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Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf

SAP S/4HANA 2022 Fully-Activated Appliance: Known Issues

This blog covers latest information and known issues for the SAP S/4HANA 2022 Fully-Activated Appliance, delivered via SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL).

The overview blog for the appliance can be found here.

The known issues for older appliance releases are here: 2021 / 2020 / 1909

If you would like to ask a support question, please do so in the SAP CAL Community.


Technical Topics

Initial system performance after instance creation or re-activate

When you create an instance or suspend / re-activate it, the system performance will be slower, especially within the Fiori Launchpad. Also, the first click on a Fiori tile will be significantly slower. This is due to initial caching in the system and will become faster if you continue working.

Other performance tuning tips are:

  • Choose the cloud provider location nearest to you (for good network latency)
  • Fiori rendering performance on the remote desktop is often slower than on your local laptop
  • The demo users contain a relatively large number of roles and Fiori tiles. You can copy these demo users in TCode SU01 and adapt accordingly e.g. remove roles, create your own roles / Fiori catalogs, or personalize the Fiori launchpad (see also the SAP Fiori Rapid Activation demo guide on the appliance demo page).

Note to SAP administrators: SGEN has been performed to pre-compile ABAP coding.

Remote desktop on Azure: no SAP Business Client installed

When you bring up an instance, the SAP NetWeaver Business Client might not be installed automatically on the remote desktop. To install it manually, please follow these steps:

  • On the remote desktop, download & install the Microsoft .NET framework 4.8 (from > Download MS .NET 4.8 Runtime)
  • If asked about stopping background processes on the remote desktop, confirm to continue the installation (this will take a few minutes)
  • When the .NET installation has finished, reboot the remote desktop (using the regular restart feature of the remote desktop)
  • After the reboot has completed, log on to the remote desktop again and install the SAP Business Client by executing the file  Q:\flavor\S4HANA_Fully_Activated\NWBC770_18-80004841.exe
  • If you receive errors in the SAP Business Client when opening Web GUI applications, do the following:
    Search for Internet Options in the Windows search. In the dialog window, go to Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > Enter https://vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain > Add > Close.

Transport system (STMS) is not configured by default

Please check the SAP standard documentation how to configure the transport system in a new system.

Messages about faulty HANA plugins versions (vch_old, afl_old, …)

The appliance contains orphaned metadata for some HANA plugins (plugin names are vch_old / afl_old / sap_afl_sdk_apl / sap_afl_sdk_apl_old).

This won’t affect the use of the appliance but may cause some confusion in transactions such as ST04 or /n/SAPAPO/OM13 that display an error message for the plugin status.

To remove these messages, run the following command from the SQL console in HANA Studio for both the system and tenant DB:

TRUNCATE TABLE _sys_afl.plugin_errors

Hourly error messages in transaction /n/IWFND_ERROR_LOG

In tCode /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG you will see hourly error messages (“No service found for namespace…”) for the users FIORIADMIN and BPINST. Those messages stem from a scheduled job and can be ignored (delete the entries if they distract you from the analysis of other errors).

Error in F4 value help when using your local SAP GUI installation

Symptom: You get a message “Internal error: Table Format, Cancel” when using the F4 value help in SAP GUI on your local PC.

Resolution: This happens if your local SAP Logon / GUI is outdated.
Please either upgrade to at least SAP GUI 7.60 PL11 (details in SAP Note 3098477 , the SAP GUI on the remote desktop of the 2022 appliances will work since it has a higher version).
Or if you want to keep your GUI version, use the setting proposed by Chetan Sharma here.

Fiori Spaces / Pages error: “An error occurred while loading this page”

When using Fiori Spaces/Pages, you get an error message
“An error occurred while loading this page. This might have happened due to one of the following reasons:
– The page or space has been removed or is no longer assigned to you.
– The URL might be corrupt. Among other things, this might be caused by a corrupt bookmark.”

The full explanation is in SAP Note 3031245.
Short version for the appliance: Go to transaction /n/IWFND/GW_CLIENT, copy the below 4 lines (one at a time) into the text field “Request URI” and choose “Metadata > Cleanup Cache” from the menu.


S/4HANA learning tutorials don’t show in the Web Assistant/Online Help

The Fiori Web Assistant/Online Help (question mark in right upper menu bar) > Learning > Learning Center shows a “Sorry, no content found” message

In SAP GUI, open transaction /n/UI2/FLP_CUS_CONF and double-click on Launchpad Plug-ins.
Mark the entry “WEB_ASSISTANT_HELP_PLUGIN” and double-click on “Configuration” in the left tree.
Change the property value for “LEARNING_APP_WORKSPACE” from “S4” to “s4” (case-sensitive !).
Save your changes into a transport request. Log out/on in Fiori Launchpad before testing.

