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Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch

SAP Build Apps Free Tier Individual Access

Update: The steps were updated on 13th December 2022

Are you looking to try SAP Build Apps as an individual user?

You can use the Free tier model available on SAP Business Technology Platform to test and evaluate if the no-code app builder is the right choice for you or your company.
The free tier option includes the front-end capabilities to build beautiful UIs in drag-and-drop fashion using a large library of customizable components, logic flows, and formulas for data transformation.
It also enables the creation of no-code application backends using the built-in cloud functions.
For details and possible restrictions, please refer to the
Service Guide.

You can follow this video tutorial to subscribe to SAP Build Apps on SAP BTP Free Tier (please note important information around region and IAS plans):


When starting from scratch there are 5 steps to use SAP Build Apps on free tier: 

1. Order SAP BTP Pay-As-You-Go account 

As a first step we’ll create an individual SAP Store account. See here for country availability and limitations
Go to the pricing information and click the ‘start now’ button in the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) for SAP BTP model.
Fill out the registration form.
After you’ve successfully registered at the SAP Store, you now need to verify your contact details. You will find an e-mail in your email account asking you to ‘activate your account‘. The ‘continue‘ button will take you back to the store and you’ll be logged in using the new credentials.

Select ‘purchase as an individual‘ to create a global account on SAP BTP with free tier service plans.
(The registration flow offers you the option to register on behalf of your employer but there’s more steps to that process and that’s not what we’re going to focus on in this walk through.)

Fill out the address form, configure your solution and go to ‘check out
Please note: you are asked to enter your credit card details, such as card holder namecard number, and expiration date. Your free tier service plans are for free. However, we need this information for authentication purposes and for billing if you decide to use standard service plans.

The verification of your order might take a while, you’ll receive an email with the confirmation and your credentials.


2. Create a subaccount 

Use the access URL from the confirmation email to log into the SAP BTP Cockpit with your newly created global account.
In the cockpit, under ‘account explorer’ ‘create’ a new ‘Subaccount’.

Define a ‘Display name’ and choose one of the available regions – currently only ‘Europe (Frankfurt)’ or ‘US East (VA)’.


3. Create a custom IAS tenant 

In your newly created subaccount, go to the ‘service marketplace’, find the ‘cloud identity services’ tile, click on ‘create’, select the ‘default’ plan’ – (Remark: the IAS default plan entitles for the option to request one productive and one test tenant free of charge for SAP Integrations, for third party integrations costs might apply see blog). 

Now select the service type (either productive or test), and click ‘create’.
Once this step is done processing, it will appear as ‘subscribed’, which can take a few minutes.

You’ll receive an email confirming the activation and providing an URL to activate your admin user for this new IAS tenant.

4. Run the SAP Build Apps booster 

In your global account, go to the ‘boosters’, search for ‘Get started with SAP Build Apps’ and click on ‘start’. On Step 3 the custom IAS tenant you created previously will automatically show as your ‘custom identity provider for applications’.
After the Review in Step 4 click ‘Finish’ and the booster should execute successfully.  


5. Launch SAP Build Apps 

You can go back to the subaccount, under ‘services’ – ‘instances and subscriptions’ and launch SAP Build Apps. Sign in with your credentials and log into the lobby. Now you can start building! 

For detailed and updated product information, and what’s new, visit the service guide on SAP Help Portal.

In case of further questions don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below this post.
Best regards,
Beatrice Pasch, Maiara Ellwanger
for SAP Build Apps PM

P.S. Please note that you can also use a free of charge SAP Build Apps Sandbox for 30 Days as described in the blog from Joe Binkley:

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      Author's profile photo Kai Sicker
      Kai Sicker

      It would have been really, really helpful to mention that you have to choose 'USA East' as a region to make this work, not 'Europe'.
      Took me hours to find out☹

      Even without that the process is incredibly complicated with trust configuration etc.

      I don't think many newbies will have the will to walk through this.


      UPDATE: Process seems to have been streamlined and is easier now:

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Kai,
      I am sorry that the setup of SAP Build Apps didn't work as expected.
      I have added the service availability information to the blog, thanks for the feedback.
      SAP Build Apps is available on US East and Europe Frankfurt. Can you please let me know what kind of issues you experienced on the Europe region?
      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski

      Is the cloud identity service, default plan, free? How can I be sure?

      I have looked in the Discovery Center and could not for certain see that this was free.

      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      Hi Daniel,

      I'm using the BTP Free Tier and also activated the Identity Services (Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning). I can confirm that it's free unless you classify any connected app as "Unknown" or "Non SAP Solution". Because then this app moves to the "Charged Applications" as you can see in this screenshot:

      and the logins to this app produce costs.


      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski

      Thanks ... would love to see the beershop app 🙂

      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      You can deploy it yourself: It's my test application for cds-pg - which brings PostgreSQL support for CAP.

      Author's profile photo Mohit Bansal
      Mohit Bansal

      Hi Beatrice, Seems Free tier is still not available for Singapore and India region. Tried many times but I don't accept the credit cards from India / Singapore.

