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Understanding granular proxy rights for Report Center

Granular proxy rights for Reporting is available with SuccessFactors 2H 2022 release.

With this offering, proxy administrators or users will have an enhanced ability to choose reports that a proxy user can access and also the tasks in Reporting that a proxy user can perform on behalf of the account holder.


How it looked before H2 2022 release?

The previous version of the Proxy management tool had only one option calling Reporting/Dashboards to grant the proxy rights for all of reporting.

Older Reporting Section on the Proxy Management Tool

In the previous version, a single option, Reports/Dashboards, gave proxy access to all of Reporting.

The Reports/Dashboards option allowed the proxy user to access all the reports that the account holder could access and to perform all the Reporting-related tasks that the account holder could perform.


How it looks post H2 2022 release?

We’ve added this functionality so that you can grant proxy rights at a granular level.

With legacy offering, proxy for Report Center was following all-or-nothing model i.e. proxy user either had full access to Report Center on behalf of Account Holder or none.


Configuration Requirements

To grant custom proxy rights for Reporting, you can use

  1. Proxy Management Tool, or
  2. User Preference Menu Settings > Proxy > Assign Proxy, under your name in the global page header.
  • The Proxy Import tool doesn’t support granular proxy rights for Reporting.
  • With the CSV import file, you can only grant or remove all proxy rights for Reporting, for all proxy assignments in the file.
  • In CSV file, take precaution as setting the incorrect value will erase existing granular proxy rights.
    • If the import file says YES in the Reporting column and granular Reporting proxy rights are already granted in the user interface, then the existing granular Reporting proxy rights are retained. The import file doesn’t change them.

    • If the import file says YES in the Reporting and proxy rights for Reporting haven’t been granted yet or it’s a new assignment, then all Reporting proxy rights are granted by the import file.

    • If the import file is blank in the Reporting column, then all Reporting proxy rights are removed by the import file.


Understanding the expected behaviour

When you select Reporting, the Select reports link appears that enables you to select the Report Center reports that the proxy user can access on behalf of the account holder.

Select report link has default setting set to All, meaning, proxy users will have access to all reports which account holder access to with same permissions and action privileges like Edit, Delete, Duplicate etc.

For instance, if account holder Ana has access to a shared report Headcount analysis with run only permission, the same permission, in this case, will be carried forwarded to proxy user Peter i.e. Peter will only be allowed to run the report but not perform any other Report Center actions.

The “Select reports” hyperlink opens the “Set Proxy Rights of Report Center Reports” dialog that lets you select all or custom list of Report Center reports for proxy access.

  • Selection of Report Center Reports for Proxy Access
    • ‘Reporting’ is the main user proxy setting for all reporting-related activities. It allows a proxy user to perform the actions that an account holder can perform on the selected Report Center reports, Legacy Report Distributor Tool and on the Pixel Perfect Talent Card (PPTC) reports.
    • Selecting one or more options under Reporting automatically auto selects this option.
    • Select ‘All’ to grant proxy rights to all Reports of the account holder.
    • Select ‘Custom’ to choose list of reports.


  • The ‘Reports in Classic View’ setting allows the proxy user to perform all the actions that the account holder can perform on all the Classic View reports that are available to the account holder.
  • The ‘Report schedules’ setting allows the proxy user to perform the following:
    • All the actions that the account holder can perform on the “View Schedules” page for the reports, which the proxy user can access. The proxy user’s scheduling rights are restricted for reports that weren’t selected for proxy access.
    • Allow access to Legacy Report distributor tool only if along with Report schedule, you select Report creation and Planning check boxes.
    • For instance, if Report schedule is selected, the proxy user will be able to access all the tabs like, My Schedules, My Jobs, All Schedules in accordance with selected account holder and will be able to edit delete any schedule which are listed. However, the report content download is only allowed for the set of selected report for which proxy rights are granted. If proxy rights are granted for All reports (i.e Reporting> Select Reports>All) then Download is allowed for all listed entries.
    • Also, if you want to cancel a scheduled report in your absence without having to grant access to any report content which you have built or is shared with you, you could grant access to only Report Schedule.
  • The ‘Report creation’ setting allows the proxy user to perform the following:
    • Create New Reports, proxy user will have access to create all reports types in accordance with account holder’s permissions. For example, if account holder has access to only create Table reports, proxy user will be granted granted access to create Table reports. Currently, you cannot restrict report creation with report types.
    • Import reports on behalf of the account holder in accordance with the account holder’s permissions.
    • Legacy Report distributor tool (applicable only for Canvas reports) given, Planning and Report schedules proxy rights are granted.

Also, if you have selected Canvas reports, ensure that you select the Planning option in the Grant Proxy Rights section. If the Planning option isn’t selected, the proxy user can’t access the Canvas reports selected for proxy access.


Can you report on granular proxy right?

The granularity in the proxy rights for Reporting isn’t reflected in the change audit reports and the reports generated to review someone’s proxy rights.


What happens to existing proxy rights which were granted prior to H2 2022 release?

Rest assured you proxy settings pertaining to Reporting module from previous version remains unchanged.

If the Reports/Dashboards proxy rights were granted in the previous version, the system automatically grants all the proxy rights for Reporting (and all sub categories) in the current version.

As an Account holder, you can check the existing proxy rights i.e. who all has your proxy rights by navigating to the Settings> Proxy> Assign Proxy.

List of users who holders the proxy rights will be displayed with new Reporting option and all checkboxes selected.

To edit, you have to select the Radio button and apply granular proxy rights.


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