Client 400 does not contain the Best Practices activation for Italy

In 2022 SP00 & FPS01, the SAP Best Practices for Italy are not activated in client 400, ie. they don’t show up in tCode /n/SMB/BBI under the “Z_BP…” solutions but only under the reference solutions “BP_…”, and the respective Italy-specific configuration and demo data is missing.

This is planned to be fixed with the upcoming 2022 FPS02 release. Workaround for existing appliances: activate the Italy localization in client 400, see this blog for detailed steps how to activate SAP Best Practices.

Issues with specific business scenarios

In-House Repair with Returns Management

Applicable for 2022 FPS01.

When posting a goods issue for an in-house repair object (equipment) to return the equipment to the customer, the current customer information in the equipment is initialized. If you want to use the same piece of equipment for another in-house repair, you first must add the current customer information in the equipment again, for example, via SAP GUI transaction code IE02. This issue is only applicable for Scenario 2: In-House Repair with Returns Management.

Issue with missing number ranges for the year 2023

Applicable for 2022 SP00, fixed in 2022 FPS01.

In client 100, you might encounter an error message “In company code 1710, the number range <xx> is  missing for the year 2023” if you try to post/book certain document types (eg. billing documents) in 2023 periods.

Certain number ranges are not maintained for 2023, and you need to manually correct them:

  • Enter transaction OBA7 and double-Click on any of the document type entries
  • In the next screen, choose the “Number Range Information” button > Enter Company Code 1710 > Choose “Change Intervals”.
  • In the table, navigate to the “Number Range No.” that you got in the error message and delete all lines that have blank entries in the “From No.” and “To No.” column (usually from 2023 to 2032).
  • Save and confirm the hint about transports

We recommend to do this for all number ranges that have empty values (~ 20 number range IDs are affected). Entering new number ranges in the empty fields is not recommended since all affected number ranges have an “indefinite” duration assigned (via the line with the year 9999).

Data Migration Cockpit

Applicable for 2022 SP00, fixed in 2022 FPS01

The demo scenarios for the Data Migration Cockpit are not available with the initial release of the SAP S/4HANA 2022 Fully-Activated Appliance. They are planned to be delivered with a reduced scope with the SAP S/4HANA 2022 FPS01 Fully-Activated Appliance (Q2 2023).

Transportation Management

The demo scenario for transportation management is not longer offered in the SAP S/4HANA Fully-Activated Appliance. You may configure this scenario in a customer-specific project approach.

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      Author's profile photo Franc Nguyen
      Franc Nguyen

      Hello - would there be any challenges to upgrade the SAP S/4HANA Fully-Activated appliance to the higher FPS or latest release?

      Due to massive integration with Cloud Services / Solutions (DMC, Ariba, SAC, Etc.) and Add-On (GRC, SCM Optimizer, Etc); therefore we would considering to upgrade instead of install the newer version.



      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Franc,

      principally this is possible if you can build and download your maintenance planner stack.

      And during the upgrade you might need to adapt some parameters, etc. as usual with a brownfield system.

      Best, Joerg

      Author's profile photo Franc Nguyen
      Franc Nguyen

      Thank you for your reply Joerg.

      Author's profile photo Jan Lemmens
      Jan Lemmens

      Hi Joerg,

      i have a question regarding use cases of S/4HANA Appliances. Are there any limitations? For example, is it possible to test integration scenarios (connect external systems or SAP BTP Apps to the appliance)?

      Thx and best regards, Jan

      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jan,

      integration in general is possible, and there are two demo guides on this this page to start with:

      "Extensibility for Key Users & Developers" contains BTP (very basic), "Analytics" contains SAC.

      Other integrations will need to be configured by you as needed.

      Best, Joerg

      Author's profile photo Michael Diehn
      Michael Diehn

      Hello SAP Community,

      I can't login to WDISP.


      User: BPINST
      PW: Welcome1

      Doesn't work.

      Thanks for your help.

      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Michael,

      the web dispatcher user ID is case sensitive (bpinst), see the Getting Started Guide chapter 2.4.1


      Author's profile photo Sascha Boll
      Sascha Boll

      Hi Jörg,

      the HANA-Part of 2022 FPS01 installed just fine, but i have issues installing the ADS-Part. The SWPM always fails at step "Adapt database user passwords". Is there a bug in the image or some other password than "Final_1234" for the user sa? I tried using the default passwords (and not changing them), tried keeping the license / removing the license, etc. but am always getting the same error.

