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What’s New in Subscription Order Management 2022 FPS00

New Release


October 2022

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of Subscription Order Management 2022 FPS00. With this release, we are introducing new features and apps that will enhance your user experience, integration capabilities, and system performance. This blog will highlight our new Fiori application Subscription Contract Lifecycle Management, Integration capabilities with Credit Management for credit check, and various other functional enhancements, as part of the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) suite.


Manage Subscription Contract Lifecycle

Did you know that Subscription Order Management now has a new Fiori app to provide you with an end-to-end holistic overview of a specific contract and all the items within that contract?

Yes, you got it right! With this release, we introduce Manage Subscription Contract Lifecycle, which is loaded with tons of new features and provides the flexibility to navigate easily across contract objects. The app is designed to enable your sales representatives and back-office agents to negotiate more effectively with your end customers and respond to customer requests more efficiently.

The app provides you with a complete overview of the subscription contract and related contract phases. The ‘Contract State’ section provides you with a summary of your contract, including subitems, contract time slices, and other information. Whereas the ‘Contract State Sequence’ section provides you with a graphical representation of the evolution of the subscription contract, that is, from the initial state to the current active contract state and provides a view of the future planned phases in the contract.

You can also navigate directly to the Subscription Contract Item Details app from the individual line items in the ‘Contract States’ and ‘Contract State Sequence’ sections to view the item details, such as pricing, partners, dates, discounts and charges, technical resources, and equipment. You get the flexibility to trigger a change process and view the fulfillment status directly from the app.



Contract view in the “Manage Subscription Contract Lifecycle” App


Listed below are some of the additional key features of this app:

  • View a list of subscription contracts categorized by the current state of the items, that is, Current Items, Planned Items, and Expired Items
  • Navigate easily to the Monitor Master Data Distribution app
  • View the Fulfilment Status in the Distribution Monitor
  • View the estimated contract value


You can find more details about this new feature from the Manage Subscription Contract Lifecycle on the SAP Help Portal.


Enabling Credit Check for Subscription Items in Subscription Orders and Solution Quotations

Ensuring the creditworthiness of your customer is always a key consideration before you take an order in the system. Understanding this market demand, we have now enabled the integration with the Credit Management functionality that is available in S/4HANA. This new feature enables subscription items in a solution quotation or subscription order to run automatic credit management functionalities, such as credit checks, credit exposure, and Documented Credit Decisions.

Here are a couple of key features that our customers can leverage using this integration:

  • Execute automatic credit check in solution quotation/subscription order for subscription items to ensure the creditworthiness of your customer
  • A failed credit check document is blocked for further processing and a Documented Credit Decision (DCD) is created
  • Use Credit Management capabilities to manually release or recheck the DCD
  • Transfer credit exposure from an order/quotation and to the contract once it is activated, thus reducing the exposure during billing/invoicing



Illustration of Credit Check Process


For more information about the enabling credit check functionality in Subscription Order Management, refer to Enabling Credit Check on Subscription Items on the SAP Help Portal.


Rejecting Items in a Subscription Contracts

Your customer requests a change on an individual, future-dated (planned) subscription contract that is created from an accepted solution quotation. This enables users to trigger such a rejection directly from an individual subscription contract, either by clicking the reject button or by executing the respective change process.

The end-to-end process is consistently updated. Once a contract item receives a reject status, early distributed FI-CA provider contracts are automatically deleted, including updates in Revenue Accounting.

The following additional features are available for rejecting items in subscription contracts:

  • Use the ‘Reject’ button to reject future dated, technically inactive subscription contracts in a contract document that has been created from a solution quotation
  • If you ‘Reject’ a contract, the contract item is set on rejected status. If a FI-CA contract has been already created by early distribution, it is automatically deleted
  • If you reject the main item, the related sub-items will be automatically rejected
  • Find the ‘Reject Change’ process in ‘Processes’ assignment block



For more information about this, refer to the Change process for Inactive Contracts – Reject Item topic on the SAP Help Portal.


Other Enhancements

In addition to the features mentioned above, Subscription Order Management 2022 FPS00 also introduces the following enhancements:

Enhancement in OData API of Subscription Order

The Subscription Order OData API is enhanced so that you can now use this service to integrate external applications with subscription order processing in SAP S/4HANA. You can now:

  • Create a subscription order with deep insert with segments
  • Update existing subscription orders
  • Delete items of existing subscription orders as long as the follow-up subscription contract is not created


New OData API for Master Agreement Order

The Master Agreement OData API enables you to manage information on the master agreement header and items. It also provides additional information such as redefined parameters from SAP Convergent Charging, subscription orders and contract, solution quotations, pricing, configuration, dates, and duration. You can now:

  • Query, create, or update a master agreement
  • Delete master agreement items as long as no follow-ups are created
  • Read the associated Price Agreement


Phased Contracts with Preconfigured Product Bundles

While phased contracts could be created with manual subitems since 2021 FPS01, in this release we have enabled the creation of phased contracts with preconfigured product bundles, via the Solution Quotation (A2X) OData API.


More Information

Subscription Order Management 2022 FPS00 has been released to customers on Oct 12th, 2022. For more information about Subscription Order Management 2022 FPS00, check out the following links:


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