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Author's profile photo Peter Langner

Global Trade Management – From Business Suite to S/4HANA

If you are already using SAP Global Trade Management (GTM)  within the SAP Business Suite then you may want to know, what is new with SAP S/4HANA Global Trade Management.

Or maybe you have already implemented SAP GTM in SAP S/4HANA and you are planning a release change and want to know now, what is new from the past years?

Based on community interest on both of these scenarios, I am inspired to share this update with you.

Let us start from the beginning…

First, the good news! SAP Global Trade Management became part of the SAP S/4HANA core and is shipped to customers with the very first Release 100. A few highlights to consider:

Business Partner, Material, Credit Check

SAP GTM integrates the business partner, and it is adapted to the longer material number. Since only SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) credit check is allowed in SAP S/4HANA, you can now use scope, which is identical to the SD (Sales & Distribution) credit check in SAP ECC, with the license you already own.

Only SAP S/4HANA on premise

SAP GTM is only available with SAP S/4HANA on premise and not in S/4HANA Cloud. The reason is, that there are no best practice processes defined and there are also no native SAP Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori Apps are available

With SAP S/4HANA new SAP Fiori apps available, but there are only two native apps. The standard transactions from SAP GUI are rendered as Web HTML. You are not able to maintain the typical SAP GTM user parameters for the organizational data ion the Fiori launchpad.

Two new business roles are defined:

  • Trader and
  • Trading Manager
Role-ID Role Name Technical
Business Role
Role Description
R0071 Trader SAP_BR_TRADER Buys and sells physical products.
R0215 Trading Manager SAP_BR_TRADING_MANAGER Responsible for trading business.

With release S/4HANA 2022 SAP has delivered the first two native fiori apps: The Manage Trading Contract App (App-ID: F6649) and the Schedule Follow-On Document Processing App (App ID: F6438).

Some functions were deleted or deactivated

No Retail calculation is possible because Retail was delivered later than SAP GTM within SAP S/4HANA. It is deactivated and should not be used anymore. If you are already using it in the Business Suite, it can be migrated, but should be replaced afterwards.

Invoice Forecasting, logistical options, raw exposer update and differential invoice are Commodity Management Function, and therefore not part of SAP GTM core anymore. If you need them, you must implement the respective SAP S/4HANA component.

Also, the Trading Contract@Web code was deleted in SAP S/4HANA.

New Implementation Guide (IMG)

In the SAP GTM IMG (Implementation Guide) the nodes of the deleted functions were removed here as well. Furthermore, the remaining entries were restructured.

SAP ECC IMG left and SAP S/4HANA IMG on the right

Database Field Changes within Global Trade Management

If you have own custom code, you might have to adjust your code to the new database design to avoid syntax or processing problems.

In the following tables the primary key as well as the field DOCUMENT and PRED_DOCUMENT have changed:

Table Description
WBASSOC Global Trade: Association Table
WBGT Global Trade: Generic Document Information
WBHF Trading Contract: Document Flow
WBIT Association Item at Step Level

Furthermore, the table KONDIND (General Document Index for Conditions) is not used anymore. Instead of, the fields are available in table KONH (Conditions (Header)) directly.

For more details as well as how to deal with these changes please read SAP-Note 2198031.

Obsolete Reports, Transactions and PFCG Roles

The following Transactions and their reports are obsolete or replaced by a new version:

Obsolete Report Obsolete TCode Successor Report Successor TCode
RWB2B001 – Trading Contract: General Document Overview WB24 RWB2BREL – Trading Contract: Follow on document processing WBRR
RWB2B001 – Trading Contract: General Document Overview WB25_COMP RWB2BMAS – Mass Processing (Release and Status update) WB24N

The following transactions are obsolete:

Obsolete TCode Description Successor TCode
POFO1 Create Portfolio POFO31
POFO2 Change Portfolio POFO32
POFO3 Display Portfolio POFO33

The PFCG Roles SAP_EP_LO_WB20N_N and SAP_EP_LO_WBCB are obsolete. Please use PFCG Role SAP_EP_LO_WB20N or SAP_EP_LO_WZR0N instead.

See also SAP-Note 2204137 for more details.

Process Detail Folder

Process Detail Folder on Trading Contract Item Level is deprecated because the displayed data are providing on other screens as well. So, there is no business needed to display the same information on an additional screen as well.

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit functionality of Foreign Trade Application is no longer support within sales processing. Therefore, you cannot run reports or processes within trading contract processing related to this kind of letter of credit functionality.

See SAP-Note 2270544 – S4TWL – Credit Management.

New structure of help documentation

Although the Trading Contract is document which allows you to enter Sales and Purchasing Trading Contracts in a unified way, to sell goods to customers is the main purpose of a trading company.

Perhaps this alignment is the reason why within SAP S/4HANA the help documentation is not located anymore in logistics, but in sales.

Output Control

Nothing has changed for SAP GTM regarding the output control. BRF+ (Business Rule Framework plus) routines are not needed. Sample Smartforms as well as Adobe interactive forms are shipped with SAP GTM.

