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[BTP DevOps] : How to setup SAP Automation Pilot on SAP BTP

In this blog post I would like to share my experience on How to setup SAP Automation Pilot on SAP BTP .

As  SAP Automation Pilot  service now available in SAP BTP trial account 🎉



SAP BTP Automation Pilot Low Code/No Code automation Engine automate repetitive DevOps tasks with ease and without coding .

It is out of box high quality automation Engine to simplify and automate complex manual processes in order to minimize the operational effort,  reduce TCO behind any cloud solution  in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

You can model and run your custom scenario by using our built-in content, or you can even build Own Custom commands, scripts, etc to automate almost everything.

As stated Automation Pilot comes with a large variety of provided commands

Refer List here : commands

What are use case I can cover using Automation Pilot

You can cover many use cases using Automation Pilot such as

        • Restart of Application if it is Stopped
        • Restart Database overnight/based on schedule .
          HANA Cloud Catalog :It is now possible to start, stop, or restart your SAP HANA Cloud instances using Automation Pilot.
        • Check Application & Database health status
        • Scheduled maintenance
        • Database and Application Lifecycle Management
        • Monitoring, HTTP Requests, Bash Scripting, Alerts …and more.
        • Daily Operation Tasks such
        • DevOps Quota Monitoring : For Example ,To create alert based on application memory consumption over assigned BTP sub-account Organization Quota .
        • You can automate Quota management based on Resource’s Quota Utilization & adjust Quota.
        • You can Integrate SAP Automation Pilot with SAP Alert Notification Service for SAP BTP i.e. SAP Automation Pilot can push events to SAP Alert Notification vice versa possible
        • “BTP Alert “ Notify Application Events  like application /service/Database crashed , failed events  & “SAP Automation Pilot” can be used to react proactively
        • You can also integrate SAP Automation Pilot with
        • Integrating the Service with Other Event Producers
        • Integrating the Service with a Custom Application.
        • Restart of SAP VM’s, Monitoring of SAP CP VM’s, DB restart and DB instance monitoring, Custom scripting, Integration with JIRA, ServiceNow,IT Support Ticket, Dynatrace.
        • You can try Web App health check whether it is functioning by calling WebAPP Endpoint or resource based on application status code you can take action .
        • Example if the application is not to be accessible & If status code is 500 Automation Pilot then you can configure specific action to be taken care , try to create IT Support Ticket or Sent Email to DevOpS Team.

      How to Setup BTP Automation Pilot

      Automation Pilot free tire plan is available in the following SAP Business Technology Platform regions only in Singapore Region

    • To setup SAP Automation Pilot service follow below steps


      1 . Create BTP Sub-Account or Log into BTP

      Create Sub-Account on SAP BTP trial account in Singapore Region.

      Note :

    •  Automation Pilot service is available on trail  account only on Singapore Region  However for other (non-trial ,CPEA , Pay-As-You-Go…)  it supported an various regions,Please refer Service Availability regions 
    • If you have already sub-account in Singapore Region then you can Log into SAP BTP cockpit

      Click on “Enter Your Trial Account” to access the SAP BTP Cockpit

      2 . Switch to entitlements view

      By Default “SAP Automation Pilot” not provisioned .

      To enable you need to Switch to entitlements view (Click on Entitlements in the left-hand sidebar.)

      3 . Add “SAP Automation Pilot” services entitlement to the subaccount

      Click on Configure Entitlements to switch the table into edit mode.

      Click on Add Service Plans to see all available entitlements.

      Use the filter bar the search for Automation Pilot  to reduce the number of available entitlements. Click the checkbox to select the service plans free(application).
      Finally, confirm your selection by clicking on Add 1 Service Plan. As the trial landscape is for free so this service also free to use.

      4 . Save the Entitlement

      Confirm you selection by clicking on “Save”

      Congratulations, you just enabled the “SAP Automation Pilot” in your subaccount

      5 . Assign Permissions

      Automation Pilot creates Roles, Role collection automatically.

      You need to assign to AutomationPilot_Developer , AutomationPilot_Admin Developer as per your need.

      Refer Permissions and Roles for more details. Follow the Working with Role Collections guide to assign these role collections to users..

      Once the roles are assigned, you can start using Automation Pilot.

      6 . Launch Automation Pilot Application

      To launch Automation Pilot application

      Go to “Instances and Subscriptions“

      Then go to the application “Automation Pilot” by clicking the link provided and have some explorations.



      For more information on SAP Automation Pilot

      Thank you for reading this blog post. If you find this material useful, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

      Feel free to also ‘Like’ ,‘Share’ , ‘Follow’ me to get new updates.

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