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Author's profile photo Andre Fischer

SAP Fiori Elements preview fails with underscore character in hostname

The problem:

When using the Fiori Elements preview for a RAP business object in an on-premise SAP S/4HANA test system I ran into the problem that the SAP Fiori Elements preview did not work.

Instead I got the following error message: “Host and port configuration information is missing”

The solution:

The root cause of this problem was that the hostname that was configured in table HTTPURLLOC in our SAP S/4HANA on premise demo system contained an underscore “_”.

The field for the host name with domain contained the value


However, underscore characters are illegal in host names as I learned from our ADT development team, which is described here:

Though it works in tools such as Chrome / Firefox / …(which do not follow the standard strictly), the URI parser in Java is very strict:

jshell> URI.create("https://2022_SECOND_SANDBOX.S4HANA.ONLY.COM:44301/sap/bc/adt").getHost() 
$19 ==> null

and as a result the hostname is lost.

Using e.g. “-” instead of “_” solves this:

jshell> URI.create("https://2022-SECOND-SANDBOX.S4HANA.ONLY.COM:44301/sap/bc/adt").getHost() 

When using a hostname that contains underscores will also cause that the URL that is generated when trying to share source code via a http link in ADT will generate a URL without a hostname nor a port information that will hence not work.


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      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      That's also why you find in the documentation for the SAP Launchpad service Configure Destinations:

      "The name must contain only lowercase letters and must not contain the underscore (_) character."

      The destination name is later used in the hostname. I've seen there also issues with Chome / Edge.