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Pre Activities – DTV Tool to validate the data in ECC & S4 HANA Systems – Part-1 (Steps in ECC System before Conversion)


The Data Transition Validation (DTV) Tool is a new tool available for SAP S/4HANA conversion projects targeting S/4HANA 2022. The pre and post-system conversion data are then compared by DTV to help determine if the conversion was successful.

DTV Tool can be accessed via t-code DVF.

Go to T-Code DVF

Create a Project in the ECC system

Give the Project ID and click on CreateNow enter the Description and save it.Double-click on the “Maintain Systems” step to establish the source and target (receiver) system Click on Create Icon and enter the required details and Save.

If we need any extra rows, please click on the Insert row Icon.Name the Source System as ECC and Receiver System as S4HANA (S4H) like below

Executing server name is taken from “System > Status > Server Name”.Save it and go back.

Note: We can maintain Executing Server or Without Executing Server also we can create. If we maintain Executing server, after conversion we need to add a new executing server in place of the old Executing server. if we don’t maintain Executing server, after conversion no need to make any changes in this step.

Double-click on “Pre-Delivered Content” to identify which reports should be executed for the comparisons: A list of all available delivered reports by each module is displayed (in my project I selected only Financial Accounting Balance Reports and then imported the specification into the project).

Note: We should also do the below steps for the remaining reports also

Ø  Asset Accounting

Ø  Open Items/Line Items

Ø  General

Ø  Material Management

Ø  Plant Maintenance

Ø  Production Planning

Ø  Warehouse Management

Select the One/list of reports and click on “Import Specification”Click on enter and save.

Go back to the main screen and

Double-click on “Project Global Data” Click on Add row under details

 Add company code Save it

Go back to the main screen and

Double-click on “Define Test Specification”

and double-click beside the report which you would like to runDouble-click on the above screenshot which I have highlighted in the screenshot and Click on the “condition” tabMake sure that there are some conditions in the ECC system and S4H system

Click on SimulateNow scroll right and click on the Link under Simulation Result to see the logsWe should get the green color message “Passed: Valid Selection” under the message tab click on Logs Tab and check the status.We should get the message “Simulation Process has started, and Simulation Process has finished”

Go Back and click on “Execute Data Extraction”

(Since we have run the Vendor Balances report in the previous steps, selecting the vendor balance report in this step)

Under RFKSLD00 (Vendor Balances) select ECC and click on Run Selected.Click on Yes

Refresh the page to see the result

The flag beside ECC should turn green.Go back and double-click on “Evaluate Data”Select RFKSLD00 (Vendor Balances) and click on Run SelectedRefresh the page to see the result, the flag should turn to green.

Double-click on the flag to see the result.The result tab will help us to compare before and after conversion reports.

Go back and double-click on “Summary” Save it.

And, for executing other reports as below which we have in the DTV tool, please execute with the same process and change the conditions each report-wise. 

Note: After the System conversion, the same project will be reflected in the S4 HANA system. in that we need to execute the reports.

Asset Accounting

  • Asset Balances
  • Depreciation
  • Depreciation Simulation (New)
  • Asset History Sheet

 Under Balances

  • Customer Balances
  • Open Item Account Balance
  • Balance List of G/L Account
  • Posting Totals

Open Items/Line Items

  • General Ledger Line Items
  • List of Customer Line Items
  • List of Customer Open Items
  • Line Item Journal
  • G/L Account Line Item Display
  • Vendor Business
  • List of Vendor Line Items
  • Customer Sales
  • Vendor Line Items
  • Customer Line Items
  • Customer Sales (List Output)


Also please refer to the below link to validate the data between ECC & S4 HANA after Conversion with the help of the DTV tool – PART – 2


In this blog post, we learn how to validate the data in ECC to S4 HANA system.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Please provide your valuable feedback.


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