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Sneak Peek into SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q4 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re at the final quarter for 2022 already, and as usual, we have a long list of enhancements coming your way! In this blog we give you a Sneak Peek in to our Top 5. A full list of what is coming can be found on our Roadmap Explorer or the Product Plan.


Workspace Updates

Workspaces are virtual areas that SAP Analytics Cloud admins can set up to mirror their departments, regional structure set-up, or any organizational set-up. With Workspaces, admins can now partition their existing file repository into chunks and delegate content administration.

By doing so, content can be segregated depending on the content creator’s business department, and access can be restricted for content that is not intended for mass sharing (such as important financial or HR data). In QRC4 2022 we bring several new features:

  • Cross-consumption of workspace content

Users can now to consume content within a work space for creating resources in other workspaces, either public or personal “my files”​. They can also create content resources first and choose the “save” location later.


  • ​​Moving and copying content between my files and workspaces

Enable non-admin users to move or copy content from a workspace to any other location including:
– Public folders
– Another workspace
– Personal my files

  • Assigning team as workspace administrators

Ability to assign teams as workspace administrators in addition to user assignments in SAP               Analytics Cloud.

  • Displaying team description in workspace management

Display team description of teams in workspace management

Predictive planning – understanding the impact of cycles on the predictions

In QRC4 2022 we have added a new visualization in predictive scenarios to help the users understand how his target is impacted by the cycles:

  • Drill down from detected cycles to the impact of each cycle
  • Highlight each detected cycle pattern, showing its impact on the target at the time granularity that best highlight it.

This feature applies only to time series based on Planning Models.


Value driver tree – auto generation of, and drill into, subtrees

The Value Driver Tree or VDT has been a powerful feature in SAP Analytics Cloud planning. This quarter we expand the functionality of the VDT by providing the ability to auto-generate subtrees (entirety of the current structure or substructure) within a value driver tree

Base subtree auto-generation on other dimensions within the model that have not have been explicitly raised within the VDT nodes.

Multi Actions – RESTful API step type

Execute external API calls from within a Multi Action:

  • Trigger execution logic in other SAP and non-SAP target systems directly from within SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Chaining of external calls with other in-application processing including:
    • Data Actions
    • Data Imports
    • Predicative Forecasts


Support for a new cell-based custom formula in Excel, the SAP Get DATA formula

In this quarter we enable the use of Microsoft Excel–like functions to retrieve and display data in the grid using a custom cell formula. The SAP.GETDATA function returns the data value for a specified set of dimension and member combinations and has the following arguments:

  • Table:
    • Enter the table name in quotation marks
  • Dimension and member:
    • Enter the dimension ID followed by the member’s ID in quotation marks
    • Enter several pairs of one dimension followed by one member to specify the data you want to retrieve

We also add the ability to create the function outside the existing add-in table or inside it and keep after refresh.


We will be taking a deeper dive in to these items in our What’s New video and blog series so stay tuned. For a full list of all features coming in QRC4 2022 for SAP Analytics Cloud check out the Roadmap Explorer.

Want to experience new and existing features for yourself? Take the leap and start your journey towards making data-driven decisions with confidence by signing up for a free trial, today.

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