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Author's profile photo Deepali Shenaoy

Down Payment Made in SAP Business ByDesign

I am writing this blog to explain the topic ‘Down Payment Made’ in SAP Business ByDesign.

Down Payment is nothing but advance payment. For some purchasing processes it is necessary to make down payments prior to the delivery of goods or the provision of services.

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Let us see the process flow of Down Payment Made in SAP Business ByDesign.

Process Flow:

Create a Purchase Order with the combination of your Supplier & Company details, add the Materials & Price details, Save & Order


Fig 1: Purchase Order

Now we will post a down payment request against the purchase order.

Supplier Invoicing> New down payment request> View All> add the details like Supplier, Down payment request ID, external document ID.

In items tab, add the Purchase Order details and the amount of the down payment request alongwith the description of the DPR> Post


Fig 2: Down Payment Request

If you check in Supplier Invoicing> Invoices and Credit Memos> You will find your down payment request will be in posted status

Now, we will proceed for the outgoing payment for the down payment request to the supplier

Payables> Supplier Accounts> Search for your supplier> View> Down payment request line item will get created> Pay manually by outgoing bank transfer


Fig 3: DPR line item in Payables

Fill in the bank details that is required> Complete bank data> Post


Fig 4: Outgoing bank transfer for DPR

After posting the document you need to set the document ‘In Transfer’

Now we can proceed for the bank statement

Liquidity management> New bank statement> Fill in all the mandatory details> Check the outgoing bank transfer line item> Make sure the difference is zero> Check> Post


Fig 5: Bank Statement

Once the down payment is done, we will Inbound the goods to our warehouse.

Inbound logistics> Purchase orders> Search> Post goods receipt> Propose quantities and logistics unit> Save and Close


Fig 6: Inbound logistics

Once the goods are inbounded, we can create the Supplier Invoice for the same.

Supplier Invoicing> Invoice Entry> Search> New Invoice> Post

Fig 7: Supplier Invoice

Once the supplier invoice is posted, we can check in the Payables work center and clear the balance amount.

Payables> Supplier Accounts> Search> View

You can see the status of the line item is partially cleared. The details below will show the breakup of main invoice amount and the down payment made against the supplier.

You can pay the balance amount with outgoing bank transfer by selecting the line item.

Fig 8: Balance amount in payables

Remaining process will remain same by making the payment to the supplier and posting the bank statement.

You can also see the document flow of how all the documents are interlinked with each other.


Fig 9: Document flow

I have tried to explain the topic Down Payment Made in SAP Business ByDesign in simple terms and processes so that you can refer it to avoid errors in the system.

I hope this blogpost would be helpful for you if you are trying this process in the ByDesign system.

Would be happy to read some feedback and comments from your side on this blogpost in the comment section. Follow me as I will be posting few more blogs on topics related to SAP Business ByDesign.

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      Author's profile photo Kannan Madheswaran
      Kannan Madheswaran

      Hi Deepali,


      Very useful scenario. It's really helped me also. related this scenario you add some tax calculation part because down payment request also having tax part then how to nullified in this case.

      Don't Mistake me. It's my point of view.


      Thanks & Regards




      Author's profile photo Deepali Shenaoy
      Deepali Shenaoy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kannan Madheswaran


      Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate that you have pointed out a valid point.

      The amount that I mentioned in this transaction includes tax i.e. it is at Net Rate. In my example I had taken zero tax rate and so it did not reflect in my final amount.

      While making the payment for down payment you can pay as per Gross Rate or Net Rate as the client suggests.


      Thanks and Regards