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edocument and source document cancellation process in KSA eInvoicing


Can I cancel the eDocument before submission to ZATCA? Can I cancel a source document after submission to ZATCA? What is the cancellation process in SAP after introduction of eInvoicing in KSA.

Don’t worry if you have the above questions in your mind. This blog explains it all.

Prior to the introduction of eInvoicing in KSA the cancellation of a source document was fully configurable and controlled through configuration but once you implement the solution pack of eInvoicing solution for KSA in your system, you will see a difference. Let us see what the new process for source document cancellation is.


Source document Cancellation process

As and when a source document is created in the respective module, an eDocument is created in the eDocument cockpit (edoc_cockpit) for the relevant document types based on your configuration in SPRO.

There is a cancellation option in the cockpit by which you may cancel an eDocument if you do not wish to submit it to the tax authority.

But there are some conditions attached to this process and is now classified into two scenarios based on the status of the eDocument.


         eDocument with Created or Rejected status

You will not be able to cancel the source document unless you cancel its corresponding eDocument when it is in the status Created or Rejected.

Every eDocument in the cockpit corresponds to exactly one source document and to maintain this tight relationship between each other and avoid the differences between them and ensure that source document is not cancelled when eDocument is submitted, this process is in place.

You will get an error message in the log when you try to cancel a source document that is not in the accepted status in the cockpit.

So, you will have to cancel the eDocument in the cockpit and when its status changes to eDocument cancelled then you can proceed with the cancellation of the source document.


         eDocument with Accepted status

Once an eDocument is submitted and accepted by the tax authority ZATCA, you will not be able to cancel the eDocument from the cockpit but will be able to directly cancel the source document and as a result another eDocument will be created for the cancellation document as a contra document of the original. i.e, if the originally submitted eDocument is a credit note then a debit note will be created as a contra document.

For example,

Let us assume you created a SD invoice and submitted its eDocument and is accepted by ZATCA. later you wish to cancel the invoice because of some errors and create a new one. So, another eDocument is created automatically for the cancellation document as a credit note eDocument with Invoice Type Code: 381) which needs to be submitted to ZATCA.

Note: eDocument once submitted to ZATCA cannot be cancelled irrespective of its status but can either be resubmitted in case of rejection or a contra eDocument as a credit note or debit note needs to be submitted in case the original is accepted by ZATCA.

Below table lists the scenarios and the resulting contra document types created automatically when source document is cancelled. The Invoice document reference in the XML of the contra eDocument will be the cancellation source document numbers.


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