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Creating EC Sales List for Countries/Regions Not Localized in SAP Business ByDesign

In this blog, you will learn all about creating EC Sales List for a country/region that is not localized in SAP Business ByDesign.

The EC Sales List  is  used  to  report  the  movement  of  goods  within  the  European Union (EU)  and  is  not  relevant  for payment.

For localized  country/region  versions  in  SAP  Business  ByDesign,  a  tax  return  of  type EC  Sales  List  is available.

For more information on EC Sales List (localized countries/regions), see:

For countries/regions that are not localized in SAP Business ByDesign, you can use the generic tax return for tax reporting. However, the handling of EC Sales List does not follow the process as for a localized country/region. This is because the generic tax return supports only one tax return type. Therefore, this reporting needs to be based on BI reports.

The long-term goal for the toolkit is to provide an enablement option through the SAP Cloud Applications Studio to create additional tax returns. Then it would be possible to create a tax return type for EC Sales List for a country/region that is not localized.

About creating EC Sales List for a non-localized country/region

This section outlines a possible approach, using Netherlands as an example, for creating EC Sales List.

The following graphic shows the official form for Netherlands.

You can derive the data of an EC Sales List using the All VAT Items or Reported VAT Items reports, where the necessary data, such as customer details, VAT registration number, or tax event is
available. If, for example, you need separate reporting for example in the case of credit memos
separate from invoices, you can use the characteristics Document Type and Item Type. You can also download the information to a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet.

If you use the Reported Tax Items report, you are using the same data that is also reported by the generic tax return.


All VAT Items



Reported Tax Items




The overall goal is to open tax return related objects so that partners can add a tax return for non-
localized countries/regions for EC Sales List. This means that in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio, partners can create a new tax return type for a non-localized country/region. They can then define the mappings for tax events and tax types to the newly created tax return type. They can also define tax boxes if the return is a summary return or define grouping criteria if the return is a group type return.

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      Author's profile photo Jens Halter
      Jens Halter

      Hi Prashant,

      thanks for the information privided in the blog. I found it while I was searching about some information which items the system would add to the ec sales list to report to the tax authority. As you mention at the beginning of your text the legal requirement is :

      The EC Sales List  is  used  to  report  the  movement  of  goods  within  the  European Union (EU)  and  is  not  relevant  for payment.

      ok, beside goods also services are ncluded in the range of products that need to be reported to the tax authority.

      in our specific case the client has a lot of down payment requests for each sales order which are send to their clients in a way it is fixed in the sales order towards the their clients. In the standard VAT return these down payments become tax relevant at the moment they receive the payments for this down payment request and this turns the down payment request into a down payment. We use the standard and localized EC sales list process in ByD.

      Now the down payment appears in the EC sales list, what is from our understanding wrong as the payment does nocht automatically means  that goods were delivered or a service was provided.


      Not sure if ask the question at the right place and I will also open an incident for it.

      Thanks a lot for a short reply how you think about the system behaviour.


      Kind regards

      Jens Halter