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Author's profile photo Balaji Balasubramanian

SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 Release Highlights


At SAP, we’re invested in helping you reach your full commerce potential and optimize your business growth. Agile innovations and intelligent decision-making are made easier with SAP Commerce Cloud, an enterprise-grade platform that can scale and grow your business. Expand beyond traditional channels and devices with an extensible, API-enabled headless cloud platform allowing rapid innovation and agility.

Our recent innovations this year reinforce our commitment to our customers. Now you can innovate faster on a composable and even more flexible SAP Commerce Cloud platform.

This blog highlights the top features and enhancements recently released for SAP Commerce Cloud. Please join our webcast on December 8th at 10AM EST (Register Now) to learn more and chat with our experts.

Drive Frictionless Experiences with an Extensible, API-enabled Headless Cloud Platform

Customers today have many more digital channels to interact and make transactions with than in the early days of digital commerce. The expectations have risen during the pandemic as customers have increased the frequency and spend on digital channels. Organizations have had to adapt to this ever-changing landscape to quickly meet the customer demands.

Headless provides a way for organizations to quickly adapt and offer experiences across digital and emerging channels. Headless also helps organizations to differentiate and provide unique experiences tailored to their target audience.

This release of SAP Commerce Cloud includes new and enhanced sets of Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs that support our customers to quickly meet their changing demands, including Assisted Service Module, customer 360 view, account summary, reCAPTCHA, customer ticketing, and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Variant Configurator (VC).

Gain Agility and Flexibility with a Composable, Decoupled Storefront

Customers are continuously expecting more frictionless, seamless experiences. Delivering an immersive and interactive storefront across physical and digital is critical to fulfilling those expectations and driving engagement and loyalty among your customer base. In this release, we’re including our battle-tested modern storefront, previously made available as open-source project Spartacus. We’ve rebranded it and it is now available as SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront, a fully supported enterprise product from SAP.

SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront provides templates and enhancements for B2B and B2C use cases and it now includes:

  • Screen reader and accessibility improvements that empower the visually impaired user to discover and shop for products more easily
  • Integration of login and registration pages with SAP Customer Data Cloud to reduce implementation efforts and enables customization of forms to reflect the customer brand and business needs
  • Additional convenience to delight users with small but powerful enhancements including add to cart from carousel, clear cart, show password, and more
  • Improvements to the architecture that enables developers to release higher quality code quickly and with fewer bugs

Strengthen Trust, Efficiency, and Compliance on a Global Scale

We continue to keep customer data secure to enable fast, efficient and safe deployments on a global scale, and following standards to keep our product secure by default. Our innovations bring new opportunities for business but without extra complexity to be managed to comply with standards. This means faster time to market, lower maintenance costs, reduced operational cost, and reduced risk for security management while having faster deployments.

In this release, our latest enhancements:

  • Improve your system administrator experience with new and optimized operations tools to remove the stress of new deployments by using a new self-service performance tool to get early insights and help build mitigation plans for experience-impacting performance issues
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly rollbacks caused by unexpected differences between upgraded and live deployments with SAP Commerce Cloud blue-green deployments and ensure that your brand is always accessible to your customers
  • Build multiple stores and brand sites on the same backend with ease providing discrete permissions per store for the same user and restricting access to store-aware items based on each store’s user group
  • Empower all employees with enhanced accessibility capabilities to maximize every employee’s ability to leverage SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver a unified customer experience, including text-alternative concepts, clearer labels, and more

Create Smarter Engagements for Your Customers and Conversion for Your Business

Getting customers to increase basket size is key to helping grow your business. With
AI-powered personalized recommendations across all touchpoints, SAP Commerce Cloud gives you the tools to position the right product to the right customer at the right time.

This release includes innovations to our Intelligent Selling Services, leveraging AI and promoting contextual product discovery though:

  • Using your first-party data piped through a deep learning model to generate product recommendations based on crowd wisdom
  • Solving the cold start problem for your new product introductions using closely related product data and fostering new product discovery
  • Creating personalized and engaging experiences that leverage shopper search queries to identify and propose the next best products
  • Configuring options to deliver product recommendations taking into account your inventory data

All these additions will enable a better customer experience and increase conversions and basket size.

Maximize Your SAP Investment with Tighter End-to-End Integrations     

Purchasing experiences can be fragmented and slow for B2B buyers. We’re providing a unified B2B Order-to-Cash experience for your prospects and customers across SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP S/4HANA to deliver consistency and foster sales & fulfillment employee collaboration. In this release, we are adding to a robust set of capabilities that enable customers to:

  • Drive a consistent purchase experience by leveraging existing business processes, in real-time, including price calculations, credit limits, and inventory availability from your SAP S/4HANA system
  • Unlock self-service orders, reorders, and returns using experiences from SAP Commerce Cloud directly interfaced to SAP S/4HANA Sales
  • Provide accurate and always up-to-date invoice information to your customers

Increase Your Reach by Extending Offerings Seamlessly on Procurement Networks

Rapidly scale by adding new business models and providing an exceptional B2B buying experience. Enable buyers to access SAP Commerce Cloud-powered storefronts and product detail pages from within your buyer’s familiar procurement environment.