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mohit,
      The Free Tier model for individual accounts is currently only offered in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. (see here)
      I've forwarded your requirement to offer it also for India to the responsible SAP teams.
      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Alexander Demidovich
      Alexander Demidovich

      Hi Beatrice,

      Thanks. We've (the partner) got a second global account for the Free Tier with Pay-As-You-Go (the first one is still not migrated to Feature Set B - so, in my understanding, this all isn't available with Feature Set A).

      But anyway, the first global account has an own Identity Service, so also with a booster i didn't get any proposals to create a new identity service:

      So, with your video it was clear, that the identity service is missing.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alexander,
      Thanks for the clarification regarding the issues on the Europe datacenter. I will discuss with the Engineering team if there is a way to improve the booster.
      Kind regards, Bea

      Author's profile photo Goran Kovacic
      Goran Kovacic

      Hi Beatrice and Maiara,

      Thank you for the interesting post, it is exactly what I needed right now!

      I have a question though regarding point 3 - Create a custom IAS tenant and establish trust .
      You write that "You’ll receive an email confirming the activation and providing an URL to activate your admin user for this new IAS tenant."
      Under Instances and Subscriptions I see my subscription as "subscribed" (green), but I never received an email though. And if I start the App, I can not log into it, even though I am the sole admin with all accessibly rights in the Subaccount.

      Do you maybe know how long it should take for the Email to arrive?

      Thank you and best regards,

      Author's profile photo Marko Sommer
      Marko Sommer

      Hi Goran,
      the IAS tenant will be created immediately. There is just a waiting period of several minutes (up to 30) until the DNS entries for the new tenant were replicated.

      In case you didn't receive an account confirmation email for your admin user of the new tenant, you may use the forgot password flow.
      Navigate to the URL of the admin console and click 'Forgot password?' on the login screen.

      How to find out the IAS tenant URL?
      Either in the BTP cockpit -> Instances and Subscriptions -> besides the Cloud Identity Services application there is an icon. Clicking on it will navigate you to the login to the admin console.

      Other alternative would be to use the iamtenants application and list all IAS & IPS tenants of your 'company'. By registering a BTP Free Tier account you received an S-user for your 'company'. You might use that S-user to see your IAS tenant as described in the following blog:

      I hope that helps!

      Author's profile photo Goran Kovacic
      Goran Kovacic

      Thank you for your feedback, Marko!

      Author's profile photo Goran Kovacic
      Goran Kovacic

      Hi Marko.
      It turned out that we already had an IAS, which was created some time ago by a colleague of mine on a different Global Account, of which I of course didn't know anything 🙂

      I noticed this only because the URL of the IAS was always the same (doesn't matter how many I created) and then I saw it also already listed on

      Anyway, I never got an Email, until my colleague added me as admin on the existing IAS. Now all works 🙂


      Author's profile photo Piotr Tesny
      Piotr Tesny

      Hello Beatrice Pasch ;

      Great blog and many useful comments from the other readers.

      The single one thing I have stumbled upon is the assignment of SAP Build Apps relevant roles to the booster created AppGyverUser role collection.

      Until I had added the BuildAppsAdmin role to AppGyverUser role collection I was being denied the SAP Build Apps access.

      Despite the fact it is documented in the official SAP Help pages at Configuring User Roles | SAP Help it is hard to understand why neither  BuildAppsAdmin nor BuildAppsDeveloper is added automatically to the booster created AppGyverUser role collection (alongside RegistryAdmin and RegistryDeveloper roles that the booster does populates)?

      kind regards; Piotr

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Piotr,
      Thank you very much for your feedback.
      I have retested the process for individual users of the pay-as-you-go SAP BTP model. The access to SAP Build Apps still works as described in the blog above.
      You mentioned the role configuration described in the documentation, but that is not valid in our individual use case as we do not need to share the SAP BTP account with other colleagues in the company.
      However, I agree that if you are working on a BTP account for an enterprise, the booster should assign the roles as mentioned. Let me clarify this with the development team.
      Kind regards, Bea

      Author's profile photo Piotr Tesny
      Piotr Tesny

      Hi Beatrice,

      Thank you for taking the time to investigate this on your side. I also use a personal BTP Free Tier account but it would be too much effort to go back in time.

      That makes me think that as we have boosters we also could have a way to undo a booster,  just to be able to rewind to a pre-booster state.

      On a side note I was able to complete my blog post that explains how to import projects from SAP Appgyver community edition into SAP Build Apps here.

      kind regards; Piotr

      Author's profile photo Dhimant Patel
      Dhimant Patel

      Are customers w/ existing (legacy) SAP Build license automatically upgraded to new SAP Build Apps SKU?

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dhimant,
      No that isn't planned.
      SAP Build Apps is available in subscription and consumption mode and you can find more pricing details in the SAP Discovery Center:
      Kind regards, Bea

      Author's profile photo Kai Sicker
      Kai Sicker

      During my long tries to get this running I obviously stumbled across something that is causing costs now.

