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What’s new in SAP Industry Process Framework: October 2022 Edition

We are excited to share the highlights of our SAP Industry Process Framework latest release with you!   

If you are a business process expert in an automotive industry, then you know how complex automotive business processes are and how important it is to have these orchestrated in a seamless manner to have the business run smoothly. SAP Industry Process Framework is a powerful process orchestration engine which helps you build and orchestrate these complex processes seamlessly using a highly flexible configuration and an efficient runtime executor. The framework also offers status management for the configured business processes and objects along with the relevant execution histories. If you are new to this product, please do give a read to our earlier blog post which gives an overview of the SAP Industry Process Framework and its existing functionalities. SAP Industry Process Framework is also offered as part of the SAP Digital Vehicle Suite – SAP solutions centred around the future of mobility. To learn more about the SAP Digital Vehicle Suite, do check out this blog post.  


In this blog post, we will learn about the new major benefits available with the latest release of SAP Industry Process Framework: 

1. User Experience 

For a consistent user experience across solutions and across UI technologies in SAP, we have joined the transformation journey of our software designs and enabled the Horizon visual theme. The new visual theme paves the way with a modern, friendly user interface based on an accessible, modular design system. 


Theme settings in Industry Process Framework


Industry Process Framework Configuration screen


2. Choose how to run your processes 

As part of our 2208 release, SAP Industry Process Framework now supports two different modes of process execution: 

  • Synchronous 
  • NEW: Asynchronous  

A complex business process can be interacting with multiple systems, network-bound operations or performing time expensive tasks in a single transaction. For example, in a wholesale dealership business where vehicles are sold in bulk to other car dealers – there are lot of documents and actions involved to perform the end-to-end process. It requires creation of several documents, interaction with multiple systems to perform various updates. Running such business processes in an asynchronous mode will reduce the time latency and avoid any wait time for next possible operations for the end users. Once the process is completed in the background, the framework provides the process execution status and the result as part of an independent status service. Industry Process Framework also generates events which can also be consumed directly by the applications to capture the status and result of the executed process in a more efficient manner.  


3. Content Delivery 

**Applicable for SAP applications and Partners** 

Industry Process Framework helps partners and SAP applications to complement the existing Industry Cloud automotive solutions by enhancing the industry-specific best practices such as vehicle and complaint management through efficient process orchestration and reliable status management to expand the business value across the enterprise.  

You can use this process orchestration framework to configure these business processes from scratch or can build on top of the out-of-the-box essential automotive processes available as part of Digital Vehicle Suite and ship it as standard content to the consumers. As a standard content, the content is immutable and uniform across the systems and landscape.  

In our latest release, we have now streamlined the content delivery mechanism for our partners and internal consumers. As an SAP partner or consuming application, you can easily control the distribution of your business process configurations to your customers or users using this content delivery system.   


Content Delivery Management

Publisher Registration

With the Industry Process Framework Test, Development, and Demo (TD & D) license now available in the SAP marketplace, a partner or an SAP consumer application can register as a publisher with Industry Process Framework. With the help of our new Industry Process Framework-Content Delivery Network (IPF-CDN) service, one is enabled as an authorised party to publish their standard content in a centralised manner to their consumers or users geographically. 

Content Activation & Management

As a publisher, one can manage any updates or changes to their published content and activate the same for their customer or user systems quickly and reliably. You can also remove standard content from the content repository if it is not needed anymore. If you do not wish to deliver standard content to your consumer’s systems, you can choose to remove yourself as a publisher with SAP Industry Process Framework through our off-boarding process.  

This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Industry Process Framework. For more details, please read our release notes available here. If you are interested in this topic and want to stay up to date with the most recent information, make sure to follow the tag #SAPDigitalVehicleSuite. Please also comment and like the blog post to engage with us!

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