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Enablement of Correction Invoices for Customer Invoices

This blog describes how to use the SAP Cloud Applications Studio to enable correction invoice functionality for a non-localized country/region, that is, a country/region for which SAP has not delivered a local version.

This functionality enables the end user to correct invoices that have been sent to the customer, such as correcting the quantity, price, or tax rate. As a result, the correction invoice includes both the incorrect and corrected items, where the difference is invoiced or credited.

The correction invoice is currently enabled in the SAP Business ByDesign system for seven countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium.

The glimpse of Correction Invoice feature in SAP Business ByDesign, where the Correction invoice button is disabled on the Follow-Up before the activation of solution in Cloud Application.



Steps to Enable the Correction Invoice Functionality for Customer Invoices

1.Create new Business ADDIn(BAdI) Implementation

You must implement the enhancement with respective to country/region specific BADI                        CorrectionInvoiceCountryBADI.

To create the implementation, follow these steps:

1.1 Create a new solution.

1.2 In the Solution Explorer, right-click Add-on Solution and select Add -> New Item.

1.3 Select Enhancement Implementation and click Add

1.4 In the Create Enhancement Implementation screen, select the following:

Name Space :

Business Object : CustomerInvoice

Enhancement Option : CorrectionInvoiceCountryBADI

1.5 Open the .absl file ALLOW_CORRECTION_INVOICE.absl.

The parameter InputData of Type country/region Code in the .absl file contains the country/region code of the corresponding customer invoice document. The file then returns an indicator that determines whether or not the correction invoice functionality is enabled.

1.6 Save and activate the solution. You can now create correction invoices for the non-localized countries/regions in the SAP Business ByDesign system.

2. Create a Correction Invoice in the SAP Business ByDesign

Follow the steps outlined below to create a correction invoice in the system

2.1 In the SAP Business ByDesign system, navigate to Customer Invoicing -> Invoice Documents.

2.2 Select the released invoice you want to correct.

2.3 Select Follow-Up and then Correction Invoice. The items of the released invoice are transferred to a new correction invoice request.


Once the Enhancement Implementation for a specific country/region is activated, the system enables the correction invoice functionality for customer invoices in that country/region for which the SAP Business ByDesign is configured.

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