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Landed Costs in SAP Business ByDesign – Changes of the Allocation

This blog post is part of a series of related blog posts highlighting the enhancements to address the handling of landed costs.

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This blog post deals with changes to the allocation document, for example if a mistake in the distribution of the costs was noticed and needs to be corrected.


Corrections to an allocation document and its distribution are possible before the release by adjusting the distribution, or adding or removing inbound delivery items. After the release of an allocation document, a change can only be applied by cancelling the existing allocation and creating a new allocation document. After the clearing, the newly distributed values are considered in inventory (for the moving average and capitalization case), or in price differences, or in expenses, depending on the supported variants for standard-cost-managed materials or expensed landed cost components. If there is a clearing run after the cancellation of the initial allocation document, the inventory is valuated without the landed cost component. Only after the new allocation document is released and cleared will the inventory contain the corrected landed cost distribution once again. So, if you cancel an allocation document and release the new allocation document in a short time frame, both before the next clearing run, the amount is adapted and no unwanted fluctuation in the inventory valuation happens.

You can cancel the allocation in the Landed Cost Invoice Items View of the Supplier Invoicing Work Center.

After cancelling the allocation, you see the allocation ID and the allocation cancellation ID.

Once you create a new allocation, the previous allocation ID and its allocation cancellation ID counterpart are removed, and only the new or most recent allocation document ID is displayed. In such a case, the suffix of the allocation document ID number is increased by one compared to the previously released document, for example, the new allocation document ID: 1234-1-3. In the document flow of the landed cost invoice, you can still display all the related allocation document IDs.

The Copy Allocation button in the Landed Cost Invoice Items View is especially useful in those cases where you have distributed the landed cost amount to multiple inbound delivery items in the initial allocation document, so you can reuse the assignment.

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