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Author's profile photo Axel Schulze

Versioning of BPMN-diagrams in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Process Management


With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP15 a new feature is available to generate version documents for diagrams in Process Management.

This feature allows you to cover 3 main use cases:

  1. Use Case: Display history of diagrams
  2. Use Case: Display/restore different versions of diagrams
  3. Use Case: Share diagrams with public audiences (Non-SAP user)

In this blog I like to introduce this feature to you and how you can apply them by yourself.



If you are working in a diagram the new feature allows you to use the “Save as” option. Here you can decide to save your diagram as .png, .bpmn or as both. In the following use case description you can decide which format makes most sense to you.

This files a stored as a kind of document objects which are attached to the diagram. With that you can make use of the common document management capabilities, like history, versioning and sharing.

We suggest to create a document type for this files in order to be more flexible in search and filtering.

In my example I have create a document type “Document Version”.

Please follow this instruction to use your own document type for the future files.

With that you are ready to use the function.

In our example you can see a full roundtrip of the feature where all above mentioned use cases are covered.

Step-by-Step description:

1. Diagram save as .png and .bpmn

2. Local download option of diagram pictures 

3. Display history information of diagram

4. Local download of previous diagram version

5. Compare diagram versions

6. Download diagram as .bpmn file

7. Restore previous version of a diagram

8. Share a public link to the diagram

Note: As mentioned this feature works complete in the same way as you know it for documents in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Process Management.



As you can see the feature can be simple apply and used by you. It helps you to cover most of the common use cases by utilizing common document management features

As always you can try it out in our Internet Demo System (Log on information). If you are logged in you can use this link to our example.

What is your opinion about this feature. Do you like it? Do you see other use cases?

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      Author's profile photo Vignesh Prabhu Balasubramanian
      Vignesh Prabhu Balasubramanian

      Hello Axel Schulze,

      Thanks for your detailed blog on this much awaited diagram export feature.

      I did try in SAP demo system, but I found a difference in the diagram once exported into PNG format.

      I had taken Account Payable process in the Import branch and chose the diagram named '157 -Accounts Receivable (607) XX (1 of 2)' and made a change in the process flow and saved it in PNG format.

      But when checking the diagram, I can see that the end event description is not getting copied when the diagram is saved as PNG format. Attached the screenshot for your reference.




      BPMN diagram before export



      BPMN diagram after export


      Author's profile photo Axel Schulze
      Axel Schulze
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Vignesh,


      thanks for your feedback and checking the feature.

      I identify some issues in our landscape. I will forward.



      Author's profile photo Vignesh Prabhu Balasubramanian
      Vignesh Prabhu Balasubramanian

      Thank you, Axel, for your response.



      Author's profile photo Henning Goerke
      Henning Goerke

      Hi Axel,


      there is a 'Display history' function within the Collaboration Diagram. But how can I recover an older version? With the Resize Button you can toggle between 'Maximize' and 'Restore' but nothing happens.


      Here Solman 7.2 on IE is used.



      Author's profile photo Axel Schulze
      Axel Schulze
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Henning,

      it is just history info. No option to restore. For that you have to follow the blog post. But restore only works if you have used the save as option previously.




      Author's profile photo Henning Goerke
      Henning Goerke

      Hello Axel,


      thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately I read the blog post after my problem occured, so I didn't do that.


      Best regards