With an out-of-the-box integration, improving on cXML Level 1 PunchOut, the new Level 2 PunchOut makes suppliers’ products more accessible, and data complete to buying organizations.  Moreover, it increases the visibility of products and drives traffic to PunchOut sites ensuring a differentiated experience from other suppliers.

Exciting New Partners and Services Available on the SAP Store

We continue to deliver innovation to the market through SAP Commerce Cloud and through a robust ecosystem of worldwide partners who help our customers realize market opportunities. We’re thrilled that the number of partners we work with continues to grow in the SAP Store, expanding offerings of differentiated and unique capabilities to our customers. Here are some examples of new partners delivering additional value to SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • Akeneo provides an easy-to-use product information management solution for retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and brands to organize and enrich product catalogs, delivering impactful product experiences across all owned and unowned channels.
  • Mercaux provides solutions that enhance a customer’s entire in-store path-to-purchase, from product discovery and personalization all the way through to checkout, and beyond.
  • EcoCart gives your customers the option to offset the environmental impact of their orders at checkout with a single click, creating a sustainable shopping experience proven to increase loyalty and conversion.
  • BASE1 mobile platform allows customers to launch fully integrated API-driven mobile apps at lightning speed, increasing mobile sales while decreasing maintenance costs.
  • Obsess for our shopper obsessed customers. Obsess creates immersive 3D virtual stores for our SAP Commerce Cloud. Check out this Charlotte Tilbury VR store or take a stroll through our own virtual SAP Demo Store.
  • Bolt powers checkout, identity, accounts, payments, and post-purchase infrastructure, helping to reduce friction for the customer and driving higher conversion for the business.
  • SAP Services offers customers a number of options for activating and optimizing their SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Whether just starting out on an SAP Commerce Cloud solution, looking to increase global reach or trying to get the optimal performance, these services can be purchased directly through the SAP Store and provide customers with tailored guidance, quickly.

Partnering With You to Deliver Continuous Innovations that are Relevant to Your Business

We’re incredibly proud of what’s coming to SAP Commerce Cloud and we continue to partner with customers to learn what is important to you in your commerce journey. We’ve listened to you and we’re changing our release strategy. Say goodbye to lengthy and disruptive upgrades, and hello to more frequent and easier to consume updates to our robust, feature-rich, and flexible platform that can help you deliver profitable growth, from discovery to delivery. Your business is accelerating, so are we with more frequent and easier to consume updates.

Join SAP Commerce Customer Feedback Programs

SAP greatly values customer feedback and offers several customer channels to influence SAP products, throughout the product lifecycle.

  • SAP Continuous Influence – Focused programs aligned to specific business capabilities such as Automation, Developer Experience, Pre-built Integrations, Business Features
  • SAP Customer Engagement Initiative – Collaborate with our product teams on planned developments
  • SAP Early Adopter Care – Provides implementation guidelines and best practices, in close collaboration with our product engineers to safeguard your implementation project and minimize risks

Visit SAP Customer Influence and register your company for this opportunity.

For more details on the above release features (and more) check out the following resources:

Please share your feedback in a comment and follow our SAP Commerce Cloud topic page to connect with the community!

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      Author's profile photo John Johnson
      John Johnson

      Balaji, Thank you, At Pep Boys we were waiting for this release to start our upgrade Journey from 1905 to 2211, Thank you SAP team for delivering on time, We are excited to explore decoupled storefront and the new APIs to integrate with our channels. Will share our experience with migration and our usage of new features soon.

      Author's profile photo k.komar balakrishnan
      k.komar balakrishnan

      Balaji Balasubramanian  when this will be available for download ?

      Author's profile photo Lisa de Souza
      Lisa de Souza

      It was avaiable for download on Nov 18th.

      Author's profile photo a dubey
      a dubey

      Lisa de Souza I can see this version is not available for download "Software Downloads". Will this be available on 8 Dec?

      Author's profile photo Lisa de Souza
      Lisa de Souza

      From SAP Software Downloads, search SAP COMMERCE CLOUD for a complete listing available on your licenses.

      Author's profile photo Nayden Gochev
      Nayden Gochev

      Where exactly is the documentation for this "Composable commerce" it is good it is now OFFICIALLY included as a SAP product but cant find any docs for it..

      its not on accelerators (even though it is a sort of accelerator) and it is not in commerce... where is it ?

      Author's profile photo Lisa de Souza
      Lisa de Souza

      SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront is available here.

      Author's profile photo Nayden Gochev
      Nayden Gochev

      Amazing Lisa huge thanks.

      Author's profile photo John Johnson
      John Johnson

      Balaji Balasubramanian Kiran Mamidipalli Pep Boys have successfully upgraded from 1905 to 2211. This migration is the smoothest one we have on our record. We had an incredible SAP team who kick-started the project with the out-of-the-box functionality upgrade, followed by our team's custom code adaptation. The SAP support team was very supportive in providing timely resolution for the issues we have faced in our lower environment. We had zero issues in Production after the migration. Now we are excited to explore the new functionalities of 2211, starting with the new APIs which will help our Store systems to leverage the Online content. Thank you for all the help and support.