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PAPI Services call failed in SAP ME.


PAPI (Public API) is a set of ME web services that enable services to communicate with one another and leverage one another’s data and functionality via a documented interface. Developers aren’t required to understand how a PAPI works; they simply use the PAPI interface to communicate.

Each PAPI service is made up of one or more operations (methods) that can be used to invoke business functions in SAP ME.

These operations (methods) can be used to implement font-end UIs, integrate with manufacturing equipment and business systems, or extend the SAP ME solution to meet your organization’s needs.

This blog tells you what you should do if the PAPI web services fail and what solutions you can implement.



If SAP ME goes down (either intentionally or because the application crashed) and is then restarted, the references to the SAP ME libraries are not reloaded and PAPI calls made to SAP ME fail with the error “Exception: [com/sap/me/integration/util/MEPAPIHelper : cannot initialize class because prior initialization attempt failed]



Anytime SAP ME goes down or is taken down and is restarted, SAP MII should also be restarted so that the referenced libraries are also reloaded correctly.

Use the following steps to restart SAP MII:

  • Log on to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator console using the following URL (replace host and port with appropriate values for your system) http://<host>:<port>/nwa
  • Choose the Operations tab and click on the Start & Stop link.
  • Choose the Java Applications tab.
  • In the Application list, select xapps~xmii~ear application and stop it.
  • Select xapps~xmii~jraapp application and stop it.
  • Refresh the list and check that xapps~xmii~ear, xapps~xmii~jraapp, xapps~me~integration~ear and xapps~me~integration~ui are fully stopped.
  • Select xapps~xmii~jraapp application and start it.
  • Select xapps~xmii~ear application and start it.
  • Refresh the list and check that xapps~xmii~ear, xapps~xmii~jraapp, xapps~me~integration~ear and xapps~me~integration~ui are up and running.



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