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Bringing wdi5 Tests to SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery

At the beginning of 2022, the deprecation of the UIVeri5 automation tool was announced. But that’s ok, as we’ve found an excellent successor for testing your SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model apps with SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery: Webdriver.IO (WDIO) together with its plugin wdi5. 

What are WDIO and wdi5?

 Webdriver.IO is an acceptance testing framework for SAPUI5 apps. It checks if your application behaves as expected by remotely controlling a browser and simulating a real user interacting with it. WDIO alone, however, lacks the awareness of the web framework your application uses. We need its extension wdi5 to bridge this gap.


wdi5 Tests Within the Test Pyramid

 For more information, see Use WDIO and WDI5 for testing UI5 apps. 

Why do I need acceptance tests in SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery?

 By switching on the Acceptance stage in our service, you can easily enhance your CI/CD job by automated end-to-end testing: All you need is a web server to which your app can connect. Each run of your job then automatically checks your app’s user-facing functionality by interacting with its UI elements just as a real user would. It’s on you to choose where to deploy your test application: You can also use a separate test Cloud Foundry space or Neo subaccount. For more information, see Actions for Configuring the Acceptance Stage in the Supported Pipelines chapter that covers your use case.

Improve the quality of your web application – and free your head of acceptance tests in your daily dev life.

What if I already use UIVeri5 tests in my SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery job?

 If one (or more) of your existing jobs already uses UIVeri5 tests, please edit it and switch to the most recent pipeline version. This removes the UIveri5 Test step and replaces it with the WebdriverIO Test step. You might need to adapt the npm Script parameter (‘wdio’ is default). All other settings are based on your previous configuration.  


npm Script Value wdio

We recommend to upgrade existing jobs with UIVeri5 tests to the latest pipeline version within the next three months. For more information, see Lifespan of Pipeline Versions in Supported Pipelines.

We are already working on a tutorial that shows you how to create and run automated acceptance tests with wdi5 – stay tuned. 

For more information about our CI/CD offerings, see Continuous Integration and Delivery by SAP. 

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