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Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk

Migrating ESR Proxies from SAP PO to SAP IS

Why migrate ESR proxies?

In order to work with ABAP proxies with SAP Process Orchestration we only had to define them in ESR and generate with transaction SPROXY on the SAP Backend system. If we are in a process of migrating from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite we need to consider that working with ABAP proxies will be changed in two ways:

a) current ABAP proxies need to be converted to web services and call SAP Integration Suite directly (not in a central way as it was done with SAP Process Orchestration)

b) currently SAP Integration Suite does not support proxy generation on the SAP Backend system so we need to decouple creation of message types/data types in SAP Integration Suite from creating and maintaining them on the SAP backend system (SAP S/4HANA, etc.)

How do decouple ESR Proxies for SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migration?

In order to migrate existing ESR proxies from the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) to the Metadata Repository (MDR) so they can be maintained on the SAP backend system (SAP S/4HANA, etc.) you need to start with deciding which namespaces need to be migrated as you can do it one by one in case your migration strategy is not all at once.

Step 1 

Open transaction SPXNGENAPPL to select the namespace assignment (you can create a generic entry * that considers all valid namespaces in case you want to migrate all at once). Assign them to the Backend Metadata Repository in order to be able to maintain them on the SAP backend system.


Step 2 

Open transaction SPXNMIG, define a namespace range and press Execute. Then you can select all namespace which you want to generate and press Generate button.


You’re done! Now you can maintain your ESR proxies without the ESR directly on your SAP backend system!


Testing the SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migration

In case you’d like to automate testing of your SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migration you can do it using SAP Recommended software from Int4 – Int4 Shield Lite – which can be used for free for 12 months to test such migrations (link below).

Furthermore if you’d like to extend the testing of your interface scenarios to the SAP backend system (SAP S/4HANA, ECC) you can do the same with Int4 APITester which is used to regression test the whole SAP interface from the integration platform up to the SAP backend system implementation (including ESR Proxies).


Migrate your SAP PO to SAP CPI – webinar recording 

Int4 Shield – free for 12 months for SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migrations 

Int4 APITester  – test your SAP whole SAP interface (Integration Platform together with SAP S/4HANA system)

Migrate ESR Proxies from 


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      Author's profile photo Vijay Konam
      Vijay Konam

      Thanks for the blog Michal. However, what if I use a central destination URL to SAP-IS and rout them to  appropriate ProcessDirect iFlows? Also for inbound, I could post them to the central proxy handler on backend system right?

      What I mean to say is, this is not mandatory. Would you agree?

      Author's profile photo Przemyslaw Popowski
      Przemyslaw Popowski

      Be aware that there are restrictions for external definitions:
      "Migrating ESR interfaces based on external definitions is not supported. They can be replaced by an external consumer/provider generated from WSDL directly in backend. A new ABAP name for the class is then generated so the previous usage should be reviewed."

      More details in reference attached by Krzysztof: Migrate ESR Proxies from

      Author's profile photo Philippe Addor
      Philippe Addor

      Important hint! Thanks

      Author's profile photo Tobias Miller
      Tobias Miller

      Hi Michal,

      actually we evaluating the migration capabilities of SPXNMIG transaction and are facing the an conversion error by usage of "convert inlines" button.

      Step 1 "Click Convert inlines button in SPXNMIG":

      Step 2 "Take over proposed name for new global type"

      Result: Error appears "error accessing GOSDIR - skipped TABL ZZDT_MAT_READ_REQUEST_SAP_ITE1" :

      Afterwards we analyzed via transaction SE11 that GOSDIR table has no records. We would like to know how the records are getting inserted to this table in order to fix this error.

      Could you please help us to find out the error root cause? We would like to use the "convert inline" feature extensively because in our PO/ESR we have many ABAP proxies which are modeled based on inline types.

      Could this issue maybe occur because the selected TABL item is assigned to the local $TMP package?

      In case this is an issue which has to be analyzed by SAP support could you please give us the information about the right SAP product team for the ticket?

      Best Regards,

      Tobias Miller

      Author's profile photo Vishnu PallamReddy
      Vishnu PallamReddy

      Hi Miller,


      I hope you are doing great.

      did you get a solution for your issue, I got stuck at the same place.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Author's profile photo Vishnu PallamReddy
      Vishnu PallamReddy

      Hi Michal,


      I hope you are doing Great.

      Happy New Year in Advance.

      I have converted ESR proxy to MDR, and I am trying to load a project in SOAP UI using WSDL URL, its not loading.

      Do we need to perform any action on WSDL URL in SOAMANAGER?

      Please help.


      Thanks & Regards,