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How to Manage your Consolidation of Investments Using Activity Information with SAP Group Reporting Data Collection


In SAP S/4 HANA for group reporting, you can manage your Consolidation of Investments either by using rules or by using activity information. In case of Activity Based Consolidation of Investments, you must define an activity type value (e.g. 01, 02…) for financial statement items 311000 (Issued Capital) or 172100 (Investments in Subsidiaries, Joint-Ventures and Associates, Gross Value) so that the consolidation engine can process your data automatically. However, the activity type is not always defined in S/4 HANA. If the S/4 HANA data has been imported into S/4 HANA for group reporting by releasing universal journals, this data must be completed in a second step by adding activity information. To do so, you can use Flexible Upload, Forms or Data Mapping. 

In this blog, we will explain how to use Data Mapping to add the activity type information and to reverse the initial data automatically. Indeed, as soon as you complete your data with new activity type information, the document type changes, and you must reverse the entire initial row as to not double your amounts. 



In this example, the ACDOCU table contains the following data coming from S/4 HANA for group reporting by releasing universal journals without any C/I Activity values. 

You can now add the activity type information using GRDC Data Mapping. 


In GRDC Data Mapping, create your mapping definition 

As shown in the screenshot below, select source type ACDOCU Table and filter the source data on Consolidation Document Type 0F (i.e. data imported by releasing universal journals). 


In GRDC Data Mapping, upload your mapping file 

Create your mapping file in Excel and upload your definition to GRDC Data Mapping. The mapping file includes 2 rules. 

  • The first rule selects the data that you want to manage (Consolidation Unit, Financial Statement Item, Period, Fiscal Year, Document Type), keeping the same exact values and only adding the fixed value 01 to the InvestmentActivityType field. 
  • The second rule reverses the initial values. 


In GRDC Data Mapping, create and run your mapping job 

As shown in the screenshot below, your job reads data stored on Document Type 0F and writes mapped data on Document Type 0G. 

After running the job, your import log shows that data with C/I Activity value 01 has been imported. 

Your traceability log file shows how the imported data has been generated, also displaying the added C/I Activity value 01. 


In GRDC Enter Package Data, display the result of your Data Mapping job in a form 

Under Step 1 in the form, the mapping job has generated the row with default Investment Activity 01-First consolidation for an amount of 1.250.00 BRL in Local Currency and 396.19 USD in Group Currency. 

If you need to split the amount on another activity, you can insert a row with the Investment Activity 05–Increase in capitalization for instance and enter 250.00 BRL in Local Currency and 96.19 USD in Group Currency. Then, you can change the amount on the Investment Activity 01 to 1000.00 BRL in Local Currency and 300.00 USD in Group Currency. 

Under Step 2 in the form, the entry reversed by the mapping is displayed. 


About SAP Group Reporting Data Collection

SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) is the app to help you collect financial data, non-financials and comments into SAP S/4HANA for group reporting – in the ACDOCU consolidation table. The data mapping app of GRDC is designed to automate the mapping, transformation and data load from SAP and non-SAP systems into SAP S/4HANA for group reporting. You can find more information on GRDC data mapping in our blog “SAP Group Reporting Data Collection in brief”, and in our SAP Group Reporting Data Collection documentation.

Would you like to get the latest information on our next generation software for consolidation, ask questions or discuss with your peers, you can “follow” our SAP S/4HANA for group reporting community.

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