Profit Simulation

To use the full potential of profit simulation for double-sided as well as single sided trading contracts from release 1509 to 1809 please implement the following SAP-Notes: 2835922, 2894667, 2895597, 2895876, 2897030, 2899441, 2902730, 2916850.

There will be also a performance improvement of transaction WB29_PROFIT.

Stock Transfer Posting

With Release 1809 an action class is provided, which allows you to post stock transfers which respect the association.

If you implement SAP-Note 2882478 you can cancel stock transfers with action class CL_WB2_ACTION_GR_CANCEL. You can only cancel the document if it is not associated. Table WBIT will be updated accordingly.

Goods Receipt in Inbound Delivery

The inbound delivery can be used to integrate SAP GTM with Transportation Management (TM) using Handling Units. In such a case, you must post the goods receipt from within the inbound delivery. Please Implement the SAP-Notes 2837459, 2869894, 2921046 to be able to associate the goods receipt afterwards.

Quality Management Checks

When a trading contract is released, certain checks are done on level of the trading contract, others are done in the purchase order resp. the sales order. If a check in follow-on documents fails, the created document is rolled back.

From 1809 on the QM checks are done on level of the trading contract. You must implement the SAP-Notes 2893904 and 2900464.

Integration of International Trade

From release 2021 on the trade compliance integration is done also for Trading Contracts. Therefore, the check is only done on the level of the trading contract and not on level of its follow-on sales order resp. purchase order anymore. (More information you find in SAP Help)

Multiple Address Handling in the Sales Side of Trading Contracts using

You can define additional addresses in the Business Partner. If you create a new trading contract the systems will ask you, which of those additional addresses you want to take over in which partner role. Additional creating of business partners for this purpose is not necessary anymore.

To use this feature, you must activate certain business functions. (See SAP-Help)

Two native Fiori Apps Manage Trading Contracts and Schedule Follow-on Documents are available

From release 2022 on two native Fiori Apps are available. The Manage Trading Contracts App and Schedule Follow-on Documents App. Furthermore, the key user extensibility is integrated.

Reports WB29_PROFIT and WB29_OPEN extended. As well as item overview in Trading contract.

With SAP note 3337192 the reports WB29_PROFIT and WB29_OPEN are extended with additional data fields. In the result table you can now add Material, Item Description, Customer, Customer Name, Supplier, Supplier Name, Plant, Plant Name und Material Group into the layout. Customer individual fields can be added via the structures WB2_PROFIT_CALC_WITH_POS_ENH resp. WB2_STATUS_CALC_WITH_POS_ENH.

Furthermore, the supplier’s name was added into the item overview of the trading contracts.

The SAP note is not only valid for all S/4HANA releases, but also for ECC608.

How are you using SAP Global Trade Management in your organization? Please leave comments below!

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      Author's profile photo Stephanie De Camara Marley
      Stephanie De Camara Marley

      Peter Langner this is a great blog. Terrific summary of what is new. Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Aleksei Fedoseev
      Aleksei Fedoseev

      Peter Langner happy to see GTM is going forward!

      Our organization using GTM, but we are re-evalute architecture and trying to understand if there's better option like Commodity management.

      Do you have any strategy or product positioning if comparing GTM & Commodity management, Deal functional scope? It looks pretty much the same and no clear understanding what is the decision tree to choose the best option.


      Author's profile photo Peter Langner
      Peter Langner
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Aleksei,

      so good to hear from you, that you are using GTM as well. It is always good to re-evaluate the architecture especially when you are moving to S/4HANA.

      S/4HANA Commodity Management is not an alternative to GTM, but adds new functions like Commodity Pricing and Risk Management to it. If you need it, depends on how the price of the products you are trading is determind.

      Or do you mean Agricultural Contract Management (ACM)? ACM is part of IS-OIL on SAP S/4HANA. Global Trade Management and TSW (Trader's and Scheduler's Workbench) must be active. And again it depends on the products you are trading, if this should be used by you.

      Be aware, that Commodity Management as well as ACM is a separate price list position. GTM is part of the S/4HANA core and therefore included in your licence already.

      I hope that helps.



      Author's profile photo Andreas Kleisun
      Andreas Kleisun

      Peter Langner Thanks for your comprehensive information. I understood that there is no longer support for letter of credit, and assume that this relates to finance documents (T-Codes VX11N, ENLO, etc.)

      I understood that there is an integration of S/4HANA Global Trade Management with Credit Management.

      I understood as well that there is an integration of Trade Financing (including letters of credit) within S/4HANA Treasury and Risk Management with Sales by use of a BAdI (methods EXECUTE_RISK_CHECK, UPDATE_ASSIGNMENT ...).

      However, is there any integration of S/4HANA Global Trade Management with Trade Financing of S/4HANA Treasury and Risk Management?

      Thank you very much in advance.
      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Peter Langner
      Peter Langner
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Andreas Kleisun ,

      I am not sure, if I understood you right. What exactly do you think of, if you speak of trade financing? Could you post a link to the SAP Help page, where this functionality is described?

      What exists is an interface for currency hedging.