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Production Planning- Plant Maintenance Integration – Blocking work center if Machine is Under maintenance


Hi All,

Before starting the blog, I will give a brief about the scenario which I have faced on my project.

We have implemented SAP to one of our client. It went smoothly for 1 month after Hyper care.

We have provided COOIS report to the Management team to see list of open production orders in factory. So they used to watch it on regular basis.

One day the Management team visited the shop floor, and found that, number of machines (Work center / Equipment) in production line were not working and in Ideal state.

Then they directly went to COOIS to see the progress. There they could able to see multiple orders running on the same work centers and the order are scheduled on maintenance dates. Also there is not indication that the work centers are under maintenance.

Then they directly came to us to show a report to display the list of machines under brake down and the consequence of then brake down from production point of view.

Later we proposed the capacity planning and showed the integration between .

We will see how to implementĀ the integration between the Production Planning and Plant Maintenance from scheduling point of view..

Main Part:


Create Equipment (machine)with respective production work center (Machine) in location tab of equipment master data.

Here RF is the Production work center which I have created it as Equipment with its name in Location tab.

Also remember the below

From Production point of view the Machine is Work center (RF).

From Plant Maintenance point of view the Machine is Equipment (10000000) As per the shown data.

Here also you can see one work center. But for Production Guys I need to inform you that this is a Labor who is responsible for repairing the Machine. It is nothing to do with our production work center.


Create a Production order.

Here you can see I have created the order with the work center.

Now let us say the machine is under maintenance.

As a production operator he should create a maintenance notification via IW21.

Then the Maintenance Operator has to create a Maintenance order on seeing the Maintenance notification from IW29 tcode.

Now While creating the maintenance order the Operator should check the below points.

Then System condition to be 0 – Not in operation


Also here the work center in header data is labor who is responsible for doing the maintenance Operation for our production machines. Our Production work centers will be in Location tab.

In Location tab you need to confirm that the production work center is there or not. Any way it will come automatically if you maintain it in equipment.


Now Let us see the FIORI apps.

Capacity Scheduling board – This will show the schedules of production orders and Maintenance order which we have created.

Here the green color one is production order and the grey color one is Maintenance order.

For this app the Production line in production version is mandatory for Pace Maker work centers.

And currently both the orders are overlapping. Here it shows that we are having production orders in work centers even if we have maintenance in it. Now let us see how to schedule it.z

Capacity Scheduling Table – Here you can schedule the orders. The orders will be scheduled only if the capacity is available.

This app will show the list of Orders which we have created. This is same as CM25/CM40. You can select the Orders and click dispatch to dispatch the orders. Finally save the orders.

Usually this app will not work at beginning. Install live cache with help of Basis consultant.


Now we will go back to Scheduling board to see the difference

Now Look the order is scheduled one after the other. i.e : The Production order is not overlapping with the each other and the production order is scheduled after the maintenance order.

By showing this app we have convinced the client. They will monitor this app on regular basis to see if there any delay in production or not. Also we suggested them to use IW38 to see open maintenance orders.

That the end of this story.


I hope this may help you on knowing the integration between the Plant Maintenance and Production Planning.

Would like you guys to see more relevant things using the link:

We would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions below.

You can use CM40 to schedule the Orders in background.


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      Author's profile photo Jaydatta Kachare
      Jaydatta Kachare

      Hi Raghavan,

      Thanks for blog.

      I just want to know is there any report available to see the current breakdown work centre and upcoming maintenance schedule for the work centre.

      Author's profile photo Rupesh Rupak
      Rupesh Rupak

      Hi Jaydatta,

      In Scheduling overview for Maintenance Plans (tcode IP24), PP Work centers (Location - Work center) can be used as selection criteria or can be filtered in list view.

      This can be simulated as well in IP19 with right settings.



      Author's profile photo RAJESH SHARMA

      thanks for sharing