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Author's profile photo Joshua Margo

Universal ID – Getting to the Right Account

SAP has completed phase one of its deployment of Universal ID.  Some users with multiple accounts linked to their Universal ID may experience the issue described next.

Issue: I log on to, but my tutorial history shows that no tutorials have been completed.

Solution: Please follow the steps below to ensure that are you are logged into the correct account on to record your progress for tutorial completion.


  • You have multiple accounts (P-number, S-number, etc.)
  • You have already set up an SAP Universal ID and linked your accounts to it


  1. On a new tab, navigate to

Figure 1: Screenshot of


2. Click on “Sign In” via avatar on the top right corner

Figure 2: Screenshot of with sign in avatar indicated


3. Once signed in, you will see an account selector


Figure 3: Image of account selector pop-up


4. Select the user account associated with your tutorial activity


Figure 4: Screenshot of different account selected


5. Switch back to the tab

6. Refresh the screen

7. You should now see the correct tutorial history


Figure 5: Correct tutorial history displayed


In cases when you have enabled Universal ID and where your tutorial history is blank, you have learned how to switch to the correct account to view the correct tutorial dashboard.

A couple of items to remember:

  1. This solution is intended for those who utilize multiple accounts.
  2. It is important to note that with Universal ID, when you access different “” sites, your last login will be remembered.  Therefore, when accessing Tutorials, be sure you are accessing it with the account that you use when completing tutorials to ensure proper tracking of completion history.

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      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      Hi Joshua,

      why isn't the login at setup in the same way as and the SAP Community is and SAP Universal ID allows to specify the S- or P-User ID?

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Joshua Margo
      Joshua Margo
      Blog Post Author

      Gregor, thank you for the question.  What I know at the moment is that does not have the functionality (as you pointed out) to allow for account switching.  Of course, we are working toward a resolution to this issue.

      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger

      Always great to have a way to do it. I won't complain about the timeline and the communication on that specific topic.

      So just, thank you for sharing a workaround. Hopefully the developer portal is the only one facing this issue... others may not have a look here 😉


      Author's profile photo Joshua Margo
      Joshua Margo
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for the feedback Florian.  It is very much appreciated.



      Author's profile photo Thomas Madsen Nielsen
      Thomas Madsen Nielsen

      Joshua, you write: "It is important to note that with Universal ID, when you access different “” sites, your last login will be remembered."

      I don't know why the sites should remember my last login, but I guess the behavior shows that you have found a way to do this without using cookies.

      Avoiding cookies are a good idea, but the result is not nice. If I log into one site with one user on one PC and I later login with an other user at an other PC, then the first PC automatic switch to the second user even if I am logged into a site where this second user has no business.

      I think this behavior is even more scary than the cookies.

      May I suggest that you extent the Universal Id with an option where the users can switch off the functionality to remember last login. It is for sure not a functionality I need. Ok this means that I will have to login multiple times if I switch between different SAP sites - I would be quite happy with that.

      Kind regards

      Thomas Madsen Nielsen

      Author's profile photo Joshua Margo
      Joshua Margo
      Blog Post Author

      Thomas, thank you for your comment.  I have forwarded this to our technical team and will get back to you ASAP.


      Author's profile photo Pieter Janssens
      Pieter Janssens

      Hi Joshua,


      Could you please have a look at my question regarding the different login experience on BTP EU10 vs EU30 (and possibly others)?


      Best regards,