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Author's profile photo Nadia Casagrande

The SAP Partner Finder now features SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions


Author of the blog: Sten Frellesvig


SAP Partners, make it easier for prospects to find you.

The SAP Partner Finder matches prospects with partners in their region that have the knowledge and experience they’re looking for. It’s a powerful demand-generation tool that drives opportunities for the partner’s business. Besides listing the services offered and the competencies of the partner, the SAP Partner Finder now adds SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions, for a more holistic view of partners capabilities.

Having the SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions listed on the SAP Partner Finder is a great way to drive incremental exposure for a partner’s package(s) and their unique partner IP. Each package is listed under the country where it is available (qualified), and if the package has a particular industry focus or features special attributes such as being an Intelligent Enterprise package, having SAP Business Technology Platform embedded, or having Industry Cloud components, these are also highlighted.

It is important to mention that the listing of packages on the SAP Partner Finder is not replacing but rather complementing the listing on the SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution finder, where prospects can go to explore and search for more details about a partner package. We expect that the listing on the SAP Partner Finder will drive additional traffic to the SAP-qualified partner-packed solution finder, thereby helping to generate additional awareness, interest, and leads for the partner packages overall.

With these recent enhancements, we hope to drive increased transparency for partners, and at the same time reinforce our commitment to helping partners promote and monetize their packaged solutions.


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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Hi, Nadia!

      Out of curiosity, I visited the "solution finder" per last link in your post. I'm honestly not sure what value it offers in its current form. Here is more specific feedback.

      1. The only sort options are alphabetical by company name. There should be some "relevance" or randomized "featured" sorting, otherwise this is like the phone books where companies named AAASometing were getting an advantage of being listed first.
      2. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the partners not providing such data (which seems a bit odd: wouldn't they want their solution to be found? I guess partners don't have much faith in "finder" either) but I'm seeing some company names with no description at all. This is useless.
      3. I've noticed many descriptions in German and other languages. I'm not sure if this means that those are country-specific solutions or the partners just didn't provide a description in another language. There is a filter by Country but, again, it's not clear if it's by partner's location or by solution locale. E.g. there could be a partner in EU that offers global solutions. I think this needs to be more clear what this filters.
      4. On the same note, it seems some partners actually have descriptions in English but for some reason in the list we see the text in another language. In the screenshot below, you can see McCoy... with text in Dutch (?) but when I click on the link, their page actually has the text in English. I suspect something is off here in the "finder".
      5. This UI with lots of white space, heavy header, and minimum information presented on a page (I got 25 results spread over 3 pages and no way to increase per-page size) has been criticized many times before by the community. I think SAP really need to step up their web UI game on the corporate websites.

      Overall, this is seriously underwhelming web page and, sadly, like with many SAP offerings, its only virtue is that it exists.

      Author's profile photo Sten Frellesvig
      Sten Frellesvig

      Hi Jelena,

      Thanks a lot for your review and feedback - this is much appreciated.

      The SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions finder showcases the many partner-packaged solutions built by SAP partners. Its main purpose is to generate awareness for these solutions, at the early stages of the prospects buying journey - and based on our web metrics, it fulfills this purpose very well.

      As the page is syndicated with the local SAP websites, and as the solutions target primarily midmarket customers, assets are always in local language, and bound to a country. This explains why on the "global" finder you will see solutions with different languages.

      We constantly strive to optimize the effectiveness of the site, and your comments will be very helpful as we design the next iteration of it. Thanks again for taking the time to provide your input!