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Understanding how the file size displayed in Migration Cockpit UI is calculated.

The file size displayed in LTMC or Migrate your Data UI is calculated as:

For each sheet, sum the size of each field, unit is Byte, (80+80+60+…), then we get the size of each line

Then (size of each line) * line count = size of each sheet.

Then file size = sum(size of each sheet).

Generally, file size calculated by this way should be bigger than the size of local disk. Because even if the cell is empty, the size is calculated.

If a structure has a lot of columns, the calculated size is higher, no matter if the fields are filled in file. Files of 100Mb for different migration objects will have different calculated sizes depending on the source structure definition.

The file size appearing in the Migration Cockpit, is the calculated size of the file content.following  above information.

This size differs from the XML file size.
If the calculated size is greater than 800 MB, it is not possible to process the file.

Please try to split the files, so that the calculated size of each file is less than 800 MB. For further information about split files, follow link below:

To check whether a file is too big, you can upload the file in LTMC or Migrate your Data app. If the size in the file overview is greater than 800mb, the file is too big to be processed.


For further information about file size limits, kindly refer to following KBA:

2719524 – SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: XML template size limits


This blog was written thanks to Prithvi Spandana information.


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      Sybille Lackermeier

      Besides, if files are too big, please check

      Br, Sybille Lackermeier