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Author's profile photo Samannaya Roy

Create Custom Field F4 Help View using CDS for In App Extension

Once the Value help view is created and released then go back to Fiori “DDIC Extensibility Group”. Refer blog: Create CDS Value Help or F4 help for In App Field Custom Fields | SAP Blogs

Open the tile Custom Fields or Custom Fields and Logic

Then click on the ” + “symbol to create.

Here we will add custom field in Purchase Order Header screen.

Select Businesses ContextProcurement: Purchasing Document”

LabelCountry of Destination”. (Any label as per business need)

Identifier auto populated (you can edit but starts with ZZ1_ or YY1_)

Tooltip Auto populated

Type “Code List based on CDS View” (As per this blog we used CDS view. There are many more other options.)

Value Help View Select Help View name.

Then click on Create / Create and Edit.

Once you click Create Custom Field will get created with Not Published Status.

Go inside the field and open tab section UIs and Reports for maintaining where it can be shown in screen. Click on the “Enable Usage” button against following options as per image. This will mean that the new field is now enabled to be used on this UI. Once you click “Enable usage”, the field usage column will be changed to “Enabled”.

Click on “Save” button to save the changes

The field is now saved but for changes to take effect and the field to be available for addition in the UI, it needs to be published. Click on the “Publish” button to publish the field.

It will start updating its status as Publishing. This process may take few minutes.

Once process is complete like adding custom field into table and UI it will be changed to status Published. Which means it is okay for testing or delivery.

  Then go back to Home->Purchasing – Purchase Order Processing->Manage Purchase Orders

Open any existing PO you can see Custom fields tab and your added field with f4 option.

click and check F4 button


Select ok and save entry.

In conclusion I can say that the whole process is very simple just follow the steps. Please let me know your hurdles on the this. This process will help you create many more Value Help in different application areas with In-App extensibility in BTP area i.e., may be On-premises or Cloud.

I will add few more Value Help options in other blogs how to add F4 in other ways as well.

Please feel free to ask any sort of doubt. Thanks to all. Enjoy!!!…



People who attended SAP Inside Track event at Kolkata on 17th June 2023 should also read this blog on BTP. I will also come up with another blog on RAP which I presented there. This event was organized by Moumita Saha(LN), Pradipto Kumar SahaSandeep Mukherjee, & SUBHASREE GHOSH with the support of many volunteers (check this post) and sponsors like IBM and others. Needless to say, this was another successful SAP Inside Track event in India with around 600 sap community members attending 28+ sessions. Thanks to all for making our dream a success.

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      Author's profile photo Hasnain Muzaffar
      Hasnain Muzaffar

      Useful information but I am not seeing the option "Code List based on CDS view" in drop down.

      Author's profile photo Samannaya Roy
      Samannaya Roy
      Blog Post Author

      You are using which version of S/4?

      Author's profile photo Taki Eddine OULD SAID
      Taki Eddine OULD SAID

      Hello Roy,


      Thank you for sharing. I'm trying to use create a custom field with type "Code List based on CDS View" (We are using SAP S/4 HANA 2020 version), however this type is not available. Is it because the version we are using or we have missed some configuration?


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Samannaya Roy
      Samannaya Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Yes Taki due to older version your options are limited.

      Author's profile photo Johan Vandenbussche
      Johan Vandenbussche

      Hi Roy,

      Thanks a lot for sharing those 2 valuable blogs!

      In S/4HANA ON PREMISE 2022 (SCORE 107) I have implemented a Custom Field in a similar way (and tested the exact same).

      Everything works fine, but I cannot see the Text/Description in the FIORI UI (for WBS Element).

      Would have any idea / advice to solve this ?

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Samannaya Roy
      Samannaya Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Can you check if your cds has text field. Review join with wbsinternalid field. And review earlier blog.

      Please update me. Any small mistake might be the reason.

      Author's profile photo saumya das
      saumya das

      Hi Samannay,


      I tried the approach through Custom field with code list and manually added the values in code list and published the same to UI and report, but F4 doesn't pop-up. Will now try code list with custom CDS view but is there any limitation with custom field with code list only?




      Author's profile photo Samannaya Roy
      Samannaya Roy
      Blog Post Author

      You are trying in which version?

      Author's profile photo Nilesh Alapure
      Nilesh Alapure

      Hi @Samannaya Roy,

      Thanks for blog, I am trying same thing, While creation of the custom fields with value help view - code List based on CDS View. Created custom CDS view and that CDS view value need to display in value help. please refer Below Screen shot -


      Custom Fields App Error Screen

      Author's profile photo ravi nunna
      ravi nunna

      Thanks for the blog , I have followed the mention steps and created value help field . But while I am selecting the country the data is not getting filtered out do we need create a relation between the standard and value field. Pleae help