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Author's profile photo Daniel Davis

Can’t find the right RSS feed for your SAC Stories? No Problem


Having worked in presales at SAP for over 17 years I’ve a bit of experience for building dashboards, stories and the odd customer demonstration. I like to include corporate data using both live and acquired connections as well as data from other sources.

This could be using a web page to include external content or embedding a news feed using the SAC RSS Reader component. One challenge I’ve always found was to locate a decent RSS source with relevant content for the specific story I’m building.

Today however, I found a way to generate an RSS feed for any topic you might need. Using Google I learnt that you can build a simple URL including your required search string that will work as a source for your RSS feed.

Let’s assume you want to create a feed to include news about “Business Intelligence“. You simply need to create the following URL:

That’s it, so simple and Google does all the work for you – thanks Google. Add an RSS Reader to your SAC story…

Open the Designer and paste in a Description and the URL…

…and that’s it, you’re done and your SAC story now contains a fully interactive news feed for any topic you want. Give it a go and let me know what you think…

Don’t want to know about Business intelligence but Salt and Vinegar crisps are your thing? No problem, just use this URL instead:

If your topic is more than one word just separate them with the + (plus) symbol. Single words just need to go after the = (equals) sign.

Danny “The Dashboard” Davis


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      Author's profile photo James Barlow
      James Barlow

      That's really , really helpful -  finding decent feeds has always been a problem


      I guess one thing that springs to mind is you're kind of at the mercy of google as to what appears in the RSS widget.


      Author's profile photo Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis
      Blog Post Author

      Oh yes that's true,

      But given that i normally can't even find anything for the demonstration i'll take what Google gives me on this occasion.

      Happy Demos


      Author's profile photo Glenn Chamuel
      Glenn Chamuel

      RSS feeds are unfortunately loosing popularity. However, I use them religiously.

      You can find RSS feeds through this site:

      Otherwise, they are not always easy to find, but practically every news and blogging site is accessible through RSS.Most of the time it can be found at or or you can look for the RSS symbol (below).

      For instance, Pharmaceutical Executive magazine: and

      The Wall Street Journal feeds are listed here:

      Author's profile photo Aleksey Salinin
      Aleksey Salinin

      SAP Analytics Blogs (Navigation SAC Story) 😉