      So be warned: Before giving your credit card details to SAP you should be really sure what you are doing (or better: seek legal advice).

      I definitely learned my lesson (and will spread the word):

      BTP's 'free' tier or SAP Build - never touch it !


      I got a chance to talk to Beatrice Pasch about this and was told that I will not be charged. 
      While this shouldn't have happened in the first place I was positively surprised with the quick response. 

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Kai,
      we are very sorry for your experience. We are already looking into this issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.
      Kind regards, Bea

      Author's profile photo Peter Matthews
      Peter Matthews

      Just to add that SAP also sorted out my "free" billing accident.

      In my case, when I read teh billing email and realised I was on the wrong plan by mistake, I immediately deleted the subscription, and contacted the SAP team explaining the mistake and asked them for help.

      When SAP looked at it, they gave me a credit note to cover the mistake (which I am grateful for).

      The moral of the story?

      Always review your BTP billing emails, and delete the service as soon as you find out you've pressed the wrong button!


      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      Great that you share this positive experience.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Madsen Nielsen
      Thomas Madsen Nielsen

      How can I be sure i'm not on a path that requires payment.

      I'm trying to follow this guide, but the screens I see does not match the guide, so with the scary story from Kai Sicker i interrupted the creation of Cloud Identity Services.

      The guide says I must select the service type (either productive or test), but the screen I see does not have any service type field and in "Plan" I can not choose any free plan, I can only choose plan application.


      I tried to search SAP Discovery Center to see available plans for Cloud Identity Service, but that doesn't even exist in the Discovery Center. Here is the search result I got when searching fro Cloud Identity Services:


      I have like KaI Sicker a bad experience receiving an invoice (amount 344,- eur) for activating a free-tier service. In may case it was SAP Hana Cloud. During the activation I got a similar general warning that I also see in this blog "costs might apply see blog" , but I never got any specific warning "You are now activating something that is not free". I just got an invoice BAM.

      In general SAP needs to be much more detailed and specific with the available plans, so there is no doubt when a service is free and when it is chargeable.

      In this specific case please confirm that plan "application" for Cloud Identity Services is in fact free.

      In case region has anything do do with the question I can confirm that my BTP is in Europe (Frankfurt):


      Kind regards

      Thomas Madsen Nielsen

      Author's profile photo Marko Sommer
      Marko Sommer

      Hi Thomas,
      the 'application' plan refers to an existing 'Instance', i.e. an already existing Identity Services tenant. It will setup a trust configuration from the BTP subaccount to IAS; iow: it will create an 'Application' in the IAS admin console.
      This application plan does not refer to any commercial or subscription plan.

      Besides this 'Instance' specific plan, there are two 'Subscription' plans available for the Identity Services: the 'default' and the 'additional-tenant' plan.
      The 'default' plan can be used to generate an Identity Services default tenant for a company (i.e. either a productive or a test-tenant). Such default tenants are free of charge.
      The 'additional-tenant plan can be used if a customer requires more than the two default tenants for his company. Such default tenants are subject to be licensed; i.e. they will cost money.

      Best regards, Marko

      Author's profile photo Thomas Madsen Nielsen
      Thomas Madsen Nielsen

      Mary Christmas SAP Builders


      Marko Sommer Thanks for you reply.

      "Instance specific plan" and "Subscrition plan" -  that just increased  the level of confusion.

      In my BTPs entitlements I have plans called free, standard, lite, default, application, space, apiaccess, oauto2, proxy, dashboard and more.

      This seems to be completely unstructured and now you talk about "Instance plans" and "Subscription plans".

      I realize that this is a discussion that should be in a thread by itself and not be spamming this blog, so lets us just leave it for now.

      Author's profile photo Anurag Mundra
      Anurag Mundra


      I tried accessing Cloud Identity services as part of the setup in Step 3 as shown above, but I am not able to see any apps for that. Please find the below image for reference.


      Service marketplace

      Author's profile photo Lilia Nanette Lezano Contreras
      Lilia Nanette Lezano Contreras


      I also encountered the same issue, I wonder if it's because we're using a trial account?

      Author's profile photo Beatrice Pasch
      Beatrice Pasch
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Anurag Mundra and Lilia Nanette Lezano Contreras,
      Yes, SAP Build Apps and SAP Cloud Identity Service aren't available on the BTP Trial landscape. The described process in this blog is only valid for a SAP BTP Pay-as-you-go account for indiviual users.
      Please note that you can also use a free of charge SAP Build Apps Sandbox for 30 Days as described in the blog from Joe Binkley:

      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Bruno Takase
      Bruno Takase


      In my case, I followed the trial steps, but when I installed Build Process Automation, it installed Cloud Foundry on its own in the "standard" plan, will I be charged?







      Author's profile photo Peter Engel
      Peter Engel

      Hi Bruno,

      I think you ask for the Environment. No you will not be charged for this, but SAP Build Process Automation needs the Cloud Foundry Runtime to run thee application. The charge is included in free and later the standard plan for SAP Build Process Automation.