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Walkthrough of S/4HANA Conversion Project Cycle

Hello, How is everyone doing? I hope all are in good health and always driving towards leanings new things or expanding your horizons.

Today I will be discussing a walkthrough of the project cycle for the S/4HANA conversion project. Sometimes while working on a particular role we miss the bigger picture.

I will be explaining the same with the help of the below diagram which I created myself.


Let’s try to write the project flow in bullet points. Yes, this is quite uncommon but it’s good for a person who is trying to understand it.

  1. Initially, a request is generated from the vendor that they want their system (ECC) to be converted to S/4HANA.
  2. Next in most cases SI partners or SAP consulting firms asset the same and decide if the conversion of their system meets the prerequisites or if any further activities need to be performed before the system is ready.
  3. Once the assessment is complete, based on the SAP modules the vendor is using, the team for the S/4HANA conversion project is formed. This will include functional, technical, and management teams.
  4. The team is now finalized and the project is kicked off, after doing all the prerequisites.
  5. Next BASIS Team implements the readiness check report which informs us on the readiness of the system that needs to move to S/4HANA. 
  6. Next functional team remediates the Simplification Items checklist. This makes the system ready to adapt S/4HANA changes to the impacted functional areas.
  7. Next ABAP team identifies the custom codes which would require remediations once a system is converted, this is due to the changing version of the system itself. Moving from ECC to S/4HANA is not just an upgrade but brings in a new product altogether, that is the reason SAP calls this conversion. 
  8. Next BASIS team executes the SUM tool which technically converts the system to S/4HANA.
  9. But still, finance conversion is not done and this is done post-technical conversion.
  10. Once finance conversion is completed, the functional team does the SI validation and reconciliation of the reports that were generated in the pre-converted system.
  11. In parallel to it if FIORI was not a part of your previous system, then it’s activated and the custom FIORI APP is enabled.
  12. ABAP team performs the custom code remediations of the Z and Y objects which they identified before conversion.
  13. In parallel BASIS team also performs post-conversion tasks.
  14. Finally, the converted S/4HANA system is released for testing.



I hope this will give your a high-level idea of the project cycle for S/4HANA conversion. I generally plan my blogs which let us understand the technology in the simplest of language and thoughts.

Happy Learning and please do share your feedback !!

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      Author's profile photo pradeep akula
      pradeep akula

      Very Nice article .

      Author's profile photo RIshi Singh
      RIshi Singh
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jaime Espinosa
      Jaime Espinosa

      Great explanation!!!

      So simple yet so detailed


      I will use it to explain conversion processes.


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo RIshi Singh
      RIshi Singh
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, great you like it.

      Author's profile photo Satish M
      Satish M

      Nice Article....Point No.2 there is a typo....Assess not asset.

      Author's profile photo Miguel Freitas
      Miguel Freitas

      Great and simplfied!

      Question regarding point 9: If finance conversion is not ok sometimes it requires to restart the conversion again with the correction performed upfront?