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Can I take you to another Journey? (The UI5 Journey Recorder)

The last time is too far away. In 2019 i took you for the first one and now i will again.
Can you remember?
At the UI5con 2019 we gave you a tool to save time and effort to create a lot of journeys and lower the burden to manually code tests for your UI5 app.
The first version started as an internal project by Timo Stark and me.
Timo’s intention was to make it easier and accelerate the way he can create his testcafe tests.
After the first steps we enhanced it for OPA5 tests as well and created new features like the “replay” functionality.
That was the first version we gave you at the UI5con 2019.

Not only an update!

Since the UI5 Testrecorder was taken out of the Chrome-Webstore our first solution got away and left a big hole for a full-test-recording.
But I restarted to build up everything from the ground up – from app setup to popup usability.
Now no more UI5-App testing a UI5-App, sorry for that 🤷‍♂️ – but a under-the-hood Angular app facilitating the journed recording!
So now we not only have an update to fullfill some Webstore specification, but more of an evolution. Additionally the set of possible testing frameworks were reduce to two: wdi5 and OPA5.
While having the joy to come to a relaunch Volker Buzek joined, remembering the old approach. This went very well, while also opening new changes.
We moved to the ui5-community with the new repo and we got new targets.
The UI5 Journey Recorder was born.

Can i take you by the hand ?

So instead of writing anymore i show you the rest.
Let’s install the UI5 Journey Recorder from the Chrome Webstore.


Afterwards you can find the “UI5 Journey Recorder” icon within your extensions and by clicking on it you will open the UI5 Journey Recorder:


So how to start your “Point and Click”-Adventure?
Just pick your app from the list of available tabs:


After that you will be able to easily navigate through your UI5-App without any interruption. When you finished the steps you need, just stop the recording within the UI5 Journey Recorder.
Then the UI5 Journey Recorder will analyse the steps recorded and list the entire list of steps for further processing:


Let’s get me my test!

To receive your tests you only have to hit the button “code” on top and you will receive a full “paged”-approach for your journeys.
You can either download all directly (1) or pick only the page (2) you want:

Another way will be to select a single step and copy only the code for a single step, again either in “page”-version or “standalone”:


Not only about getting test-code!

You don’t have a local setup? Not a problem: you can export Journeys or import them.
Together with the Replay-Mode, this enables you to execute tests directly from the UI5 Journey Recorder – both your own and those from others.

Maybe you can use this to spice up your issues to not only describe the way how bugs appear, but also send a recording with it!

You want to see a first use? Have a look at Volkers Devtoberfest contribution🧐.

So for now let’s see who joins the second journey to “write” our tests like a “Point and Click”-Adventure.

Additional questions? Please leave a comment 😉👇
You want to contribute or see the code? Join on Github


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      Author's profile photo Volker Buzek
      Volker Buzek

      UI5 Journey Recorder for tracking the user path through the app,

      UI5 Test Recorder for finetuning the assertions,

      wdi5 for running the tests.

      → 🙌 e2e Test Stack for UI5!


      Author's profile photo Marian Zeis
      Marian Zeis

      For me the hardest part was to create the initial assertions.

      The Recorder Tools make it so much easier for me and everyone who is just starting with wdi5!

      Author's profile photo Margot Wollny
      Margot Wollny

      Thanks for sharing this great tool with the community - really great work and highly appreciated!