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Author's profile photo Elizabeth Gutt

Highlights of SAP Business Application Studio – SAP TechEd 2022 

SAP Business Application Studio has greatly evolved since its release two years ago. It provides a mature and stable development environment that enables thousands of customers to innovate in their development projects. Our customers are building state-of-the-art applications, improving complicated and outdated business processes, and boosting their company’s productivity and efficiency. 

In this blog post, I would like to share some key innovations from the last releases, that will help you improve your productivity, simplify your day-to-day work, and create engaging and efficient business apps for your company.  

Low-Code Based Full Stack Cloud Application Dev Space 

The Low Code Dev Space is now part of the dev space manager. Using our collection of low-code tools, developers can easily build full stack applications for desktop and mobile use.   Many new capabilities have been added this year to the low-code dev space, such as personal data management, deployment approval process, sample data editor, guided development and more.   

BAS on Code-OSS 

SAP Business Application Studio uses now Code-OSS, the open source used by Microsoft VS Code as its new platform. This change brings many improvements to our developers as we now offer a richer and better user experience. The experience is now similar to VS Code, and our developers will find it easier to code with a UI (User Interface) that they are familiar with. VS Code extensions can be downloaded from the VSX Open registry and should work out of the box.   

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Application Logic – Management UI 

The application logic is built on the top of the event handler of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP). It includes CAP action/function as well, which could be generated via a visual approach in the SAP Business Application Studio low-code environment. It could be used to extend the OData service with customized logic, and to serve more UI integration scenarios.  

Guided Answers 

Guided Answers is an application which helps you troubleshoot and find solutions to your technical problems using a step-by-step guide. SAP Business Application Studio now provides guided answers to SAP Fiori tools applications. The Guided Answers will help you find some of the most common troubleshooting scenarios and will guide you during your development tasks 

From Yeoman to Template 

With SAP Business Applications Studio you can now create a template using the open-source Yeoman for project generation framework and share it with others. This new capability will save you time as well as allow you to apply your company’s standards to the templates and generators you share with your teammates.  

 SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service integration 

The SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) view in SAP Business Application Studio allows you to view and manage CI/CD pipeline jobs. Additionally, the guided development supports you with the creation and configuration of new pipeline jobs for your low-code based full-stack cloud applications. 

API Hub Enterprise integration 

The API Business Hub Enterprise service provider is now integrated in the Service Center. It enables developers to explore the published services from the API Business Hub Enterprise in SAP Business Application Studio, preview their entities and live data, develop an API and publish it in the API Business Hub Enterprise and more. 

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Unified Customer Landscape Service Provider 

The Unified Customer Landscape service provider includes packages and services from registered S/4 HANA Cloud systems in SAP BTP. You can use the services as data sources in your application or for application development. Developers can explore the services and entities in the Unified Customer Landscape Service Provider and preview the live data.  

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We have great content and customer stories at TechEd this year. Join us to learn about Application Development with SAP Business Application Studio.  

Register now for SAP TechEd 2022  and join live or later on demand 


Useful Links 

  • The Business Application Studio Community Page – is where you will find the most frequent product updates. 




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      Author's profile photo Volker Buzek
      Volker Buzek

      It's good to see that the BAS progress now focuses on reuse instead of reinvent! With the underlying VS Code architecture as an enabler, BAS certainly has the opportunity now to become a well-integrated set of extensions 👍

      That being said, what would really bring the DevX forward is

      • make BAS (in the sense of VS Code extension functionality) offline-enabled: as much as the easy onboarding as "online-only" might seem, it becomes difficult to justify non-availability for an entire fleet of developers at a company. Having offline compatibility would mitigate that.
      • persist custom extension installations in a workspace: let developers choose the additional tooling they need to get their job done.
      • make different Node.js versions available via nvm: different production environments use different node runtimes, let the development environment cater towards that.
      • have wdi5 enablement in BAS for allowing e2e testing: there's already an influencing request open for that. Hoping for progress there!
      Author's profile photo Helmut Tammen
      Helmut Tammen

      Hi Volker,

      totally agree

      BR Helmut

      Author's profile photo Nils Lutz
      Nils Lutz

      don't forget ABAP support, so that a Full-Stack dev would be able to stay in one IDE/Editor to e.g. develop a solution comprised of a RAP component (ABAP) for service creation and a Fiori/UI5 Freestyle component (JS/TS) for the UI part. No more ugly/slow Eclipse.