      Console shows "ps -ef" and logfile sapinst_dev.log shows: syb_start_db_server_reset_sa_password: 00:0001:00000:00000:2023/05/20 18:46:39.15 kernel Warning: The internal timer is not progressing. If this message is generated multiple times, report to SAP Technical Support and restart the server (alarminterval=0).

      Any hints? Anyone more with more luck? I am using SUSE Enterprise  Linux 15 SP 04. I tried Intel and AMD CPUs, both the same result with the same error.

      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sascha,

      hmm, sounds strange, and also two of my colleagues didn't encounter this issue (one of them being the author of the 2022 FPS01 installation blog).

      One hint was this rather old question about an issue with the Sybase license file in case this helps:

      You could also ask a question in the SAP NetWeaver community ( - asking a question in a separate thread is often easier to follow than a comment to a blog anyway.

      Best, Joerg



      Author's profile photo Sascha Boll
      Sascha Boll

      Hi Jörg,

      I took a closer look at the logs and found some error i overlooked at first:.

      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.87 kernel bucket manager consolidator online
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel Current process (0x17000c) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel Current Process is running on Engine 0
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel server is using elf symbols for stack decoding (129264 symbols found)
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel Address 0x0x00007ff41c089360 (), siginfo (code, address) = (2, 0x0x00007ff41c089360)
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel **** Saved signal context (0x0x000000014e1aafc0): ****
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel uc_flags: 0x7, uc_link: 0x(nil)
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel uc_sigmask: 0x7bfbf037 0xb 0x2 0x1c089360
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel uc_stack: ss_sp: 0x(nil), ss_size: 0x0, ss_flags: 0x2
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel General Registers (uc_mcontext.gregs):
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel PC : 0x00007ff41c089360 ()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel RAX : 0x00007ff41c089360 RBX : 0x00007ff41c002290
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel RCX : 0x0000000000000003 RDX : 0x00007ff41c067770
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel RBP : 0x000000014e1aba80 RSP : 0x000000014e1ab578
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel R8 : 0x0000000000000002 R9 : (nil)
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel R10 : 0x0000000000000001 R11 : 0x000000000000003f
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel R12 : 0x00007ff41c00a170 R13 : 0x000000014e1aba10
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel R14 : 0x00007ff41c089360 R15 : 0x00007ff41c000c50
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel RDI : 0x00007ff42a9235c0 RSI : 0x000000014e1ab490
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel RIP : 0x00007ff41c089360 CSGSFS : 0x002b000000000033
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel TRAPNO : 0x000000000000000e ERR : 0x0000000000000015
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel EFL : 0x0000000000010206
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.95 kernel **** end of signal context ****
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x0000000001324e07 pcstkwalk+0x28()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x0000000001324aa6 ucstkgentrace+0x37e()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x000000000132169a ucbacktrace+0xba()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x00000000018b21da terminate_process+0x1caa()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x000000000134f041 kisignal+0xa73()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x00007ff41c089360 ()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x000000000203d079 Snap::Validate()+0x39()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x00000000018de09d SnapValidation+0xfd()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel pc: 0x00000000008bed0d dsinit+0x279()
      00:0002:00000:00000:2023/05/24 21:37:35.97 kernel end of stack trace, kernel service process: kpid 1507340

      What could be the cause of this?

      The same error is thrown when i try to start ASE with sybj2e user and startserver -f RUN_J2E

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Sascha Boll
      Sascha Boll

      Hi Jörg, i solved the problem. I installed the ADS part again, this time using SLES 12 SP04 as the Operating-System and now everything worked like a charm!

      Best regards, Sascha

      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Good to hear ! Well, apparently some low-level Linux behaviour that made it up to the DB/application layer.

      Thanks for posting the solution.


      Author's profile photo Peter Muschick
      Peter Muschick

      Hi Jörg,

      is there any reason why BP Italy solution is not included here in client 400? According CAL documentation there should be 43 localizations - but e.g. CoCode 2310 is missing.

      BR Peter

      Case ID: 467157 / 2023

      Documentation says included in 400::


      System does not have it:

      Author's profile photo Joerg Wolf
      Joerg Wolf
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Peter,

      I can confirm the issue with the missing BP activation for Italy in client 400, apologies.

      We will activate this localization in the upcoming 2022 FPS02 image.

      For your existing appliance, you would have to activate Italy yourself, this blog gives a detailed explanation on BP activation:

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Best regards,

      Joerg Wolf