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Author's profile photo Chandra Bhushan Singh

Face to Face with SAP Build Apps

You are the best. Yes, you heard this right! Let me explain, why?

Right after the announcement of SAP Build Apps in the SAP TechEd, I got to see a lot of information floating on, What and How of SAP Build Apps. Our SAP community started sharing a lot of information. I was excited to read the comments, feedback and unpleasant experience from some of best SAP lovers, who were NOT able to subscribe to the service and use it. Trust me, that’s quite natural!

As you guys have always been the backbone for making SAP, the best. Let me share the steps to subscribe to this service and emphasize on something important.

Ways to Subscribe to SAP Build Service

There are 2 ways to subscribe to the new SAP Build Apps service:

a). Manually, or

b). via a Booster (Automatic Configuration)

In this blog, I am going to share the steps to subscribe to SAP Build Apps service via a Booster.

Know the Pre-requisites?

Before you use any of these ways to subscribe, you need to create an IAS tenant for your account. This is the pre-requisite and I have seen several users facing issues in subscribing to the service, just because they have not met this pre-requisite. If you currently do not have it in place, please follow this guide to enable it.

Once, you have the IAS tenant, you just need to navigate to the “Trust Configuration” view in your subaccount and establish trust to the “Custom IAS tenant“.

Note: You need to edit the Default identity provider by clicking on the pencil icon and disable the option “Available for User Logon”.

Get Ready to run a Booster

There are a set of steps you need to follow to enable the service after subscribing. Instead of do1ing it manually, you have a booster to automatically enable it for you.

To do so, in the global account view, navigate to the Boosters tab and search for SAP Build Apps. Click Start to launch an interactive configuration view.


Subscribe to SAP Build Apps via Booster (Image Courtesy: SAP Help Portal)

Points to Note:

While using the booster to subscribe to the service, you have the option to use an existing subaccount or create a new one.

  1. In you decide to use your existing BTP subaccount, then kindly make sure that subaccount region matches with your SAP Build Apps subscription.
  2. In case you create a new subaccount, then select the subaccount region matching your subscription. As per the SAP Help Portal, AWS US10 and EU10 are the most commonly used options.

Well, with this, you should be all set to use your SAP Build Apps service without any issues. As I believe in breaking down a bigger task into smaller one, same applies to the task of subscribing to SAP Build Apps service. Catering to the comments of some of our dear readers, this blog will help you to subscribe to this service without any issues.

If you are following the manual approach of subscribing to the service, keep watching this space. It will be there any moment.

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski

      In order to set up the IAS, I have to enable Cloud Identity Services, default service plan. Does this cost money? In general, is there any way to see the charges I have already incurred on BTP?

      Also, why do you say "Once, you have the IAS tenant, which most of us already have" -- how do most people get an IAS tenant?

      Author's profile photo Martin Frick
      Martin Frick

      Hi Daniel,

      tricky topic but maybe the following blog helps.

      My personal understanding (and please don't hold me liable) is the following - SAP provides one SAP IAS Tenant for productive usage and one for test and development usage to each SAP customer. This statement can be also found in the SAP Help documentation.

      Although it is not clearly stated in SAP Discovery Center I assume these two instances are free and only additional instances will be charged.

      Still you have to be careful with the types of applications you create in these two instances as to my understanding logons to non-SAP systems will be charged even for these "free" instances.


      Author's profile photo Chandra Bhushan Singh
      Chandra Bhushan Singh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Frick for responding to Daniel's question.

      Daniel, Unfortunately, I would refrain from commenting on the cost or license part. You can write to the support on SAP Discovery Center for this directly.

      Regarding you next question on, how do you see the charges incurred on using BTP. In general, every SAP customer receives a monthly balance statement from SAP on the usage and charges incurred. Also, if they wish to view the usage of BTP services, they can view it in the BTP Cockpit, Usage Analytics section and in SAP for Me portal.

      Your last has been answered by Frick, by citing the SAP Help Documentation.

      Author's profile photo Steffen Retz
      Steffen Retz


      I got an error during subscribing SAP Build Apps with the follow error

      "Couldn't subscribe to SAP Build Apps. Please try again. If the problem persists, open a ticket using the BCP component: CA-LCA-ACP."

      Does anyone have some tip, what the reason could be?

      I'm using an IAS which is part of our SFSF System. So no Cloud Identity Service in place on this subaccount. May this be the reason?

      Many thanks,


      Author's profile photo Chandra Bhushan Singh
      Chandra Bhushan Singh
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Steffen,

      As per my understanding, you are right!

      As per your last statement, you need to have a custom IAS tenant created for subscribing to the SAP Build Apps service on BTP.