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Author's profile photo Theresa Geber

My journey to SAP

For me, it all started with the HTML Beginners IT-Camp.

Until then, drawing was pure creativity for me, whereas computer science seemed to rather be the opposite. I was persuaded by my parents to participate in an HTML course during the Easter holidays in order to check the validly of my impression.

Somewhat critical, yet curious, I entered the training room at SAP Walldorf on the first day of the course. My initial skepticism quickly turned into enthusiasm and grew with each day of the course. My coaches played an important role in changing my mind. They provided me with the necessary knowledge to implement my ideas and offered the right support for my questions, enabling me to program our first, distinctive website, accompanied by my project partner, with lots of ideas and fun. Since the final presentation in front of all parents, it was evident to me that I definitely wanted to come back.

In all the courses over the next few years, I have been thrilled by the teamwork, goal-oriented learning with enthusiasm, and shared activities in the right mix.That is why I was very delighted to accept Claudia’s offer to switch perspectives and become a member of the coaching team.

Changing sides – From trainee to trainer 

Slipping into my new role was easy for me, even though IT-camps have been switched into a digital format due to the pandemic. I immediately felt integrated into the team and it was exciting to work together to build on the first experiences with the new digital format and set-up. Everything was very well organized and supported by Claudia and the other team members which allowed me to get started quickly, including course topics I haven not touched upon before. I love to look back at all past IT-camps that I have been allowed to accompany as a participant, a junior trainer and then as a leading trainer with organizational responsibility for the courses additionally training new trainers. There has always been a collaborative and motivating atmosphere within our team.

These experiences have been essential in sustaining my interest in computer science since the final presentation of the first course. I chose this subject as a major at school and was able to complete several internships at SAP. I didn’t have to think long about my career choice, because it was clear that I wanted to continue working in the field of computer science. Over the years I’ve learned much about SAP’s culture and value the cohesiveness and teamwork spirit in this company.

My work at SAP today

Not only convinced by the company, but also by the combination of practice and theory, I applied for a dual study program “Bachelor of Science Computer Science” at SAP. I have started as a VT-student in September 2022 entering my very first practical phase in the department of Material traceability and I hope that things will continue to be this captivating at university.

I am truly glad that Claudia Fürst and the SAP IT Camps gave me the opportunity to discover this area of business and that I was introduced to the broad and creative possibilities of computer science in a variety of ways.

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      Author's profile photo Claudia Fuerst
      Claudia Fuerst

      Thanks for sharing your motivating story, Theresa.
      I can still remember the little red-haired girl, who was so thirsty for knowledge and motivated to learn. From the beginning, everyone noticed your enthusiasm, your creative ideas, and your eloquence...but also your interest in course contents, in which in the previous years almost only boys participated. You became the role model and set a milestone of good examples and high quality in coding, implementing and presenting your project ideas.

      A refreshing humor, extraordinary empathy ability, and your quick breadth of understanding are also some of your outstanding skills beyond your good coding and design competencies. What a luck for our coaching team! And in this role, too, you’ve become the role model for the younger kids, but also the other coaches.
      Congratulations to SAP that we have you in our SAP family now. It will be colleagues like you who will lead this company into the future!