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Benefit from SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 2022

It’s time again to give you an update on the latest innovations in SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA. As in my blog posts on previous releases I’d like to structure the information about innovations according to the MDG key capabilities central governance, consolidation, mass processing and data quality management

MDG Innovations with SAP S/4HANA 2022

Central Governance

In Central Governance, we have made various enhancements that were requested in the SAP Customer Connection program. Another innovation in the framework is, for example, that the automated field population for material, business partner (incl. customer/supplier) data through derivation scenarios is now possible across the MDG key capabilities, including central governance.

Fig: Use of derivation scenarios for business partner data

Innovations driven by SAP Customer Connection Program 2021/2022:

  • Alignment of the business partner data model with SOAP service
  • Improvements for the business partner UIs
  • Time dependency for specific business partner data
  • Ability to perform checks for duplicates on demand
  • Display the number of search result records
  • Replication of cost element hierarchy data into global hierarchies
  • Improved copy function for G/L Accounts company code data
  • Export upload messages as Office Open XML file (.xlsx)
  • File upload and download of Office Open XML (.xlsx)
  • Ability to create follow-up change requests through a standard API
  • Value help for ‘Business System’ in remote client key search
  • Change Request Tracker improved for parallel workflow steps
Watch demo featuring improvements specific to Business Partner data in central governance, incl.:

  • Display the Number of Search Result Record
  • Time Dependency for Specific Business Partner Data
  • Data Model Aligned with SOAP Service
  • Perform Duplicate Check on Demand
  • Change Request Tracker Improved for Parallel Workflow Steps
Watch demo featuring improvements specific to Financial data in central governance, incl.:

  • File Upload and Download of Office Open XML File (.xlsx)
  • Replication of Cost Element Hierarchy Data into Global Hierarchies

To watch additional feature demos (according to SAP S/4HANA releases), go to the SAP Master Data Governance playlist on YouTube.

See also the What’s New in Central Governance presentation.

Consolidation and Mass Processing

In Consolidation, we have further increased the effectiveness of the handling of Business Partner data and Product data. Among other things, we have enabled the scheduling of consolidation runs for active records to detect potential duplicates on a regular basis. The full list of innovations in Consolidation and Mass Processing includes:

  • Include SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data, for address cleansing in the consolidation process
  • Export records with messages in validation step in spreadsheet format including all related messages (additional tab) for offline correction and subsequent re-import of data
  • Mass deletion of business partner relationships
  • Easier detection of duplicates on regular basis​ by scheduling consolidation runs for active records
  • Improved performance for validation and activation steps through removal of unchanged data for mass processing (product)

Fig: Scheduling of consolidation runs for active records

See also the What’s New in Consolidation and Mass Processing presentation.

Data Quality Management

In Data Quality Management, we have, for example, included export and import of derivations scenarios and the simulation of validation rules. The full list of innovations in Data Quality Management includes:

  • Export/import derivation scenarios for re-use of derivations in other systems 
  • Simulate validation to ensure correctness prior to implementation
  • Enable custom fields of product and business partner (incl. customer/supplier) data for quality management (see also blog post by Kefeng Wang)

Fig: Simulation of validation rules

See also the What’s New in Data Quality Management presentation. ​


This blog post provides an overview of innovations that come with S/4HANA 2022 in the area of master data governance. For an additional view, you may also check the SAP Roadmap Explorer.

To stay up to date with what’s going on in the SAP Master Data Governance, simply follow the SAP Community Topic Page for SAP Master Data Governance and join the Q&A and discussion forum.



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