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Migrate/Upload “Equipment BOM” in Rise with SAP


Hi Guys,

I am working as a SAP S/4HANA Plant Maintenance Consultant. In this blog, we will see about the data migration of Equipment BOM in SAP S/4HANA system.

First let’s have a short introduction and overview of the functionality of the S/4HANA migration cockpit.

The SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit is a tool designed for customers who have just SAP S/4HANA and want to transfer the business data from SAP to non-SAP Systems. It is part of Both SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud and can be launched using the “Migrate Your Data “app in the Fiori launchpad. With migration cockpit you can migrate your master data and transactional data to SAP S/4HANA.

In this blog, let’s discuss about data migration for Uploading Equipment BOM which identifies all the replacement spare parts for an equipment, so that maintenance engineers can quickly identify the right part required.

Data Migration Steps

The process of data migration follows a sequence of six Steps

We will see in detail each of these Steps:

  • Select migration objects
  • Populate and Upload tables
  • Prepare
  • Mapping Tasks
  • Simulate
  • Migrate Data

Select migration object: In this Step you must select which object you want to migrate in your project.

Populate and Upload Tables: The XML template files must be downloaded and filled. After that, it must be uploaded in the “Migrate your data” app.

Prepare: After uploading the file, the system will validate the table structure to ensure that the data is filled according to the template which was generated by the system.

Mapping Tasks: This Step  requires a manual confirmation between the data inserted into the files and the data configured in the S/4HANA system

Simulate: This is the final Step  before uploading the XML file data into S/4HANA tables the system will validate the information is correct and check if any error occurs.

Migrate Data: The cockpit will execute the data load. After completing this Step , you will be able to see the data you uploaded.

Pre-requisite Business role:


Search for the app Migrate Your Data in Fiori








Step 1: This is the Migrate Your Data app, click on create and select Migrate Data using Staging tables.



Step 2: This page will open in your browser, you have to

Enter the Name of the Project

Select a Mass Transfer ID

Select the option local SAP S/4HANA Database schema in the Database Connection

Go to Step 2


Step 3: In this step, you may select which migration objects you want to migrate now I select Equipment BOM on the left side of the name of the object and click on the button select.


Step 4: The selected objects will appear on the right side in the selected Migration Object section. I just selected one object “(Equipment BOM)” but you can select as many objects you need.

After Completing the section go to review


Step 5: This page will be appeared to confirm of project, go to create project.


Step 6: Now the project is created. After creating the project, you can open the object. Click on the “Download template”” option to get the XML file.


Step 7: Once you have downloaded the XML file, open & fill all the fields with the data you want to migrate. Maintain all the mandatory fields.


Step 8: After filling and saving your XML file, go to “Upload file”.


Step 9: This page will be displayed click on upload to select the XML file.

Step 10: After you select the file, it will be displayed as below. when the status changes to Data Successfully Transferred to Staging Tables, click back option on the top.


Step 11: Select the “Prepare” button to start the process.


Step 12: The status will be updated automatically. Next, Click on the option “Mapping Tasks”.


Step 13: In this Step you will be required to “Confirm” the values of the fields you inserted in the XML file.

You can select all the tasks on the left side and click on the confirm to complete them at once.

Another option is to click on each one and confirm the values.



Step 14: After confirming all the Mapping tasks in this screen, go back.

Step 15: The “Simulation” Step will be ready, click to start.


Step 16: Once the simulation status is updated to Successful. Click on Migrate to start the “Migration”.


Confirmation: A confirmation will be required, click on OK.

Step 17: The Migration progress will be updated. Once it gets completed 100%, your data will be available in the SAP System.



Now we came to know how to “Create and Upload the Equipment BOM in SAP system via Migration Cockpit”.

Thank you to all and hope this blog helps you.

Please share your thoughts in a comment….

It is a good moment to make a final conclusion, kindly follow me, If you need any similar content relavant to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud.

Thanks & Regards,

Subathra Priya R



For more information on SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Data Migration check out the following links:


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      lakshmi narayanan k

      Hello Priya

      It’s very  clear to understand.. good one keep going



      Lakshmi Narayanan K

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      Aravind Ravi

      Good one 👌🏻.. Keep posting Subathra Priya

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      Dear Priya,

      Nice Blog, Useful.



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      Hello Priya,

      Good job. Very useful this blog.👍