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Author's profile photo Jaya Krishna E G

My SAP Journey

My SAP Journey is like a leaf floating along the river.

I joined SAP in the year 2008 with a lot of butterflies in my stomach and wondering about my future. I had come fresh out of college in to my first earning job. In the first couple of years of my career, I was in a role of BASIS administrator, taking care of SAP Business Suite Development Landscapes. In the early days of my career, I was like a leaf flowing along with a stream of water and heading towards an unknown destination. It was the time, when I was exploring everything that came my way. As the years passed, I eventually understood how a leaf can find its way to get into the river like SAP. In India we worship rivers, due to the fact that they are very important part of our lives. We cannot imagine our lives without Rivers as they are the main source for water we drink. Similarly, SAP is the source for the enterprise businesses to be successful and to sustain in the competitive world.

The River flows with a purpose to help lives and the Leaf flowing along river, gets an opportunity to experience different places along the way. SAP with a purpose of customer success has different units such as Product Development, Services & Support and Sales & Marketing. In the last 14 years, I had the opportunity to work in and around all these units.

When I look back at this journey, these are memorable milestones.

2008 – 2013 Leaf riding along stream of water to find its way into the river

In these years, I was part of an Organization called Development Landscape Management. We were into building and running the SAP systems that are used by our product development teams to deliver the software consumed by enterprise businesses. In those days, it was like a leaf going along the stream often hitting rocks and then finding its way to flow along freely into the river. In my role of BASIS administrator, I had  challenges in the initial days to connect the dots of SAP software and its use by our customers. It was the time, when SAP had introduced HANA, FIORI and we had to adapt to learning these new technologies.But, it becomes easy when you know the purpose was to again run the enterprise businesses with speeds of transactions and big volumes of data. This helped big businesses in taking real time decisions and managing huge data volumes. Along the way, I identified new interests developed in me to see the end customers and hence I started looking out for opportunities to work as technology consultant to implement SAP Software.

2013 – 2016 Leaf floating along the river

This is the phase of my journey, where I relate to the leaf riding a stream of water entering into the big river. In the year 2013,I got an opportunity to work with SAP Service Delivery Center in the role of Technology Consultant. It was not easy, but my desire and persistence to work for end customers brought me this opportunity. I was all excited and as I imagined, ride was a rolla coaster. I travelled around the world implementing SAP Software or being part of transformations for customers to migrate to HANA or upgrade to newer softwares like Business Suite EHPs or S/4 HANA. I always felt proud explaining customers and partners the benefits of HANA.

During these years, we knew the next big transformation was the S/4 HANA and Cloud. It was a logical evolution as the Enterprise businesses wanted to capitalize on the Cloud offerings to become an intelligent enterprise along with low TCO. Exploring Cloud technology was my next item in the wishlist.

2016 – 2019  Leaf floating into another river

As it is in the nature to change and adapt, leaf flowing in the river had to now enter into another river. In the year 2016, I joined S/4 HANA Cloud delivery Organization in the role of HANA Database – Subject Matter Expert. I was excited, but knew nothing what happens inside the cloud. Everyday brought me opportunities to learn cloud technology and at end it was about making things simpler for our end customers to consume the software as well as make it intelligent to take profound business decisions. Working in cloud technology has helped me in developing my thought process to always keep things in sequence follow the process while automating. Automating every step and preventing Health alerts had become a habit. I had a fitting end to my journey in this organization, as I had the opportunity to successfully deliver complete automation of HANA Cockpit tool for the consumption of S/4HANA Cloud Delivery Operations and present the tool as a demo on S/4 HANA Cloud day.

2019 – present Leaf floats into the ocean

It is another big transformation for the leaf floating in the river to merge into an Ocean. In the year 2019, I moved into a client facing role of Client Delivery Manager in the Enterprise Cloud Services Organization. There are several opportunities inside SAP to grow for anyone like a Developer, Quality Specialist, Architect, Sales and many more. With my development journey, I found it exciting to engage with our customers to assist them in their Business Operations, Transformation and keep adding value to their businesses with SAP Solution and Services. In this role, It is extremely satisfying to meet customer requirements and create those win-win situations for our Customers and SAP. I get to work with greater SAP ecosystem of SAP Partner, SAP Sales, Pre-Sales, Architects, Technology Consultants and many more, we are all running towards the common goal of customer success.

I see today myself as a leaf in Ocean of opportunities to help customers RISE with SAP.

Fittingly, on the eve of SAP’s 50th anniversary celebrations in Bangalore, my son wrote, one of his first lines at the age of 4 years and It means a lot “Thank you SAP”.

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      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Impressive journey, Jaya Krishna E G thanks for sharing. Wish you all the success in "the ocean"!

      How cute and smart your son is, writing so perfectly!

      I invite you to share your story in this thread in the welcome corner (linking to this blog post), as I'm sure others can relate to your journey and might want to share along their story as well. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jaya Krishna E G
      Jaya Krishna E G
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for reading and glad you liked the story, and it feels encouraging when you mention, others in the community can relate to this story.

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Oh I’m sure. I can relate to your metaphors well. The river and ocean are both so dynamic and have their characters that inspire in many ways. Whether it’s jumping in cold water or flowing with or against the stream, it’s always refreshing for body and mind. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Rajesh Babu Meda
      Rajesh Babu Meda

      Being a leaf originated from different river two years before you, It was great pleasure to meet this special leaf and travelled together two more rivers. Let’s see If we destined to meet again in same ocean 😀



      Author's profile photo Saumitra Deshmukh
      Saumitra Deshmukh

      Loved your analogy around the 'leaf', 'river' and the 'ocean'. Indeed SAP is a vast-vast ocean to explore and look into the depths which is made out of different technologies, functions and features and a common purpose to serve the world be a 'better place'!

      Proud to say I got a chance to work & learn from/with you Jaya Krishna E G and I hope we cross our roads again to give the best of us!


      Author's profile photo Jaya Krishna E G
      Jaya Krishna E G
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot Saumi. I am proud to have worked with you, the energy you carry in work and life is something that I would any day love to learn and have.

      Author's profile photo M Waqar Hamza
      M Waqar Hamza

      It was great working with you on the S4 HANA Team, the way you look at problems is very different. I can proudly say that I learnt a lot from you and even now I implement a lot of things that are inspired by you.

      See you in the office, very soon. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jaya Krishna E G
      Jaya Krishna E G
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Waqar. I had the privilege to see your work closely and have learnt lot from you. I would love to have the quality you possess of exceptional commitment to learn each day new things and to be able to deliver in high pressure environment with smile.

      Author's profile photo Pranav Gupta
      Pranav Gupta

      Very well composed, Jay ! Glad to have shared the same 'water space' for some of these years at SAP.

      As we move from one river -> sea -> ocean, its very imp to keep this leaf nourished & not fret over the big waves this leaf would face during its journey. Hope to swim in the same waters sometime in the future 🙂 

      All the best !