easier to deploy and manage.




      Author's profile photo Axel Meier
      Axel Meier

      Hi Mustafa,

      tks for comment.

      You're open to leverage your HANA Cloud tenant (within your customer managed BTP Account / Sub-Account) to create your custom data warehouse. The customer acts as the Admin / Owner in this HANA Cloud setup, including access to all Admin Roles.

      The steps highlighted in the course need to be slightly adjusted to meet the HANA Cloud + SAP Tooling (like: Business Application Studio + Project specifics, like .hdbtable or .hdbmigrationtable).

      The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud tenant and customer managed SAP HANA Cloud tenant (in your customer managed BTP Account / Sub-Account) are operating as seperate tenants as of today. This setup is also referenced as a hybrid scenario.



      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Thanks for your follow-up, Axel.