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Show GOS toolbar data on the CRM Billing Web-UI screen

Summary: In my previous blog, I explained how to enable the GOS toolbar on the CRM billing document in SAP  GUI screen. In this blog, I’ll capture the need to display the GOS toolbar’s data and PDF attachments in the CRM Web-UI screen for improved user experience.


First step is the enhancement of standard BSP component BEABDH_BILLDOC, there we need to add new view let’s say ZGOSATTACH with value node (let’s say ZGOSVAL) and attributes as follows. (This is similar how we add custom view in standard component).


Which would be similar like below in CRM Web-UI screen


The next step is to fill the view with data, which is done in the method DO_INIT_CONTEXT of the Implementation class. 
The code snippet that would read data from specific billing document’s GOS toolbar and fill every field in the  display at BOL layer is shown below.
* Structure to populate assignment view
    TYPES: BEGIN OF x_gos_data,
             brelguid    TYPE  os_guid,       "Relationship Guid
             instid_b    TYPE sibfboriid,    "Instance Ident. in BOR Compat. Persistent Object Referce
             title       TYPE iw_title,      "Attachment Title
             description TYPE bitm_descr,    "Description (Like, Attachment, Note, URL)
             value       TYPE crm_rt_value,  "Notes Content
             created_by  TYPE sgs_crname,    "Attribute as Created By
             creadate    TYPE sgs_crdate,    "Attribute as Created Date
             creatime    TYPE sgs_crtime,    "Attribute as Created Time
           END OF x_gos_data.

    CONSTANTS : lc_appl_crmb  TYPE bef_appl VALUE 'CRMB',
                lc_catid_bo   TYPE sibfcatid VALUE 'BO',
                lc_rel_note   TYPE oblreltype VALUE 'NOTE',
                lc_rel_atta   TYPE oblreltype VALUE 'ATTA',
                lc_headno_ext TYPE name_komp VALUE 'HEADNO_EXT',
                lc_objtype    TYPE name_komp VALUE 'OBJTYPE',
                lc_i          TYPE char1 VALUE 'I',
                lc_eq         TYPE char2 VALUE 'EQ'.

    DATA : lv_doc_data    TYPE sofolenti1,
           lo_ref_cuco    TYPE REF TO cl_beabdh_b_cucobill_impl,
           lo_ref_entity  TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity,
           lo_ref_struct  TYPE REF TO x_gos_data,
           li_obj_content TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1.

    CALL METHOD super->do_init_context.

* Clear all the values from view initially
    me->typed_context->zgosattach->collection_wrapper->clear( ).

    DATA(lo_ref_core) = cl_crm_bol_core=>get_instance( ).
    IF lo_ref_core IS BOUND.
* Get Custom Controller to extract Billing Header details
          lo_ref_cuco ?= get_custom_controller( 'BEABDH_BILLDOC/CuCoBill' ).
          IF lo_ref_cuco IS BOUND.

* Extract current data from custom controller
            lo_ref_entity ?= lo_ref_cuco->typed_context->bdheader->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
            IF lo_ref_entity IS BOUND.

* Get Billing Document and Object type
            DATA(lv_billdocno) = lo_ref_entity->get_property_as_string( iv_attr_name = lc_headno_ext ).
             DATA(lv_billobjtype) = lo_ref_entity->get_property_as_string( iv_attr_name = lc_objtype ).

              IF lv_billdocno IS NOT INITIAL AND lv_billobjtype IS NOT INITIAL.
                lv_billdocno = CONV bea_headno_ext( |{ lv_billdocno  ALPHA = IN }| ).

* Populate
             DATA(ls_object) = VALUE sibflporb( instid = lv_billdocno && lc_appl_crmb
                                                   typeid = lv_billobjtype
                                                   catid = lc_catid_bo ).

             DATA(lt_relation_op) = VALUE obl_t_relt( ( sign = lc_i option = lc_eq low = lc_rel_note )
                                                    ( sign = lc_i option = lc_eq low = lc_rel_atta ) ).
* Read the links against Billing Document to fetch all the GOS attachments
                    CALL METHOD cl_binary_relation=>read_links
                        is_object           = ls_object
                        it_relation_options = lt_relation_op
                        et_links            = DATA(lt_links).

                    LOOP AT lt_links ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<fs_links>).
                      CLEAR :lv_doc_data,

* Read the GOS attachments content and attributes to show in WebUI
                      DATA(lv_doc_id) = CONV so_entryid( <fs_links>-instid_b ).
                      CALL FUNCTION 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1'
                          document_id                = lv_doc_id
                          document_data              = lv_doc_data
                          object_content             = li_obj_content
                          document_id_not_exist      = 1
                          operation_no_authorization = 2
                          x_error                    = 3
                          OTHERS                     = 4.
                      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
* Populate work area to show all the details
                 DATA(ls_gos_data) = VALUE x_gos_data( brelguid = <fs_links>-brelguid
                                                       instid_b = <fs_links>-instid_b
                                                       title   = lv_doc_data-obj_descr
                                                       description = <fs_links>-reltype
                                                       value = CONV crm_rt_value( li_obj_content[ 1 ] )
                                                       created_by = lv_doc_data-creat_fnam
                                                       creadate = lv_doc_data-creat_date
                                                       creatime =  lv_doc_data-creat_time ).
                        IF <fs_links>-reltype = lc_rel_atta.
                          CLEAR ls_gos_data-value.
* Create the value node and add the the same in collection wrapper
                            CREATE DATA lo_ref_struct.
                   IF lo_ref_struct IS BOUND.
                     DATA(lo_ref_value_node) = NEW cl_bsp_wd_value_node( iv_data_ref = lo_ref_struct ).
                         IF lo_ref_value_node IS BOUND AND ls_gos_data IS NOT INITIAL.
                          lo_ref_value_node->set_properties( ls_gos_data ).
                          me->typed_context->zgosattach->collection_wrapper->add( lo_ref_value_node ).
                          CATCH cx_sy_create_data_error.
                            CLEAR ls_gos_data.
                        CLEAR ls_gos_data.

*Modify BOL layer to get reflected the details in WebUI
                    lo_ref_core->modify( ).
                  CATCH cx_obl_parameter_error
                        cx_sy_create_data_error .

        CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
As result, all the data from the GOS toolbar will be filled in and displayed in the WebUI screen as seen below.
My next blog post will discuss making a hyperlink to a specific PDF file and showing the PDF document in a popup window on the WebUI screen. Please keep reading along and leave us a comment if you have any suggestions or comments to share.
Thanks again for reading the document. I really appreciate your time.

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