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Using Dual control for Bank Account Management


In this blog we will discuss about the configuratoin and steps for using Dual Control Method for Bank Account Management.


In my example I am usine SAP S/4HANA Cloud internal system for testing.


We will demonstrate the Dual control method to add a new Payment Approver to the Bank Account in Full Cash Scope.


  1. Configuration for Dual control is maintained in the Bank Account Control Mode.
  2. Login with BPC_EXPERT role.
  3. Go to SSCUI Basic Settings (ID 101025). SSCUI Path : Applicaiton area = Finance ; Sub-applicaiton area = Cash and liquidity management ; General Settings.
  4. Press configure to maintain the settings.
  5. Next, Go to SSCUI Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data(SSCUI ID 102336). SSCUI Path : Applicaiton area = Finance ; Sub-applicaiton area = Cash and liquidity management ; Bank Accout Management
  6. Press on configure button.
  7. When you make changes to the bank account master data, only fields that are defined as sensitive fields can trigger the dual control process.
  8. On the Sensitive Fields for Modification Process screen, specify the fields that trigger a dual-control process when modified.
  9. Next, login with business role Cash_Manager.
  10. Add new payment approver.

    Payment Approver added.


  11. Save and Submit for Activation.
  12. Next, login with business role Cash_Specialist.
  13. Cash_Specialist has received the notification about bank account changes.

    Notification received.

  14. Click on the notification to navigate to the bank account in the App Manage Bank Accounts.
  15. Press button Show changes.


  16. Press button Confirm revision.

    Confirm Revision

  17. Select your revision to cnform so that the Review and Confirm button will get highlighted on pop-up box. Press Review and Confirm.
  18. Finally, to save the changes Press on the button Confirm.
  19. Payment approver is added to the account.

    Payment approver confirmed and added.

  20. Now, you can view Account history to see the changes.



  1. Only fields that are defined as sensitive fields can trigger the dual control process.
  2. Write authorization is required for the Business catlaog ‘SAP_FIN_BC_CM_BAM_BASIC_PC’ to make and confirm changes. Please, refere the Implementation information for the App Manage Bank Accounts in fiori app library 
  3. You can also use App Maintain Payment Approver for Multiple Bank Accounts for maintian payment approvers.
  4. Business catlaog for the approval is mention in the document
    Situation Template: Bank Account Revisions to Be Activated
    where following information is given.Responsibility Rules: Add the default rule Authorized User for Activating Revision.

    Users who have roles that contain the writing authorizations of the business catolog SAP_CMD_BC_BP_DISP_PC (Master Data – Business Partner Display)

    and SAP_FIN_BC_CM_BAM_BASIC_PC (Cash Management – Bank Accounts Management Basic) can receive the notifications and activate bank account revisions.



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      Author's profile photo Priyanka Goel
      Priyanka Goel

      The blog is very well written and informative. Thank you for sharing.